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Twitter 2


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Powerpoint presentation for 5/2 Twitter class at Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Twitter 2

  1. 1. “tweet” your horn Twitter Workshop
  2. 2. Twitter Review What is it Who’s doing it Why do it And… do it right
  3. 3. What is twitter?  Twitter is a micro blog that allows you to post text messages on the Web for anyone and everyone to see.  You have a 140-character limit per posting  You can quot;followquot; other users  They can quot;followquot; you.  It's like facebook's quot;What are you doing right now?quot; status updates,  but users don't have to be your friends to get them; anybody can read them.
  4. 4. Who’s tweeting?  Ellen DeGeneres (someone writes her tweets for her)  Rumor has it that Paula Deen, Lance Armstrong, Marianne Williamson, Al Gore, Jimmy Fallon and Michael Phelps all tweet for themselves.  You can follow corporations, institutions, public relations firms on Twitter. Landrover and Jet Blue just to name two.
  5. 5. Recent Big Celebs Join Twitter  April 16: Oprah Winfrey and Ashton Kutcher get on board.  What does this mean: they don’t have the bandwidth, they don’t have the tech support, service will become slower.  twitter will be forced to build up using those generous VC funds or …
  6. 6. How Many Twits? According to comScore Inc. (they poll Web trends)  Twitter has signed up 9.3 million users so far.  Google has reportedly made a sizeable offer to buy Twitter. (April 2nd, 2009 )  They’ll probably make a deal.
  7. 7. News Tweets - another side of twitter -  A Twitter user who witnessed the crash of US Airways Flight 1549 posted updates in real time about 15 minutes before the New York Times had a story on its Web site.  A major earthquake in China was reported on twitter before the USGS Web site had a report up and about an hour before CNN reported the store. Tweets are faster than a speeding bullet in the news world.
  8. 8. Not All Business…  Tina Fey tweets: quot;I think I can safely speak for America when I say, we're not shallow, but please, Britain, do something with Susan Boyle's eyebrows.”  Sometimes tweets like that can make you laugh… and who doesn’t need one of those occasionally?  But … please … if you don’t really have anything to say, don’t say it.
  9. 9. • What are you doing? • Becoming a “twit”: Setting up your account • Updating your profile • Change your look
  10. 10. Becoming a Twit Setting up you’re your account – it’s easy.
  11. 11. Using Twitter as a Search Engine
  12. 12. The Paint Box Customizing your twitter theme so you look different than the rest.
  13. 13. Help?!  If you get stuck, the Help section is decent.  If you don’t find what you’re looking “google it” - there are plenty of people out there with helpful information to share … for free. (People are nice.)
  14. 14. The Tweet Process  engage in conversations and not try to sell anything  find people to follow by searching Twitter group #wine (change this)  download a desktop client such as Tweetdeck that allows search and follow for groups such as #wine, #food of #ttl (Twitter Taste Live)  Tweets can also be sent as a text message from a mobile phone if you have the appliccation.  Ensure that you have a full profile with a link to your website.
  15. 15. Example  Different things to do: invite people to free webinars, podcasts etc.  On June 11, Teusner will be participating in a live Twitter tasting run by the social wine site, where three wines will be available online at a discount. The event gives consumers a chance to have a conversation with winemaker Kim Teusner and ask all the questions they want while tasting and posting impressions on Twitter. Brookes is also looking at becoming involved with the international tasting site as a direct way of building the brand's appeal overseas.  (this will work for food too - on a more local level and a widespread level) (cake testing - cake contest)
  16. 16. Tweet treats Looking for something to tweet about but don’t have time to research and look around?  Sign up for Google Alerts:  Choose your industry, topic search terms,  Choose type of alert; choose how often  Enter your email address.
  17. 17. Start tweeting! Tweet each other for fun, for practice.
  18. 18. Is Twitter Rite4U  What the intended outcome of tweeting: a. Position yourself as an expert? b. Build a community of people who are all talking about your topic? c. Drive traffic to your site? e. All of the above?
  19. 19. Go Forth & Tweet! Remember:  You don’t have to accept all your follower invitations.  You can block followers.  You can tweet worthwhile stuff.  You can follow other twits.  You can send a direct (private) message to other twits.  You can do this apps and a phone.
  20. 20. What you need to do to achieve those outcomes  Time  Purpose  Goal
  21. 21. Just because it’s free… Like all marketing, web marketing needs to be approached with plenty of thought and then intentional action. Just because it’s a free medium (unlike television or radio marketing, for example) doesn’t mean that every new opportunity is the right one to choose.
  22. 22. Consider this: Build a community. Help people selflessly. Share your thoughts and challenges and successes with your contacts. This is the social media and web 2.0 way of generating word of mouth awareness. And it extends far beyond the reach of yesterday.
  23. 23. Breaking News
  24. 24. Testimonials/Reviews If you enjoyed this class, please give us a tweet review!