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WordPress Site Maintenance (updated for WordCamp Raleigh 2014)


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The Slides from my Updated WordPress Site maintenance talk at WordCamp Raleigh 2014 #wcraleigh You can find the full transcript of the talk with added content over at

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WordPress Site Maintenance (updated for WordCamp Raleigh 2014)

  1. 1. Responsible [digital] Home Ownership @thewebprincess
  2. 2. @thewebprincess Dee Teal #wcraleigh
  3. 3. c Maintenance Insurance c c Security c Pest Control c Efficiency
  4. 4. Insurance
  5. 5. Back me Up How will your back up get created? Where will it be stored? How will you restore from that backup? #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  6. 6. How to Back Up Let your host take care of it Learn how to do it manually (for those of us who are technical) Install (and use) a WordPress backup plugin Pay someone to do it for you. #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  7. 7. Backup Plugin Options 1. VaultPress - $5-$15 monthly 2. Backup Buddy - $80USD (annually if you want to be able to update it) 3. WP Backup to Dropbox - Free with paid extensions #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  8. 8. Where will the backup live? Hint: NOT on your server - send it offsite #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  9. 9. How will you restore it? Hint: Practice restoring it #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  10. 10. Schedule regular backups #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  11. 11. Maintenance
  12. 12. Stay up to Date WordPress core Allow auto updates Update your Plugins Update your Themes (a word of caution re child themes) #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  13. 13. Take Out the Trash Delete extraneous revisions Delete draft posts WP Clean up (plugin) Delete unused plugins and themes #wcraleigh @thewebprincess credit: -
  14. 14. Declutter Optimise your Database WP Cleanup (plugin) #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  15. 15. Keep on top of Broken Links Google Webmaster Tools - Web based Screaming Frog - Desktop Tool Broken Link Checker (plugin) #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  16. 16. Security
  17. 17. #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  18. 18. Stay up to Date WordPress core Allow auto updates Update your Plugins and Themes Delete unused themes and plugins #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  19. 19. Avoid Defaults Don’t have a user called admin (or siteadmin, webadmin, administrator etc.) When you install WP, change the database table prefix from wp_ to anything else Change DB Prefix (plugin) #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  20. 20. Keep the Doors Locked Use a strong key - enforce strong passwords for all users - passwords like this (note: this is not my password) AgDBJpxfcid7BnaTi9Eg Use a password keeper 1Password, Last Pass Pro tip: Don’t use the same password for everything #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  21. 21. Use a Security Screen - (plugin) 1. BruteProtect - Free 2. WordFence - Free (has a Pro option) OR 3. iThemes Security - Free (has a Pro option) 4. Sucuri Website Firewall - (Premium) #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  22. 22. Get an SSL Certificate for your Site Transfer of data is secure and encrypted Particularly useful on login pages and contact forms where customer data, sales information and passwords are being transferred Google is starting to give sites with an SSL certificate a better ranking #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  23. 23. Pest Control
  24. 24. Spam, Spam, Spam 1. Akismet - Spam Plugin Free for personal sites - $5 p/m if you make any money i.e. advertising/affiliate 2. WP SpamShield - Free 3. Disqus - alternate comment system and plugin 4. Registration Honeypot - for those with open registration on their sites #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  25. 25. Efficiency
  26. 26. The Need… for Speed 1. Bounce rate 2. Search ranking 3. Conversion 4. Page views 5. Reader satisfaction 6. Revenue #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  27. 27. How to Test your Site Speed 1. 2. 3. 4. #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  28. 28. How to Read Results 1.DNS redirection - Pink 2. SSL Handshake - Purple 3. Server Response - Blue 4. WordPress/Application response - Yellow 5. Content download #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  29. 29. Page Speed Performance 1. Read the Recommendations 2. Find solutions that help remedy these issues 3. P3 Profiler is a useful WP plugin to see which plugins are slowing your site down #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  30. 30. How to Improve Results - in WP 1. WordFence - has a caching engine built in to store static pages of your site. 2. Other caching plugins include WP Super Cache, Hyper Cache, W3 Total Cache - my hot favourite. WPRocket (premium) 3. Page Speed - will help sort out a couple of the top recommendations from tests like Enable Compression and Leverage Browser Caching #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  31. 31. How to Improve Results - on the Server 1. Add a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to serve your static content. 2. Consider a service like Cloud Flare - a lot of hosts offer free Cloud Flare integration with your site. #wcraleigh @thewebprincess
  32. 32. c Maintenance Insurance c c Security c Pest Control c Efficiency
  33. 33. Questions? Dee Teal @thewebprincess
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  35. 35. Dee Teal @thewebprincess