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Saul Colt on Word of Mouth Marketing

Slideshow Presentation by Saul Colt used during session at the Yorkville Media Centre

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Saul Colt on Word of Mouth Marketing

  1. 1. Saul Colt, Head of Magic – Saul! Yorkville Media Centre - July20th, 2010 Clever Presentation Title! How to earn serious Word of Mouth With little or no budget
  2. 2. I was told to remove the first two slides because they were unnecessary.
  3. 3. … but that is going to make the third slide harder to understand…but here goes.
  4. 4. … .and I LOVE women!
  5. 5. So why am I here today?
  6. 6. To explain “ How to earn serious Word of Mouth Attention With little or no budget”
  7. 7. Lessons from Dick Shawn.
  8. 8. And that is how you too can get on a Digital Board in Times Square!
  9. 9. There are a lot of ways to create WOM with no budget….
  10. 10. Live the life of your customers. Fight for what they care about and be an advocate for their voice. .
  11. 11. … and if that ain’t your thing you could always just do interesting things.
  12. 12. Do interesting things. (With Barter)
  13. 13. Do interesting things. (With Dead Inventory)
  14. 14. Do interesting things. (With Emotions)
  15. 15. Do interesting things. (With Customers)
  16. 16. Everything you do with or without a budget should be about, and include your customers.
  17. 17. Including your customers is the same as fighting for them.
  18. 18. By promoting your customers you are forming a real connection and with that connection you will empower your customers to talk about your company and indirectly you have a highly passionate sales force!
  19. 19. The more connected you are with your customers the better you will know what they want, like…
  20. 20. … the more you will try to not disappoint them . (with a WOM initiative that is a huge miss)
  21. 21. Do Interesting Things (by keeping your eyes open)
  22. 22. Opportunities are literally everywhere! Force people to ask questions? Make them scratch their heads! Try 100 things! Its ok if no one shows up!
  23. 23. These types of activities will help build your brand and start lots of conversations, and when it is all said and done those are the only things a competitor can’t steal!
  24. 24. anyone remember that Times Square Slide?
  25. 25. And this is how you too can get on a Digital Board in Times Square!
  26. 26. So…in closing.
  27. 27. 1- Be like Upstack and take a stand on something your customer base (and you) believe to create positive attention with a purpose.
  28. 28. 2- Barter (beg) like you are a virgin on prom night
  29. 29. 3- Dead Inventory is called Dead for a reason.
  30. 30. 3-Everything you do should be about, and include your customers.
  31. 31. 4- Keep your eyes open for opportunities to use other people’s “stuff” to start conversations.
  32. 32. Lastly… (for real this time)
  33. 33. LIVE THE 4 E’s Execute Extraordinary Experiences Everyday
  34. 34. … and what exactly am I calling this new way to spread to messages to people with applying a budget?
  35. 35. The Aristocrats!
  36. 36. Any Questions? Contact me! @saulcolt Cell - 416-219-3259 saulcolt saulcolt [email_address]