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Press releases


Published on ...Using Press Releases is one of the most effective methods of spreading the word about your product,service or overall business

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Press releases

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Strategies - Press Releases Lesson Ten. Imagine entering into a room filled with media, radio reporters, T.V crew, writers, businessmen, a podium and a microphone. What do you get? Yes! It is a press release. Press release, sometimes called news release is usually a written or a recorded communication directed to the news media, for the primary purpose of releasing something – a product, a new line, a newmember, a new name or new strategies. Basically this is common thing in public relationswith the main goal of drawing attention to viewers and promoting the brand or product tothe marketplace. Other purposes could be an announcement of an update or a new eventin a company or organization.In the same way, the online marketplace is filled with tough competitors. We need topromote or hard sell our products effectively and strategically to the majority ofconsumers. Therefore a press release in the internet is also a demand and a need in orderto thrive. One of the best ways to do that is to access a website specializing on pressreleases. One site offers this opportunity. You can check PRweb and post your pressrelease to the internet through the site. 1. You may type in 2. Then click the “create new account button.”
  2. 2. 3. Once registered, you may write now your article of course with a press release style format.Again, this is not one of those websites that will post even your dumbest of ideas. PRWebneeds sensible and of course professional sounding articles for a press release. You maywant to take your time in writing a good press release so that it will pay off in the end.Other website may require you to pay for a press release. So we can say this doing thistechnique is only reserved for those who take marketing and promotions seriously.So it works simply by posting your press releases in sites like PRWeb. The content ofyour press release could cover all the detailed information about your product to brand.And just like the slogans we see around, we can do the same online. Just add up thosecatchy lines, great design and informative yet persuasive content. Here is a brief sampleof an outline we want to follow in our press release.
  3. 3. A sample structure of a press release includes a Headline, where in we could use to grabmore attention and shortly explain the point. It will also include a Dateline that containsthe release date of the press release. The Introduction, the Body, and the Closing will thenfollow to provide all the details of your brand. Before we end up the article, it is alsoimportant to put in the Media contact information which includes your name, phonenumber, email address or other personal information. All of these tips will make your siteeven more appealing and beautiful to the public – a really professional way to generatetraffic explosion into your site.