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Loomly — Culture Code [2019]

Loomly is the Brand Success Platform. We empower marketing teams to build successful brands, online. We think of culture as the path we choose to grow our company. We calue: kindness, integrity, fairness, clarity, efficiency, data, pragmatism, ownership, progress and positivity. Here is how we grow. Join us:

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Loomly — Culture Code [2019]

  1. 1. We empower marketing teams to build successful brands, online.
  2. 2. We think of culture as the path we choose to grow our company.
  3. 3. We value: Kindness, Integrity, Fairness, Clarity, Efficiency, Data, Pragmatism, Ownership, Progress & Positivity.
  4. 4. Here is how we grow.
  5. 5. We Function Kindly.0 * *As a software company, we love zero-based numbering.
  6. 6. We respect everyone, period. Customers. Team Members. Investors. Candidates. Partners. Peers. Competitors. Everyone.
  7. 7. We value courtesy & benevolence. We simply have zero tolerance for offensiveness !
  8. 8. We help others succeed. We don’t play zero-sum games.
  9. 9. We Act In Good Faith.1
  10. 10. We are (wo)men of our words. We say what we do & we do what we say.
  11. 11. We don’t think the end justifies the means ! " Gaming the system is not our thing. Playing fair & square is.
  12. 12. We work hard. They say talent is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration: we go with the odds.
  13. 13. We Put Fairness First.2
  14. 14. We lead by example. If we won’t do it, we don’t ask anyone else to do it either.
  15. 15. We prioritize ideas over titles. Innovation is a shared responsibility !
  16. 16. We think no one should ever have to ask for a raise. Just like we think we should never have to ask anyone to go the extra mile.
  17. 17. We Speak (Very) Clearly.3
  18. 18. We set clear expectations ! Performance is a two-way street.
  19. 19. We share information ! Company information with the team. Individual data with each team member.
  20. 20. We communicate asynchronously. There is no such thing as being too explicit.
  21. 21. We Love Lean.4
  22. 22. We operate remotely. We are headquartered in sunny Los Angeles, California with team members around the globe !
  23. 23. We strive for continuous improvement. Kaizen ( ), we ! you.
  24. 24. We are a small team of highly effective people ! We would rather be #TeamDavid than #TeamGoliath.
  25. 25. We Follow The Data.5
  26. 26. We measure our own productivity ! Team output is our North Star & team analytics our travel logs*. *letting us know when to take our foot off the gas pedal.
  27. 27. We obsess over marketing analytics. Something about eating our own dog food ! Just because our logo is a kitty head, doesn’t mean we don’t love puppies, too!
  28. 28. We build our roadmap from customer feedback. Customers confide, we listen.
  29. 29. We Solve Pain Points.6
  30. 30. We focus on actual problems. If something is an issue for customers, team members or investors, we handle it. Otherwise, we place it in the icebox !
  31. 31. We do not chase shiny new things ! We use the right tool for the job.
  32. 32. We tailor processes to our needs. Not the other way around.
  33. 33. We Own Our Jobs.7
  34. 34. We share updates in push mode. Following through on commitment by default makes micro-management irrelevant .
  35. 35. We pay attention to details ! We enjoy beating the devil at hide & seek.
  36. 36. We know mistakes happen. We don’t disappear when we are wrong: we raise our hands !"
  37. 37. We Think Forward.8
  38. 38. We value progress over anything else. We don’t dread feedback, we crave it.
  39. 39. We do not keep tabs. The law of retaliation does not apply within our team.
  40. 40. We only fail when we stop trying. So we don’t (stop trying).
  41. 41. We Praise Positivity.9
  42. 42. We never complain ! It’s just not a good use of our time: we come up with solutions instead.
  43. 43. We celebrate every win ! No victory is too small to honor.
  44. 44. We always move on. Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence ! This is the most accurate representation we could find of a " under a microscope.
  45. 45. In short:
  46. 46. 0. We Function Kindly. 1. We Act In Good Faith. 2. We Put Fairness First. 3. We Speak (Very) Clearly. 4. We Love Lean. 5. We Follow The Data. 6. We Solve Pain Points. 7. We Own Our Jobs. 8. We Think Forward. 9. We Praise Positivity.
  47. 47. We are:
  48. 48. Join us.