EclipseCon Europe 2011 m2m workshop


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Sierra Wireless M2M Workshop at EclipseCon 2011

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EclipseCon Europe 2011 m2m workshop

  1. 1. M2M Workshop EclipseCon Europe – Nov 2nd 2011 Thibault Cantegrel – Developer Program Director Benjamin Cabé – Open source community Manager GaétanMorice – Embedded Tools ManagerSierra Wireless Proprietary and Confidential Page 1
  2. 2. Session summaryIntroduction | 30’• what’s an m2m app?• m2m solution example (energy)• most common m2m services• Sierra Wireless m2m toolboxInteractive workshop | 30’• From a funny connected objects app mockup to the real life industrialized m2m app • Example of the contest dev case • Let’s implement it! • Development of the embedded code in Lua • Widget dashboardPlay with… (open session) | 30’• Lua embedded code (code yourself)• Widget dashboard (create one by yourself)• Sierra Wireless developer website (beta) (register, explore, ask, comment, …) – feedback welcome!Sierra Wireless Proprietary and Confidential Page 2
  3. 3. Introduction • Sierra Wireless | Manufacturer of mobile broadband devices,programmable gateways and routers, and embedded modules for m2m solutions (2G/3G/4G-LTE) | provider of m2m services | 900 employees all over the world | $650m revenue in 2010. • m2m applications | connected objects solutions | internet of things | machines using wire(less) connectivity to talk to each otherMobile Consumer Automotive Energy Security Sales & Payment Healthcare Mobile Computing Transportation Industrial & Networking Field Services & Infrastructure Logistics Sierra Wireless Proprietary and Confidential Page 3
  4. 4. M2M Applications Mobile Mobile Automotive Transportation Energy Industrial & Consumer Computing Infrastructure Security Networking Sales & Field Services Healthcare Payment & LogisticsMost common architecture:Asset Communication Operator M2M Services Applications Device Networks Platform Sierra Wireless Proprietary and Confidential Page 4
  5. 5. Sierra Wireless Proprietary and Confidential January 21, 2010 Page 5
  6. 6. M2M ServicesMost common architecture Asset Communication Operator M2M Services Applications Device Networks PlatformMost common m2m services• Remote monitoring | data acquisition | reporting• Alerting | applicative alerting | device health• Remote control | connectivity configuration | application configuration• Remote diagnostics | installation validation | customer support• Firmware & software upgrade | over the airServices applied to large fleets of devices on the field Sierra Wireless Proprietary and Confidential Page 6
  7. 7. Sierra Wireless – History• March 2009 | Sierra Wireless acquires a small company called Anyware Technologies (no longer existing), based in France near Toulouse. Expertise: tools and web applications making, open source technologies based. Many developers contributing to the Eclipse Foundation and Apache Software Foundation.• 2009 – 2011 | we use these skills to develop an m2m cloud platform, development tools, and m2m applications for our customers.• 2011 | change in our strategy: focus on the product and promote 3rd parties to develop m2m applications. Opening our tool box and technology so that everyone can use it for free to develop m2m / objects connected applications!• Now | Koneki open source project founded at Eclipse and tools contributed | m2m industry working group created at Eclipse | developer website created at Sierra Wireless to support the community of developersSierra Wireless Proprietary and Confidential Page 7
  8. 8. M2M Toolbox Documentation Community (reference docs, dev Forum guides, tutorials) Dev tools m2m self-service (embedded & device management server sides) web platform Dev Kits m2m cloud platform APIs http://developer.sierrawireless.comWe are m2m applications developers | We are opening our toolbox andopensourcing our code and tools.We aim to share with you our plans for 2012 and get your feedback.Let’s make m2m solutions development easier!Sierra Wireless Proprietary and Confidential Page 8
  9. 9. Contest Dev Caseis an m2m app that simple in the real life?Sierra Wireless Proprietary and Confidential Page 9
  10. 10. Contest Dev Caseis an m2m app that simple in the real life? Arduino board Sierra Wireless GSM modem Ethernet Xbee modem RFID scanner LCD display Data is sent to a NoSQL database JSON REST APISierra Wireless Proprietary and Confidential Page 10
  11. 11. From a contest game to the real life…In the real life, your m2m solution needs:• FW & SW update over the air | you don’t want to change manually all devices spread on the field | FW/SW update campaigns service platform• Authentication security | devices should not accept connections from another server but yours, and servers must identify devices for sure | strong security applications need authentication keys to be securely stored in your firmware, and unreadable from any software on the device to guarantee your device cannot be hacked and the key stolen• Optimized protocol | to minimize airtime costs• Wake up mechanisms | to ensure the server can always take control over the device even if it is stuck | SMS• Optimized & intelligent communications management | to avoid synchronous communication of all your devices on the field at the same time to your servers, but allow alert direct messages anyway…• Remote monitoring & alerts | airtime consumption | device health | signal strength• Remote control | FW/SW update | reboot | change configuration | diagnose• Airtime subscription management | tune airtime subscription | active/deactivate SIM• More CPU on the device side!• Ruggedized, always-on devices• Cloud platform servers | connected to telecom operators infrastructure | scalability (connections, database) | absorb load picks | redundancy | security | avoid maintenance | lower investments | m2m servicesSierra Wireless Proprietary and Confidential Page 11
  12. 12. Let’s implement it!Device wise• Platform |AirLink GX400 | Linux | AirVantage ReadyAgent|Lua software• Development |Aleos Embedded Application Framework |Lua embedded developmentServer wise• Platform | AirVantage cloud platform | Device management services | Asset data management |APIs• Mockup | Widget dashboardSierra Wireless Proprietary and Confidential Page 12
  13. 13. Make the embedded side and server talk toeach otherTools• AirVantage Configuration Tools |Describe the m2m application (data, alarms, commands) |Configure the m2m server• Developer Studio for ALEOS EAF |Write custom Lua application |Target management |Remote debugDemo!Sierra Wireless Proprietary and Confidential Page 13
  14. 14. Get help and supportConnect with the communityhttp://developer.sierrawireless.comFollow us on Twitter @sierradeveloperContact us at developer@sierrawireless.comT-shirts to win for people registering on the developerwebsite and notifying @sierradeveloper on twitterSierra Wireless Proprietary and Confidential Page 14
  15. 15. Thank you. Keep in @sierradeveloper Page