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Presentation from WordPress Melbourne's WordChicks Meetup Thursday 7th November 2013 at York Butter Factory

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Custom WordPress Content Options

  1. 1. WordPress Custom Content Dee Teal - The Web Princess @thewebprincess @wpmelbourne #wpmelb
  2. 2. Posts Timely Dynamic Taxonomies Formats Syndication @thewebprincess @wpmelbourne #wpmelb
  3. 3. Pages Timeless Static Hierarchical Templated @thewebprincess @wpmelbourne #wpmelb
  4. 4. Posts AND Pages Built in Menus Privacy Scheduling Editors Media @thewebprincess @wpmelbourne #wpmelb
  5. 5. Attachment Revision Navigation Menu @thewebprincess @wpmelbourne #wpmelb
  6. 6. The Post Table
  7. 7. Custom Post Types Chronological Taxonomies Templates Syndication @thewebprincess @wpmelbourne #wpmelb
  8. 8. Formats Aside Gallery Link Image Quote Status Video Audio Chat @thewebprincess @wpmelbourne #wpmelb
  9. 9. • How to Add Theme Support for Post Formats (to your functions.php file) add_theme_support(  'post-­‐formats',  array(  'aside',  'gallery',  'link',  quote,   status,  video,  audio,  chat,  image  )  ); Check out Lisa Sabin Wilson’s WordPress 3.1 Post Formats Reference post for how ways to include them in your theme
  10. 10. Options for creating Custom Post Types • Don’t... just use Posts/Categories • Build them into your Theme (generally by putting the code into functions.php) • Use a pre-built Plugin to Create them... (premium) • Create your own plugin
  11. 11. Sources • Kristarella’s Posts v Pages Infographic • Post Formats vs. Custom Post Types • Post Formats Reference • Codex - • Custom Posts Types (awesome reference)