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How to build 5 libraries in 2 weeks


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A quick re-cap of the amazing Buy India a Library Project, that ran in early 2010. We crowd-sourced enough money in 2 weeks to build a library in Mysore, as well as some mobile libraries to travel round Africa. The power of social media FTW!

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How to build 5 libraries in 2 weeks

  1. Unbelievably it only costs £1,250 to build, kit out, supply with books and staff a library in India (for TWO YEARS).<br />And you can buy a donkey or bicycle drawn <br />library to travel around Africa for just £100. <br />All of this comes from, a <br />charitable organisation. <br />
  2. We launched a Twitter campaign, aimed at librarians, to try and raise enough cash to do this. <br />So many libraries were closing aroundthat time: why not try and open one? <br />
  3. Four of us came together to do this. We started a blog in January 2011, and began asking for donations.<br />
  4. We gave the whole thing a hashtag:<br />#buyalib<br />
  5. Between us, we exchanged:<br />216 emails<br />about the<br />project<br />
  6. 10<br />We wrote:<br />blog<br />posts<br />these were viewed around 2,300 times<br />
  7. #buyalib<br />129 people <br />tweeted using the hashtag<br />resulting in 430 tweets<br />
  8. there was a little<br />controversy<br />
  9. 100 wonderful people<br />donated<br />
  10. The most common donation <br />was a very generous <br />
  11. In just two weeks we raised a spectacular…<br />
  12. In just two weeks we raised a spectacular…<br />£2420!<br />
  13. HOW MUCH?!<br />
  14. So what is happening now? <br />The Rural Literacy & Health Programme in India are building an extra big library with more books, attached to a school on the edge of a slum in Mysore.<br />
  15. And…<br />The African Educational Trust have created FOUR donkey-drawn libraries to travel around Uganda, Somalia and Sudan.<br />
  16. “The world is full of ambient goodness just waiting for the right idea to make it happen.”<br />Andromeda Yelton<br />
  17. And if buyalib proves anything else, it’s that social media is ace… <br />
  18. thanks for <br />listening!<br />
  19. Images via: <br />Photofunia<br />Stock Xchange<br />Icon Finder<br />Goodgifts<br />Read the Buyalib blog at:<br /><br />My own blog at:<br /><br />Or buy your own library! Via:<br /><br />