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Reading programs

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Reading programs

  1. 1. Choice and Reading Programs A Look at successful reading (Summer) programsDebra A. Murphy, M.A., M.L.I.S., M.EdEssex Agricultural and Technical High School At Essex Aggie
  2. 2. ImportantPoints…..• Independent reading is not just a summer activity• Choice and reading begins in September• Promotion, marketing and choice has been key to reading success.• Not just the venue of the English Department• It is a school wide activity.
  3. 3. Starts in September• Freshman/Sophomore Media Literacy
  4. 4. • Silent Sustained Reading • Student’s Choice
  5. 5. By the way… • Never underestimate the power of magazines
  6. 6. Goal of Class• Build Relationships• Expose Students to the library in a non-threatening manner
  7. 7. English Classes• Creative Independent Reading Projects Throughout the Year Projects are only restricted by theme e.g. • Memoirs • Historical Fiction • Fantasy • Protagonist opposite from student.
  8. 8. Technology….e-readers Books are by request They are contagious….
  9. 9. Key tool….
  10. 10. P.S….. Great Collection Development tool
  11. 11. A Word about Book Fairs • Most success with keeping it local • Plan early (The Aggie’s is scheduled in November for June) • Start planting the seeds early and build up promotion
  12. 12. Promotion Tools: • Parent E-mails • Webpage – I start working on mine the beginning of the school year!!! • Mailings…Send Flyer with 3rd quarter report cards • Start Hanging Posters after April Vacation
  13. 13. Assessment:…
  14. 14. A final word about results….1200.001000.00 800.00 Circulation Statistics 600.00 400.00 200.00 0.00 September September September 2009 2010 2011 May 2012 May 2011 May 2010 0 500 1000 1500 2000
  15. 15. A note about results…