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  1. 1. Pretzel Pesto Caprese Chicken SandwichDijon-seared chicken breast with fresh mozzarella cheese, a peppercornand herb grilled tomato, topped with a chopped basil salad, dressed withbalsamic vinegar and olive oil. All atop a bakery fresh, pretzel roll.
  2. 2. General Tso’s TofuFlour-dredged medium firm tofu, shallow fried with whiteonion, edamame, and crushed red pepper flakes. Served over steamedblack rice.
  3. 3. Parmesan Brussel SproutsFresh-cut brussel sprouts pan seared with garlic butter, salt, pepper, andpine nuts. Served over egg noodles and topped with freshly gratedparmesan cheese.
  4. 4. Muffin-Sized Chicken Pot PiesSautéed chicken breast pieces with carrots, peas, and corn, piled highinto a wheat flour muffin sized cup. Topped with a roux-based light gravyand chives.
  5. 5. Steak FajitasMedium-rare broiled steak tucked into a flour tortilla with sautéed bellpeppers, onions, mild salsa, and fresh-made re-fried beans. Topped withavocado sour cream and the juice of a lime wedge.
  6. 6. Ratatouille with Panko & Herb Crusted ChickenPanko and herb crusted baked chicken breast served over tomato-basedratatouille of red-skin potatoes, sweet peppers, white beans, onions andherbs.
  7. 7. Fresh-Baked Foccacia20-minute oven baked bread topped with fresh tomato, sliced blackolive, garlic, an herb blend, and parmesan cheese.
  8. 8. Mexican Steak SaladMedium-rare marinated sliced steak served with tomato and cornsalsa, peppers and onions, avocado, and white beans over butter lettuce.All topped with pickled celery shavings.
  9. 9. Korean Kogi-Beef Burger with Asparagus & PierogiesKorean Kogi-beef open-faced burger over grilled bread, with cidervinegar homemade pickles and Asian glazed carrots. All topped withSirracha-soy BBQ sauce and a rice vinegar poached egg.
  10. 10. Shrimp Tempura (un)RollFresh shrimp sautéed with garlic butter, dressed in an avocado cream cheesespread atop a sticky rice cup with a tangy scallion chili sauce. Garnished with alemon-lime soda tempura battered asparagus, cucumber slice, and greenonion.
  11. 11. Seafood SoupTomato-based soup with black beans, white corn, basmati rice, freshtilapia, and rock shrimp. Paired perfectly with a cool, crisp Corona Extra.