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Actance - IT Marketing Agency

  2. 2. CREATIVEBUSINESS Creativity and ROI are the core values underlying all of our thoughts and actions. Each day we take a fresh look at the challenges our customers face, because our business demands constant reinvention and the lead generation process requires the ability to quickly adapt to the latest trends. Our action plans are inventive, insightful and demonstrate an unparalleled business strategy.
  3. 3. > Creation of the Business Event for Digital Decision-Makers OUR IN-HOUSE Regional industry event > Partnership with Mog Production Audiovisual company COMPETENCIES //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////// (Prévisions) > Creation of the “Entreprendre Pour l’Avenir” association [Taking on The Future] Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) TEAM INFRASTRUCTURE COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT > Fund raising Selene Partners /////////////////////////////////// SEO - ADWORDS > Creation of Eva 360° General marketing agency APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT TEAM > Partnership with Pour Action ! [For Action!] A Paris-based IT marketing agency ///////////////////////////// > Our offices in the Nantes Technopole ///////////////////////// OPTIMIZATION NATURAL REFERENCING DATABASE RENTAL /////////////// ACTANCE FILE STANDARDIZATION PRINT, WEB, VIDEO ADVERTISING OVER THE YEARS EVENT CREATION WEB DESIGN - DEVELOPMENT ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// TRAFFIC GENERATION IDENTITY - BRANDING /////////// Création
  4. 4. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// CREATIVE ACTIVITIES //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// € Logo Advertising Website, banner, email Creativity is increasingly becoming a basic Corporate Trade show packs Html, Css, Flash, Cms, etc. requirement of direct marketing. identity guidelines Business support Never underestimate the economic value of BRAND AWARENESS creativity: it’s the leverage tool you need to improve results. Advertising Event creation Social media and 2.0 Interviews Traffic generation Buzz and viral marketing Should operational marketing be developed to Institutional films be coherent with the image of the business it represents and be often used to develop sales in the short-term, it should never be thought of ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// as a simple mechanical one-off. Creativity should always take precedence. The golden rules for a successful campaign at Actance: Focus on one argument, one angle of approach and one target with an innovative and inventive perspective. 1 Graphic Designer 1 PR - Event Project Manager 1 Video Production Lead 1 Web Designer 1 Web Marketing Project Manager 1 Director
  5. 5. Customers: Software Publishers - Consultancies - Systems Integrators Areas of specialization: ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) - BI (Business Intelligence) - CRM (Customer Relationship Management) CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) - PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) - HRIS (Human Resources Information System) BUSINESS ACTIVITIES Customers: Constructors - Technology Integrators Areas of specialization: System - Business Continuity - Virtualization - Storage - Campaign Tracking //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Developing an efficient sales strategy, creating business opportunities and establishing connections within your ecosystems can be a daunting undertaking. Expertise: Telemarketing / Web Marketing / Relationship Marketing Heads of campaign creation and tracking A marketing strategy focused on business and ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ROI is one of the main alternatives to quickly achieve these results using expertise and key indicators. At Actance, we share the belief that the success SEO Referencing Campaign Creation and Management and intelligence of campaigns today can be Targeting and Data Mining Social Media Strategy attributed to the alliance of new 2.0 techniques File Acquisition / Rental Mapping and Database Standardization and traditional methods such as telemarketing. Partner Recruitment Lead Generation IT Partner Club Traffic Generation Co-Marketing Budget Management Lead Nurturing
  6. 6. TELEMARKETING ExPERTISE //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ACCOUNT ANALYSIS OF YOUR DATABASE SELECTION PRESENTATION OF INTERNAL DEFINITION, SCRIPT PREPARATION SPECIFIC ISSUE CRM TOOL CONFIGURATION SALES TRAINING AND OBJECTIVES AUTHORING OF INTEREST BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CONSUMPTION AND PROSPECTING AVERAGE OF PROJECT FILES + MEETING MATERIAL AND BUILD-UP OF LEADS CAMPAIGN 400 CALLS/WEEK SCHEDULE MANAGEMENT DOCUMENTATION SHIPPING TO THE OPPORTUNITY STAGE ANALYTICAL REPORT ANALYSIS AND ACCOUNT DATABASE EXTRACTION + AUTHORING + DEBRIEFING SUMMARY OF GENERATED RECOMMENDATIONS REPORTING ANALYSIS PRODUCTION STATISTICS WITH INTERNAL SALESPERSON LEADS AND ROI CALCULATION FOR ACCOUNT FOLLOW-UP //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// The telephone is a highly reactive medium for communication, making Telemarketing is a tool that allows you to simultaneously handle telemarketing a powerful customer acquisition tool. significant business volumes and maintain a qualitative approach: our internal salespeople, primarily from the IT sector, deliver your messages Telemarketing work frees up sales agents from the prospecting phase (file directly to your customers and prospective customers using exchanges qualification - scheduling appointments - generating leads), and allows them formulated with specific vocabulary that target identified issues. to concentrate on what they do best: sales. The strength of Actance: combining sales and marketing strategies Telemarketing remains an extraordinary solution for promoting and in its global approach. The telephone is most effective when used in developing businesses due to its capacity to generate direct business conjunction with other traditional and 2.0 marketing tools. opportunities and its potential for lead relationship management throughout the various stages of the sales cycle.
  7. 7. COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT WEBMARKETING ExPERTISE EMAILING BUZZMARKETING //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ADWORDS Web Marketing… or how to turn Internet users into customers and make your website profitable. ADWORDS The Internet has its own set of rules that you must understand in order to design and implement an effective marketing approach: Web Marketing uses the basic principles of traditional communication strategies, but combines them with the new possibilities available through new communication technologies. ADWORDS NETLINKING E-marketing isn’t just limited to the Internet network. It extends to future information highways such as mobile phones and interactive television. What are the playing fields? Traffic creation, use of the 2.0 dynamic, performance analysis and development of online customer loyalty. The Actance objective? To develop and qualify your online audience to directly influence ENGINE INDEXING your corporate image and business opportunities. DIRECTORY LOGGING Our expertise lies in our strong desire to adapt to the needs of each customer, offering e-marketing solutions adapted to their specific concerns. ERGONOMICS + EDITORIAL CONTENT
  8. 8. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR APPROACH Tél. +33 (0)2 72 20 50 30 - Fax. +33 (0)2 72 20 50 35 La Chantrerie 9 rue Alfred Kastler 44307 Nantes Cedex 3 VISIT US AT : The ACTANCE blog: w w w. c re at i ve - b u s i n ess. fr