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CCNA October Town Hall


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CCNA's October Town Hall

Published in: Business
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CCNA October Town Hall

  1. 1. C C N A O C T O B E R T O W N H A L L
  2. 2. SANDY DOUGLAS ON THIS QUARTER’S RESULTS: “For the 9th consecutive quarter, we were the fastest growing large CPG in the United States, not only the best in beverage but the best in fast food and consumer goods.”
  3. 3. “We haven’t even begun to be as great as we’re going to be and that reality gives me more confidence than the current success, and the opportunity we have to work together to grow.”
  4. 4. ON TELLING OUR COCA-COLA STORY: “Our character, our company values, our history of strengthening local communities… I think that’s probably the thing – whether it’s water neutrality, standing up for diversity, or standing up for inclusion – that makes me proud to be part of this system. Coca-Cola people care a lot about that...
  5. 5. ...what we’ve learned together is that as much as we’re committed to an old values system of doing things and sometimes not bragging about them, it’s important now in the age of social media to talk about them and talk more proactively about what we’re doing.” TELLING OUR COCA-COLA STORY, CONTINUED
  6. 6. MARK EPPERT ON THE SUCCESS OF THE QUARTER: The press clippings we read said “North America Sparkles” and “North America’s Leading with Pricing” and a lot of things about North America. It’s like my Ohio State Buckeyes. They were reading their press clippings too and we saw what happened to them last week. We don’t need to read the press clippings. We need to be discontent with this quarter with optimism about what we’re going to do in the fourth quarter.
  7. 7. CHRISTIAN POLGE ON HIS FIRST IMPRESSION OF THE CANADA BUSINESS: In Canada we have strong sparkling brands, but we also have an amazing presence in juices. We are the number one in teas with the brand Nestea. We have very strong brands in enhanced water and premium waters. We have the full portfolio to play with… That’s what I discovered when I arrived.
  8. 8. Canada was the 1st international market for the Coca-Cola Company, as well as the 1st international bottler. CANADA COCA-COLA HISTORY Coca-Cola’s Thirst Knows No Season campaign's origins began in Canada when Robert Woodruff saw people enjoying Coke and realized it wasn't a seasonal beverage, which led to the company creating its winter season assets, including the Coca-Cola polar bears and Santa.
  9. 9. SINCE 2014 sparkling media impressions increased 250% 2017 continue to focus on Nestea & introduce Gold Peak 2016 dedicated small format team grew volume & revenue double digits for Minute Maid CANADA HIGHLIGHTS "Canada is a very important part of our business… I think your US colleagues join me in having a lot of confidence that our best days in Canada are definitely ahead.” -Sandy Douglas, EVP & President, Coca-Cola North America
  10. 10. I was an intern in 2012 here at Coca-Cola and I was working for diversity business development. I remember part of your team came here to learn about multi-cultural marketing in the U.S. I would like to know how you’re doing in that aspect and if you’d like to share any stories about that? -Lissette Davila Robles, Associate Brand Manager, GM Coffee and Tea We can’t be very successful in multi-cultural if there’s not good representation of the diversity in our leadership. One of the things I’ve been focusing on in Canada is making sure we have good representation… That’s why we have a person from Quebec on the leadership team. You can’t understand Quebec if you aren’t familiar with it. We need more Asian presence on our team because this is where the growth is. This country is changing very fast… I think having diversity on the team is fundamental. -Christian Polge, President, Canada Business Unit