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Plugins Spectacular WordCamp Sydney 2012


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Presented at WordCamp Sydney 2012.
WordPress plugins background and a huge list of plugins in many different categories.
Go to for more WordPress help.

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Plugins Spectacular WordCamp Sydney 2012

  1. 1. Plugins spectacularBy Tony Cosentino - - @wphow -
  2. 2. Be careful what you wish for....By Tony Cosentino - - @wphow -
  3. 3. What the hell are plugins?✤ accessories to add to your vehicle✤ php/javascript injection for dummies✤ written by people smarter than me✤ I have ADPHPD (Attention deficit php disorder)✤ I also like wheels other people make, why re-invent them
  4. 4. Plugins versus widgets“which came first, the plugin or the widget”
  5. 5. How to spot a good plugin
  6. 6. Free plugins can be✤ free to stop being updated✤ free to brake for extended periods of time✤ free from developer contact information (sometimes anyway - I’m being dramatic ok)✤ free to go offline when the developer gets over of at all the whining from internet marketers wanting it fixed yesterday for nada
  7. 7. OK free plugins can be awesometoo, if...✤ the have a large benevolent company behind them✤ are a loss leader for a paid version✤ connect you to a commercial 3rd party product (eg sales force form)✤ are supported by a Buddhist monk who is hoping to attain enlightenment through perfect code and self sacrifice (Nothing against that Buddhists either, they rock)
  8. 8. If you pay for a plugin (or theme)✤ you are supporting WordPress developer/s who will then maintain the very plugin that is making you look great✤ inspiring more plugins to be built✤ subsidising the support system✤ putting people through college/uni
  9. 9. Time to get off my high horselets get into some free and paid plugins
  10. 10. Backups✤ vaultpress (premium - - $15/month)✤ backupbuddy (premium - - $75/year for 2 site licence, $100/year for 10 sites, $150/year unlimited sites)✤ BackUpWordPress (free -
  11. 11. SEO✤ WordPress SEO by Yoast✤ SEO Ultimate✤ SEO Rank Tracker✤ Link Juice Keeper✤ SEOPressor (premium - http:// - $97)✤ Analytics360 - Google and mailchimps lovechild
  12. 12. eCommerce✤ WooCommerce (the new up and comer)✤ WP Shopp (premium - http:// )✤ WP eCommerce (the original)✤ Ecwid Shopping Cart (use with facebook too)
  13. 13. My sites too small to be a target...small unsecured sites make great fake South African Banks
  14. 14. Security✤ Limit login attempts✤ Firewall 2✤ Block Spam By Math Reloaded✤ Wordpress file monitor✤ wp-ban✤ Timthumb Vulnerability Scanner
  15. 15. Images✤ Lightbox Plus (popups instead of a blank page)✤ NextGEN Gallery
  16. 16. Training and support✤ Video User Manuals ($24/month on unlimited client sites)✤ WP Help
  17. 17. Mobile friendly✤ WP Touch✤ WP Touch Pro (Premium - product/wptouch-pro/ - $49 or $199 for developers licence)
  18. 18. Content helpers✤ Organize Series ✤ Easy Content TemplatesReplace Featured Image with Video✤ Shortcodes Ultimate✤ TinyMCE Advanced✤ WP-chgFontSize✤ YARP Yet another related post✤ Duplicate Post
  19. 19. Forms✤ Gravity forms (premium - -
  20. 20. Cachetotally, super
  21. 21. Caching✤ WP Super Cache✤ W3 Total Cache
  22. 22. Search✤ Search Everything✤ Relevanssi - A Better Search✤ Google Custom Search
  23. 23. Live chat✤ Zopim Live Chat✤ ClickDesk Live-Chat, Help Desk & Live-Call
  24. 24. Events✤ Event espresso (premium)✤ All-in-One Event Calendar✤ CalPress Event Calendar
  25. 25. Social media✤ The social links✤ facebook (not perfect, still needs to work)✤ Simple Facebook Share Button✤ jetpack
  26. 26. Hey, no sleepingplease make up the person snoring next to you, its a tad distracting
  27. 27. Dashboard customisation✤ Whitelabel CMS✤ Adminize✤ TM Replace Howdy
  28. 28. Membership✤ S2Member✤ S2Member Pro (premium)
  29. 29. User management✤ Import Users from CSV (import a lot of users from one spreadsheet)✤ User Switching✤ QuickLogin (popups for login pages so you need to leave the page you are on)
  30. 30. Custom post types✤ My Content Management (collection of custom post types pre built, eg faqs, people, testimonials, locations, quotes, glossary, etc)✤ CustomPress (premium - custompress )
  31. 31. Widget domination✤ Widget logic ✤ Widget Entries (use with Custom sidebars)✤ Page Widget ✤ Duplicate Widget (Ditto)✤ WP-Cumulus ✤ PHP Code Widget✤ Widgets on pages (add javascript to a page via shortcode that won’t dissapear)✤ Executable PHP widget✤ Custom sidebars
  32. 32. Developer backend tools✤ Friends Only✤ Revision control✤ Velvet Blues Update URLs✤ Page and Post Lister✤ Redirection
  33. 33. The rest✤ CalculatorPro Calculators - (204 different calculators)✤ WP Survey And Quiz Tool
  34. 34. Credits✤ - King of the road by ✤ 5. flickr -8 weeks african grey - ejharaldseid - photo link by Papooga - image link✤ 2. flickr - Horse - by Moyan_Brenn - photo link✤ 3. flickr - Hand Gun - by roberthuffstutter - photo link✤ 4. flickr - Lamborghini - by _groundcoffee - photo link
  35. 35. Tony Cosentino -