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Coca-Cola Hispanic Heritage Month Event Recap


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Coca-Cola Hispanic Heritage Month Event Recap

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Coca-Cola Hispanic Heritage Month Event Recap

  2. 2. “Bicultural Hispanics experience a duality of identity. They embrace both languages, identify with both cultures and want to remain bicultural. Being bicultural is a mindset, a way of thinking, a destination.” Bicultural Hispanics are clear about what they like from each culture. Core values are key to connecting with Bicultural Hispanics: • Dual Identity & Cultural Fluidity • Togetherness & Staying Connected • Spanish is important and resonates at a deeper level KEY LEARNINGS FROM HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH EVENT: THE BICULTURAL REVOLUTION OF HISPANICS
  3. 3. “Language and context play a big role when it comes to finding ways to better engage with bilingual Hispanics. It is important for marketers to understand the unspoken impact of the language. In more emotional and informal setting Spanish tends to be used more often, but in more formal/business setting English tends to predominate. Give people options, because the freedom to choose how to interact with the world is the essence of being bicultural.” KEY LEARNINGS FROM HISPANIC HERITAGE MONTH EVENT: THE BICULTURAL REVOLUTION OF HISPANICS
  4. 4. HISPANIC MOM PANEL “I believe my culture is what guides me in teaching my daughter the values I grew up with. I talk with my daughter in Spanish because I want her to grow up knowing the language and being bilingual. As a Latina, I am teaching my daughter the value and importance of family and humility. But growing up as an American, I also want her to learn the value of education and how to persevere against any challenge.” Diana Marticorena on raising her daughter with Hispanic and American values
  5. 5. HISPANIC MOM PANEL “Being bicultural is the most American thing ever. This country has welcomed people from all over the world who have been able to flourish and reach their full potential in this country. I consider it a privilege. Everything is here that I need to succeed, to lead, to parent and to thrive.” Mariela Romero on what she’s most proud of as a bicultural Latina
  6. 6. “Being a bicultural teen is like a doorway – a doorway that opens to a bridge that connects you with other people. It allows you to have two different yet similar perspectives on things going on in your life. Being bicultural also allows you to bond and meet new people who share similar traits from both cultures.” Samuel Lopez on what being bicultural means to him “Spanish is my first language and it means a lot to me. It shows me where I came from. English is the language that tells me where I am going.” HISPANIC TEEN PANEL Christopher Lopez on the meaning of being bilingual
  7. 7. “Yes, I am Mexican. But I am also American. And that makes me a proud man. To have my origins at heart, And yet be able to make a home out of this land. Because I am bi-cultural, I am Mexican, But I am also American.” An excerpt from Samuel Lopez’s spoken word poetry performance HISPANIC TEEN PANEL
  8. 8. “My family motivates me to keep going and stay optimistic. The most important thing to me is my family. My goal is to make them proud and to show them that I can accomplish my dreams with their support.” Paola Drekha-Koz on the importance of family HISPANIC TEEN PANEL