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Inspection activities linked


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Inspection activities linked

  2. 2.  Activity: A task or process to be accomplished in a set period of time as part of working towards a large project goal. What is an Activity?
  3. 3.  Correct Resource usage .  Schedule remains under control & Focus required on lagging areas can be easily identified.  Accuracy in reporting to management for taking effective decision on timely manner.  Forecast to prepare yourself to avoid any uneven situations.  To keep your project under allocated cost & budget. Outcomes of Proper Activity
  4. 4.  Inspection activities under a Statutory Equipment. Last S/D Planning Strategy
  5. 5. 73% 27% Last S/D, Heat Exchanger Maitenance Activities Inspection Activities Share of Inspection Act. In Stat Equipment task list
  6. 6.  26 Number of resources assigned to Inspection activities.  As primavera provides you the accessibility to assign any number of resources to an activity.  Optimization in number of activities.  Less number of activities against SAP and effectively tracked & Controlled. Last SD Positive Outcomes
  7. 7. Comparison B/W SAP & P6 Act.
  8. 8.  The total Number of activities for a Stat. Equipment is already reaching up to 30Nos with covering max. data for the Equipment.  Addition of More activities to be consider precisely, as if Resources is the Logic we can assign any number of resources to an activity which will cover the sub activity.  If activity added also it must be reported by the activity owner .Delay in updating activity may affect the overall progress which may lead to Justification of delay.  As per Primavera concept for resource no need to add separate activity for resource which leads to Optimization of schedule. Addition of More Insp. Act.
  9. 9. Schedule With Additional Inspection Activities
  10. 10. 53% 47% For Upcoming S/D, Heat Exchanger Maintenance Activities Inspection Activities Share of Inspection after Additional Data
  11. 11. Affect of on Overall schedule UPCOMING S/D UPCOMIN G S/D Last S/D Last S/D UPCOMING S/D For UPCOMING S/D
  12. 12. Plant Turnaround Shutdown Prepared By: Vivek Chaube,PMP Position: Planning Engineer Dep't: Project Controls Prepared By: Vivek Chaube,PMP Position: Planning Engineer Dep't: Project Controls