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Tools for SEO - Bizcamp Belfast 2013


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Effective and easy to use tools for analysing, improving and measuring your SEO efforts. Presented at Bizcamp Belfast 08/04/13

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Tools for SEO - Bizcamp Belfast 2013

  1. 1. Top Tools in Your SEO Tool Kit Denise Cowan, Digital Marketing Manager & Lea Glover, Digital Marketing Executive The Web Bureau Ltd | @thewebbureau
  2. 2. Who We AreThe Web Bureau is an awardwinning digital agencyWe specialise in... • Engaging Website Design • Effective Ecommerce Delivery • Customised Content Management Systems • Creative Digital Marketing Strategies • Interactive Digital Training and Mentoring
  3. 3. What isSEO?
  4. 4. Why Is SEO So Important?• You are targeting a mass market that is actively searching for YOUR Products & Services
  5. 5. Why Is SEO So Important?
  6. 6. Background to SEO• People use search engines: 2.7 billion visits to Search Engines in December 2012 by UK internet users• Most people use Google: 9 out of 10 searches in the UK are conducted on Google• Search & Buy: 1 in 5 searches ends up on a retail website• Searchers don’t look far: Only 7% of Internet users look past the first three pages of search results• Social Media is part of everyday life now: Most searched for term in the UK is.... ‘Facebook’
  7. 7. SEOTools
  8. 8. Google Webmasters• Free Service for Website managers• Verify your site ownership• Monitor the health of your website• Submit and check sitemap• Identify internal, external & broken site links• View keywords people used to find your site• Identify crawl errors & check site speed• ‘Fetch as Google’ - allows you to see a page as Google sees it• Manage geographic targetingResources:
  9. 9. Google Analytics• Measure website performance• Detailed Statistics about website traffic and sources help to identify where to focus your SEO efforts• Create customised reports  Identify keywords driving traffic to your site  Identify most engaging content, popular pages - number of visits, average visit duration, bounce rate, percentage of new visits  Audience demographic s - country, language, browser behaviour  Segment visitors from search engines, direct visits, social network referrals & other referring sites  Conversion tracking shows goal completion - track newsletter sign-ups, enquires on a contact page, sales & drop off points on e-commerce websitesResources:
  10. 10. Google Keyword Tool• Used for organic and paid search research• Removes the guess work - no point ranking for words people don’t search for• Helps eliminate over-use of internal or industry jargon• Provides valuable insights into how users search online• Indicates popularity and competitiveness of keywords that are relevant to your business• Provides additional suggestions you may not have considered• Identifies related keywords• Filter list by category, country, language and devicesResources:
  11. 11. Google Keyword Tool Dashboard
  12. 12. Google Trends• Formerly Google Insights & Trends were separate, now amalgamated into one• Tool for performing keyword research – complements Google Keyword Tool• Identifies hot topics, searches and emerging trends• Related keywords based on popularity• Great for SEO content creation – identify topical themes for blog posts• Basing your content on what people are searching for will boost rankings!• Can help define advertising messages• Regional and seasonal insights• Help define new marketsResources:
  13. 13. SEOMoz Open Site Explorer• The search engine for links• Search engines look at links to determine a website’s popularity and authority• Higher authority = higher rankings & traffic• Identifies links pointing to your website• Highlights broken links• compare competitor links• Filter information by top pages, linking domains and anchor text• CSV export reports• New feature called ‘just discovered’ shows new links as fast as 4 minutes old!• *Limited access as guest user Resources:
  14. 14. Microsoft IIS SEO Toolkit• Make your website more search engine friendly!• Large site crawl• Discover common website issues • Canonical errors - duplicate content • Title Tags – missing, too short/long • Meta Descriptions – missing, too short/long • H1 tags missing • Alt tags on images - missing • Coding errors – invalid mark-up • Unnecessary redirects• Enables you to take action and optimise it better• Provides recommendations and guidanceResources:
  15. 15. Link Assistant Rank Checker• Reports can be set up to check your search engine rankings• Shows if your site moved up or down in search results• Suggests other relevant keywords• Supports 341 different search engines• Competitor tracking – Compares up to 5 websites at once• Saves time!Resources:
  16. 16. Google Alerts Tracking• Your articles• Competitors articles• Competing websites• Keywords• Product reviews• FAQs Resources:
  17. 17. Social Optimisation Tools• Google +• YouTube• Pinterest• Facebook• Twitter• LinkedIn2010: Matt Cutts announced that Googledefinitely uses social signs in calculatingrankings.2012: The Year That SEO and Social Media GotMarriedSocial search ultimately relies on people and notalgorithms
  18. 18. Content Distribution Channels Content Marketing • Fresh content on website blog. Very Important! • Guest Blogging • Article Submission Sites • Online PR Submission • Industry News Sites • PDF Document Sharing • PowerPoint Presentation Sharing • Email Marketing
  19. 19. Visual Content Marketing to Grow in 2013
  20. 20. Signal Signals on Open Site Explorer
  21. 21. Further Reading OnlineBooks • Matt Cutts (Google Blogger)  McDonald, Jason (2012), SEO Fitness Workbook, • Search Engine Land Your Step-by-step Guide to  Dominating Google and Bing • SEO Moz  • SEO Book Enge, Eric et al. (2012),  The Art of SEO, Second Edition • SE Round Table  (Eric Enge, Stephan Spencer, Jessie Stricchiola & Rand • State of Search Fishkin)  • Smart Insights  • E-Consultancy 
  22. 22. Top Tools in Your SEO Tool Kit Denise Cowan, Digital Marketing Manager & Lea Glover, Digital Marketing Executive The Web Bureau Ltd | @thewebbureau