The Water Network by AquaSPE executive summary


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AquaSPE is a leader in online knowledge discovery platforms for water professionals.

We own and operate The Water Network (TWN), the largest online knowledge sharing platform for global water professionals and have exclusive rights to the award winning TallyFox SAAS solutions for water.

TWN members are from 180 countries representing over 6800 companies. Over 70% have advanced degrees and are at a managerial level and above in their organization.


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The Water Network by AquaSPE executive summary

  1. 1. ©2015 AquaSPE AG – all rights reserved- Trittligasse 12 8001 Zurich Switzerland Executive Summary Aqua Scientia Potentia Est - Water Knowledge is Power AquaSPE operates the largest online knowledge sharing platform and business exchange for the $600 billion water sector • > 75,000 page views per month • Members from 188 countries 75% with advanced degrees 50% in managerial roles • Over 8500 companies • Technology editors & world-class advisors • Multimedia library > 4000 posts • Q&A knowledge bank 500,000 views • Thematic workgroups > 80 • Events > 1600 Background Innovation is required to solve the global water crisis: • > 1 billion people without access to safe drinking water • 50% of all people have no basic sanitation or toilets • 70% of fresh water needed for agriculture • 50% of our energy resources to move and treat water • Lack of access to fresh water limits human development and economic growth Solution The Water Network - connecting the collective intelligence of global water professionals online. Leadership & Team • Trudi Schifter, CEO, 30 yrs. experience in global business development IT and infrastructure , B. Engineering, MBA. • Vishakha Rajput, COO The Water Network, 13 yrs. experience in land and water management, B.Tech Ag. Engineering, M.Tech. Soil & Water Engineering • Dr. Vidhya Chittoor Viswanathan, Impact Director, B. Engineering, M.Sc. Water Management, PhD Candidate. • > 200 technical volunteers Products & Business Model Monthly and annual service fees for: 1. Company Profiles to promote products, services & jobs. 2. Event marketing. 3. Premium Individual Memberships. 4. Collaboration spaces and community management. Value Propositions High social impact by creating a global knowledge bank, helping field projects run more efficiently and to reach a higher impact. • For companies - Sales leads contextual and personalized - Global brand recognition - Knowledge sharing • For individuals - Discover and be discovered - Just for me!contextual and personalized - Q&A professionally ranked answers - Impressive My professional “mojo” profile • For initiatives & interventions - Knowledge sharing - More efficient - Higher impact
  2. 2. Global Media Reach Our media marketing reach is both world class and brand sympathetic making AquaSPE the marketing channel of choice for many companies and events to get leads and positive global brand recognition. Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing AquaSPE is a thought leader in building and managing online knowledge centric communities in the water sector for interventions, associations, and projects. Water communities are provided all that is expected from an award winning collaboration solution plus access to the global Network and SmartMatchProTM . SmartMatchProTM unifies two areas of cognitive science to deliver knowledge sharing: 1. Community Vocabulary water taxonomy developed by the world’s professionals with 5000 standardized terms. 2. Knowledge Discovery Ontology and engagement based relevance feeds suggest people, content and workgroups to each person in real time to help them discover things relevant to them and them. ©2015 AquaSPE AG – all rights reserved- Trittligasse 12 8001 Zurich Switzerland