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Career Cruising Intro

  1. 1. Career Cruising How to Use This Program
  2. 2. WEBSITE
  3. 3. LOG IN You require a username and password to use Career Cruising. You can obtain these access codes by contacting The Work Room @ (506) 848-6693.
  4. 4. PORTFOLIO The first step is to set up a portfolio so that you can save all of your information. If you already have a portfolio set up enter the user name as password here.
  5. 5. PORTFOLIO Once you have filled in all the sections in the “Your Information” section, please use the following format to create your portfolio username: kv (last name)(first initial)(middle initial) ie: kvsmithra You can make up your own password and type it in twice to confirm it. Select the “Create Portfolio” button.
  6. 6. PORTFOLIO Your portfolio has been created! This is the “Portfolio Homepage”. Now we can start generating some career information. Select the “Matchmaker” tab.
  7. 7. ASSESSMENT Type in your first and last name and select “Start a new Career Matchmaker session”.
  8. 8. ASSESSMENT Select this button if you would like more information. You will be asked to respond to 39 questions. You can respond by selecting the face icon or the box above it.
  9. 9. ASSESSMENT After you have answered the 39 questions, a list of possible careers will appear. To improve your results it is highly recommended that you answer ALL the questions by selecting this tab. When you have answered all of the questions, you should save this information to your portfolio so you have it there for future reference.
  10. 10. EXPLORATION View the full list of 40 careers Your results are stored in the “Assessment Results” tab of your portfolio. Select a career title to start begin your research.
  11. 11. EXPLORATION Navigate these tabs to explore a wealth of information on each career. Each tab opens a new section.
  12. 12. EXPLORATION You may wish to start narrowing down your list of potential careers. One strategy is to save those careers you find most interesting to a separate section of your portfolio. You can do so by selecting this button.
  13. 13. CUSTOMIZE By clicking the “Save to my Portfolio” button on any of the career profiles, will transport the information to the “Careers the Interest Me” section of your portfolio. You can modify this list by adding or deleting items. Another way to research careers is to select the “Careers” tab.
  14. 14. CUSTOMIZE You can conduct a self-directed search by typing a job title into the browser window or using one of the other options listed.
  15. 15. CUSTOMIZE You can select the “Portfolio” tab at any time during your session to return to your saved career information.
  16. 16. LOG OUT When you are finished your session, simply click the “Logout” tab. An additional feature in Career Cruising is the ability to create a resume using a step-by-step process. Your resume will be saved in your portfolio and can be exported electronically or printed.