Published on This presentation I did at a small business summit for Constant Contact.

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  1. 1. Welcome To YouTube 101● A Little About YouTube● How It Works● Why You Might Use It● 10 Tips To Get You Started● Q and A
  2. 2. Who Am I???● Rick Nielsen● Full-time Web Ninja Since 1998● Built Over 600 Websites● Hosted Thousands of Websites● Worked With Over 1,000 Businesses● Internet Consulting and Coaching
  3. 3. My YouTube Stats● Started 2009 Active 2010● 25 Videos● 190,937 Views● 1,936 Subscribers● 19,940 Friends● 75% of Traffic From YouTube
  4. 4. In The Beginning● Born on February 14, 2005● First Video April 23, 2005● “Lazy Sunday”● July 2006 + 65,000 / Day● October 2006 Google buys for $1.65 billion
  5. 5. YouTube Today● 35 hours of video are uploaded every minute● More video is uploaded to YouTube in 60 days than the 3 major US networks created in 60 years● 2 Billion Views Per Day● Average Person Spends 15 min /day on YouTube
  6. 6. How It Works● Google Account● Get Your Name (● Content For Channel● Upload Video● Add Great Title and Description● Distribute to Audience
  7. 7. The “Old Days”● TV● Radio● Yellow Pages● Not Cost Effective For Most Small Businesses
  8. 8. Why You Might Use YouTube● “The Great Equalizer”● Simple● Free To Use● Tools Are Very Low Cost● No Limits on Content● SEO Powerhouse
  9. 9. 10 Tips To Getting Started On
  10. 10. 1: Your Audience Is There● 2 Billion Views Daily● YouTubes Demographic is Broad: 18-54 Years Old and Growing nd● 2 Most Used Search Engine
  11. 11. 2: Equipment & Software● Flip Video™ Camcorders; UltraHD● iPhone, Android or Other Camera Phone● PowerPoint● Jing by TechSmith● Camtasia Studio● Article Video Robot
  12. 12. 3: What To Record● Screen Cast: No Voice, Just Music● Screen Cast: Your Narration● Screen Cast: Other Voice Narration● Video Camera: Someone Else On Camera● Video Camera: You On Camera
  13. 13. 4: You Are You!● Your Voice Sounds The Same In Person As It Does On Video● You Look the Same On Video As You Do In Person● The Camera Does Not Add 20 Pounds To You..● Pizza & Cheese Burgers Do That!
  14. 14. 5: Sales Tool● Explain Your Product or Service● Demonstrate Your Product or Service● Introduce Your Staff● Tour Your Facility● Explain How Your Business Is Different● Video Events
  15. 15. 6: Customer Service● Answer Common Customer Questions● Tutorials On Your Product or Service● Industry News or Product Updates● Post a Blog Entry Discussing a Problem And Include a Video For Visual Support
  16. 16. 7: Traffic Boost● SEO Friendly Video Titles● Keyword Rich Description● Place Your Website Address In Your Video Description● Video Can Have More SEO Weight Than A Text Post
  17. 17. 8: Connect Social Sites● Place YouTube Link on Your Blog● Place YouTube Link On Other Social Sites● Include YouTube Link In All Your Emails● Embed Your Videos On Other Blogs● Others May Embed Your Videos On Their Sites
  18. 18. 9: Branding● Company URL● Company Logo● Branded Background Image● Your Photo● Color Channel To Match Your Brand
  19. 19. 10: Never Give Up● Most Businesses Fail Online Because They Quit Too Soon● Consistent Work Over A Couple of Years Is The Key● Dont Be Afraid Of It! YouTube Wont Bite● Dont Over Think: Provide Great Content And People Will Keep Coming Back
  20. 20. Contact Me●●● SKYPE@thewebtrainer● 913-220-7065● YouTube!