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Chexplore VC Presentation


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Published in: Travel, Business, Technology
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Chexplore VC Presentation

  1. 1. July 30th, 2012 Crowdstart LVCheck off past experiences Discover new adventures Eric Mitsch Amanda Salazar Dominique Rémy
  2. 2. passionate diverseTEAM driven Dominique Rémy Eric Mitsch Operations Technology & Development Amanda Salazar Darren Flores Communications Marketing Indira Phukan Mike Bindrup Strategic Advisory Strategic Advisory
  3. 3. PROBLEMWhen new locals and tourists search for:• Fun places• New places, and• Where others go, too!They struggle to findthe hidden gems
  4. 4. Checklists are the future of local & tourist decision making 2002 2005 2008 2012 Wi-Fi Smartphones Location-Based Checklists Services Every 3 years, a new widespread form of finding what to do has been adopted
  5. 5. SOLUTIONA checklist of leisure locations and activities.
  6. 6. WhyWe already do it:•We create mental checklists I’ve been here, here, and there•We check things off Where should we go next?•We prove it with pictures Cheese! Facebook?•We share places Have you been to…?
  7. 7. Features• Recommend• Rate• Earn deals• Personal lists• Completion Bars• Who’s There ™A demographic breakdown by location
  8. 8. SERVICESLocals Tourists• Check off where you go • See where people• Discover new places actually go• Socialize and share • Plan for adventuresMerchants• CRM w/ trendsetters• User Snapshots/Analytics – Who actually visits• Location-based marketing – Push notifications
  9. 9. MODELOnline Ad Revenue ($28.5B market)• Specialized Ad-Serving – High CTRMerchant Account• Cost Effective• Relevant• Reach• Redemption• Monthly
  10. 10. OPPORTUNITYSmartphones Vegas – 1 in 2 Americans by – 3rd most popular domestic end of 2011 destinationLocation-Based Services – $28B annual visitor spending – 52% search for locations – 55% check social networks – Tripled 2009-2010 (33.2M)
  11. 11. PHASE 1STRATEGY – Las Vegas
  12. 12. PHASE 2STRATEGY – 5 Regions
  13. 13. PHASE 3STRATEGY – 10 Regions
  14. 14. COMPETITIONAdvantages Critical Risks• Unobtrusive •Few Proprietary Defenses• Leisure Focused •Continued User Growth• Simple to use •Developing Merchant Sales• Social• Demographics
  15. 15. PROJECTIONS EOY1 EOY2 EOY3 Las Vegas 5 Regions 10 RegionsExpenses $215,344 $1,537,669 $4,581,880Revenue $102,141 $2,582,962 $12,167,349 Cash $110,755 $685,383 $5,512,333 5 employees 15 employees 32 employees