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Twb position paper_bluetooth and mobile applications

  1. 1. Position Paper on Value of Technical Publications in Bluetooth and Mobile ApplicationsThe Writers Block 1
  2. 2. The Writers Block 2
  3. 3. Introduction This paper presents the value of and need for TWB – Leading Technical Documentation qualitative Technical Publications in the Bluetooth and Mobile Application (BMA) industry. Outsourcing Company TWB is a leading technical publisher with an excellent Technical publications include a wide variety of record of providing unmatched technical documentation material such as specification documents, datasheets, to many major companies. configuration documents, installation manuals, user guides, online help files, operation manuals, troubleshooting guides, process and workflow TWB is the ideal choice for leading vendors of Bluetooth documentation, white papers, classroom training and Mobile Applications. TWB helps customers with all materials, reference guides, administration guides, their technical documentation needs such as user standard operating procedures, web-based training guides, administration guides, installation manuals, materials, and product demos. process and workflow documentation, configuration documents and training materials. Wireless technology is swiftly becoming the most widely employed and sought after technology of our TWB works closely with client teams located globally, age. It functions as a background technology – it is a and assists them in meeting their worldwide product basic fabric for device integration and changes the announcements and launch deadlines. We work round- way existing devices are used. the-clock with client teams and help them with quick responses that facilitate timely distribution of documents around the globe. Today, Bluetooth, which was originally conceived to connect small devices which were in close proximity to each other for small data transfers, has a variety of applications. Bluetooth can be used for asset tracking “Knowledge is people, money, learning, flexibility and telemetry, cable replacement, activity sensing, and competitive advantage. Knowledge is more environment control, distributed sensing, etc. Mobile relevant to sustained business than capital or labor. devices, through BMA can even be used for e- And yet knowledge remains the most neglected commerce, with mobile devices being used for simple asset of a business. TWB helps you unlock and retail transactions. share your technical knowledge with the world.” Wireless technology has effectively penetrated every industry, from manufacturing to education to healthcare. According to the Bluetooth SIG, it is the fastest growing industry standard. More than 1300 manufacturers employ Bluetooth technology and its related applications. The future of the BMA industry is healthy, with increasing penetration not only in the mobile phone market, but also in computer peripherals, stereo headsets, games and new applications. The Bluetooth radio chip market is expected to exceed USD 3 billion in 2010, a 9% CAGR from 2007. In this paper we will discuss the importance of technical publications to the BMA industry to facilitate the effective implementation of Bluetooth technology. “TWB believes that technology cannot exist without being communicated effectively.”The Writers Block 1 1
  4. 4. BMA Industry – Technical Publications Growth and Penetration of BMA in India Challenges and Solutions The primary market for Bluetooth devices in India is mobile phone technology. Every month, 7 to 8 million Some of the greatest documentation challenges that phones are sold, 70% of which are Bluetooth enabled. most companies face today include: The Bluetooth headset market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 74% as opposed to China’s 48%.  Complexity of documentation support  Globalization and document translations for diverse According to a Frost and Sullivan report, the audiences Bluetooth headset market in India is expected to  Managing large volumes of documentation for new grow by a CAGR of 21% over the next five years. products releases The Indian automotive market also represents a growth Bluetooth technology has spread to countries all area. The main automotive applications are currently around the world, with wireless technology finding hands free and “infotainment” devices, with the market is applications in every industry. Since technical slowly expanding to include devices related to vehicle documentation is now an integral part of a product safety, navigation, tracking, telematics and control. release, documentation should be created parallel to product development. Bluetooth has penetrated the mobile advertising market was well. With an estimated 450 million mobile phone Further, the wide audience for Bluetooth technology users in India, advertising through Bluetooth allows necessitates the creation of documentation for a global advertisers to reach a massive audience on an individual audience. The documentation should conform to level. product variants and the preferences of the global market while simultaneously serving the needs of the audience. Growth and Penetration of BMA Globally Further, the rapid evolution of Bluetooth technology The development of the Bluetooth 3.0 + HS specification makes it important for existing documentation to be was a true breakthrough in Bluetooth technology clear and simple so that it can be updated, maintained allowing movement of large data files at speeds similar and reused as required. to Wi-Fi. Solving these challenges necessitates the involvement Bluetooth semiconductor revenue is expected to of skilled professionals at every stage of approach USD 4 billion by 2013, with Bluetooth 3.0 documentation development. TWB provides representing the largest share of the revenue by 2012. documentation with professional quality. The Bluetooth attach rate for mobile phone is expected to be over 65% by the end of 2010. Benefits For a leading vendor of Bluetooth and Mobile Applications, association with TWB has benefited them immensely in saving costs and producing professional documentation along with services such as:  Transferring complex technical data into easily understandable language  Protecting technical and commercial data of newly developed products  Managing knowledge management and content management solutions, single sourcing, and data migration.The Writers Block 2
  5. 5. Value of Technical Publications Technical Publication for Transferring Publications for Different Levels of Product Knowledge Technical and Product Knowledge The purpose of technical publications is to transfer In the BMA industry, it is necessary to create several product knowledge to the end user, in a comprehensible different types of documentation for different purposes: format. The strategies of communication and levels of configuration and specification documents for information vary depending on the type of product. developers, user guides and online help files for end users. Each of these documents addresses a different audience, each of whom has a specific role in the When delivering a product, whether a hardware product implementation and usage of wireless technology or a software application, it is equally important to give applications and systems. It is important that the users information about the product’s operation and documents be created keeping in mind the role of the maintenance. person who will use the documentation. In the real world scenario, technical publications are For example, a technical analyst, who is accustomed often developed as an afterthought. This usually results to reviewing satellite images on a workstation, needs in inaccurate and hard-to-understand material. As a to learn how to use the system and software to result, the users dislike these materials and avoid using magnify the image, but not how to analyze the image. them. For users who start without technical or product Inaccurate and hard-to-understand material also results knowledge, you need to provide instructions to use the in the user’s inability to understand and implement high- product as well as information they need to look for as end technologies. The users might reject the product. a result of using the product. This presents a more difficult problem. Different needs of the end users and the gap between Faulty Assumptions that Result in their technical and product knowledge determines the Problems in Documentation amount of information that goes into technical publications. These faulty assumptions result in incomprehensible documents:  The developers know the product better than anyone Attractive Publications as Useful else: With time constraints and limited resources, Marketing Tool many companies are tempted to let the programmers do the documentation. The engineers and developers Providing useful and accurate documents is critical to know the product very well. However, the developer ensure that the user can easily find the required is likely to provide technology-centered information; information. If the end users cannot find the answers where as the end user requires task-centered to their problems, they assume that the documentation information. is useless. For engineers and developers it is almost impossible to step back and look at the To be useful, the documentation must be clear, application from the end users point of view. concise, and well designed. The documentation that is accurate and complete also needs to be well designed.  The application is complicated; having a writer learn about it will take too long: Learning the product Accurate and easy-to-understand technical should not be a major obstacle for the writers with the documentation is the only way to provide information right technical background. to the end user, and it is also cost-effective.The Writers Block 3 3
  6. 6. Conclusion  The Importance of Bluetooth Technology: Bluetooth technology creates a personal networking environment. Mobile phones, PCs and PDAs are connected quickly and easily wherever necessary. However, Bluetooth is not confined to the office. Its home applications include portable music players, digital cameras, kitchens appliances and even children’s toys. The industry is branching out as well, with wireless technology finding applications in the automotive, avionics and industrial controls markets as well. Good documentation can further increase the speed at which Bluetooth technology spreads into different industries. Quality documents can make the use and implementation of Bluetooth easier, making it more accessible to users.  Value of Technical Publications: Technical Publications are essential for transferring product knowledge to the end users. Provision of proper material to use technology and products allows a user to accept and efficiently use the product. Faulty assumptions about documentation lead to inaccurate and hard-to-understand material. This also decreases the changes of marketing the products in the global markets.  Role of Documentation Outsourcing: The amount of documentation required by Bluetooth technology and the wide audience that the technology is aimed at requires that vendors and purchasers look at outsourcing their documentation needs to well-established Technical Publications Solutions providers. This helps the company cut costs and at the same time deliver their products with quality documents.The Writers Block 4
  7. 7. TWB Services TWB is India’s leader in technical communication outsourcing and education. TWB offers a complete suite of services that allow our customers to effectively publish their technical knowledge with their people and processes. TWB’s customers range from Global 500 – including Cisco, Accenture, McAfee, LG, Samsung, Citrix, SAP, Siemens, AOL, Intel; Indian technology majors – including Infosys, Wipro; Global defense majors - Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell, DRDO, HAL; and exciting technology startups. TWBs expertise in technical communication ranges from IT Products and Outsourcing, ITES, Banking, Financial, Aerospace, Defense, Ship Building to Hi-tech Manufacturing, and Discrete and Process Manufacturing. TWB’s services include: Technical Marketing Technical Product Documentation Quality Solutions Documentation Management  Datasheets  Administrator’s Guide  Datasheets  Copy Editing and Proof Reading  API Document  Cheat sheets  Managing Writing  Configuration Guide  Solution Briefs/Solution Brochures  Editing Services  Functional Specifications Document  Presentations – Products/Corporate  Layout and Design Profile  Installation Manual  Creating SLAs  Brochures and marketing collateral  Interface Document  Web content  Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) Business Documentation  Audio and video scripts  Maintenance Manual  Business Proposals  Press releases  Online Help  Legal Disclaimers  Direct mail  Operation Manual  Policy Manuals  Newsletter design copy  Product Demo  Style Guide Design  Sales catalogues  Product Specifications Document  Template Design  Sales sheets  Product Overview Document  Quick Reference Guide Business Communication Content Management  Release Notes  Short Reports  Requirement Analysis Document  Single Sourcing  Proposals  SDK Document  File Version Control  Case Studies  Troubleshooting Manual  Document Naming Conventions  Lab Reports  User Manual  Consistent Document Formatting  Memos  Open Source Documentation  Data Transformation  Progress/Interim Reports  Programmers Guides  Writing for Electronic Media  Functional Specifications Document  Use Cases Web site Development Illustrations  Online Help /Context Sensitive Help  Web 2.0 development  Troubleshooting Guides  Graphic Designing  Web content   Info graphics  Web applications Qualitative Analytics for  2D & 3D animation Decision Support Translation and Localization  Line drawings and illustrations Services  Economic Business Research Process Documentation  Industry Analysis  Software Translation Services  Workflows  Market Opportunity Analysis  Document Translation Services  Standard Operating Procedures  Competitive Business Analysis  Localization (L10N) Testing  ISO Documentation  Company & Prospect Profiling  Internationalization (I18N) Testing  CMM Documentation  Reporting Solutions  Assessment of Unmet Market Needs Records Management Deployment and Support  Status and Potential of Technologies  Document Management Solutions  Benchmarking of Strategies Vs Competition  Record Management Storage and  Installation and Configuration Guides Retrieval  Operations Manual  Forecasting  Sales Force Effectiveness  Market Assessments  Competitive Intelligence  Opinion Leadership  Emerging Markets - evaluation and researchThe Writers Block 5 5
  8. 8. TWB Software Tools Expertise Our technical proficiency in software and authoring tools includes: Unstructured Content XML Structured Editors Multimedia /Authoring Development  Epic  Adobe Flash®  Microsoft Word®  FrameMaker+SGML  Adobe Dreamweaver®  Adobe FrameMaker®  X-Metal®  Microsoft FrontPage®  Adobe InDesign®  Adobe Captivate®  QuarkXPress® Macromedia Captivate  Adobe PageMaker® Graphics/Animations  Multimedia /Authoring / Illustrations  Adobe Flash® Supporting tools  Adobe Photoshop®  Adobe Flash CS4 Professional  Adobe Fireworks®  Adobe Flash®  Adobe Illustrator CS3  Adobe Flex®  CorelDRAW Online Help  Adobe AIR®  Microsoft-Expression Graphic  Adobe Dreamweaver® Designer  Adobe Acrobat®  Xara Xtreme (Windows & Linux)  JavaHelp  Microsoft Silverlight®  CuteDraw  Adobe RoboHelp 7.0  Adobe Authorware®  Publisher3D(for animation)  HelpScribble  Adobe Director®  Sketsa SVG Editor (for vector  WebWorks Publisher  Adobe Captivate® graphics)  PowerCHM  Trivantis Lectora®  Techsmith Camtasia  Doc-To-Help  ASP.NET  Adobe Flash CS4 Professional  WinCHM  JSP  Arbortext IsoDraw (technical  HelpSmith 2.1.1(Windows)  JAVA illustrations for 2D and 3D)  Fast-Help  MadCap Flare Standards Graphics/Animation  Help-Server  NVU Help  SCORM 1.2 / 2004  Adobe Flash®  AICC XML  Adobe Photoshop®  W3C  Adobe Illustrator®  Section 508  Adobe Fireworks®  XMetal®  QTI XML  Microsoft Silverlight®  Microsoft Word 2003®,  Microsoft Word 2007® Databases Development and Publishing tools CMS/ LMS  Microsoft Access  XSLT/XSL  Microsoft SQL Server  EDD  Sharepoint®  Moodle Flowcharting  Joomla,  WordPress  Microsoft Visio  Media Wiki  iGrafx  CMS Builder  EDraw  Author-it (formerly AuthorIT)  RFFlow  Alfresco  Flowbreeze  Smart DrawThe Writers Block 6
  9. 9. Industries Served TWB services a wide range of technology and knowledge driven industries, helping them meet their markets better, these include:  Banking, Insurance and Financial Services  ITES/ KPO/ BPO  Consulting and Business Services  Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology  Defense, Aerospace and Hi-Tech Manufacturing  Process Manufacturing and Allied Industries  Education and Learning  Steel, Ship Building, Construction and Aviation  IT, ITES  Telecom and Digital Communications TWB has been the preferred technical documentation outsourcing company for: The TWB Building US Office: No: 4062, 19th Main Road, TWB HAL 2nd Stage, 11701 Norwegian Wood Drive Bangalore – 560008 Austin, TX 78758 India. Landmark: Behind Carlton Towers Telephone: Telephone: +91.80.40741400 / +91.80.41256367 +1.512.586.8357 Corporate Enquiries: corp@twb.inThe Writers Block 7 7