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Why WordPress Is The Best For Small Business


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Why WordPress Is The Best For Small Business

  1. 1. Why WordPress isThe Best Choicefor Business
  2. 2. Because It Kicks Ass!
  3. 3. You Know Your A WP Geek When...● You get pissed at people who dont know the difference between a widget and a plug-in● You vandalize buildings and bridges with WordPress short code● Your Friday nights consist of heavy discussions with friends on what is better: free, premium or custom designed themes● You struggle with what way to install WordPress: Fantastico or the 5 minute install● You want to get a WordPress tattoo
  4. 4. A Blast From The Past• Websites were hard to get built• Websites were hard to maintain• Websites were expensive to build• Very limited resources for site owners• No clear understanding on what a website should do
  5. 5. Plenty Of Options● WordPress ● concrete5● LifeType ● Joomla 1.6● b2evolution ● ocPortal● Pixelpost ● Moodle● Nucleus ● MODx ● Mambo● Joomla 1.5 ● e107● Drupal ● XOOPS● liveSite ● Zikula● Drupal 7 ● Mahara
  6. 6. But The Only One You Need Is..● Fast deployment● Low, low, low cost● Search engine magnet● Plug-ins● Themes● Tons of support● Mega resources available
  7. 7. The Most Important Things To Know● Less time & money spent on development● Less time & money spent on design● More time and money spent on RESULTS!!● The days of spending more resources on the websites look and functionality vs. results have come and gone.● Its time for more customers and more $$$$$
  8. 8. Thank You!● WordPress Coaching● WordPress Training Workshops● WordPress Implementation Services●● 913-220-7065● (50% Discount For All KC WordCamp Attendees)● FREE.THEWEBTRAINER.COM