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Urban vision learning from nyc 20130922


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Published in: Technology, Real Estate
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Urban vision learning from nyc 20130922

  1. 1. Leadership study program New York Urban Vision + CURE Geeta Mehta
  2. 2. Highlights of NYC Planning Innovations • High density mixed use and mixed income developments • Effective dialogue between City Planners, real estate developers and community • Public-private partnerships for building the public realm that is pedestrian oriented, and accessible to all • Planning for economic resilience • $ 20B climate change resilience plan -2013
  3. 3. The public realm defines the city
  4. 4. Central Park: Successful public spaces add value to real estate around them
  5. 5. The Highline a community lead initiative that triggered development all around it
  6. 6. Rockefeller Center Good public realm makes good business sense
  7. 7. Rockefeller Center A project is truly successful only if it also adds to the public realm of the city
  8. 8. A wealthy city is not where the poor drive, but where the rich USE public transport
  9. 9. Public transport in NEW YORK • Only 25% of New Yorkers own cars • Subways need upgrading • Bloomberg Administration expanded pedestrian zones and dedicated bus lanes • Only limited number of parking spaces are allowed to be built
  10. 10. Absence of shopping malls keeps streets lively and safe
  11. 11. Street is the ultimate public space
  12. 12. Battery Park City: successful zoning for Mixed income housing and public spaces
  13. 13. Time Warner Center Form and view corridors mandated by the city
  14. 14. Columbia Urban Design Studio in Mumbai Eastern Waterfront 2010 • Sustainability in the context of sea level rise, flooding and monsoons. • Potential of the waterfront as a new public space • High density mixed use and mixed income development • Historic preservation of the docklands fabric • Transportation infrastructure to connect the Eastern Waterfront with the rest of the city.
  15. 15. Waterfront sustainability in the context of the Mumbai estuary, sea level rise, flooding and monsoons.
  16. 16. Columbia Urban Design Studio in Dharavi, Mumbai 2009
  17. 17. Incremental development of informal settlements in parallel with high-end NEw developments
  18. 18. Sept 26 Manifesto Homework! • Write a few lines every day about your major ‘takeaway” ideas for that day on the notecard provided. • The cards will be collected at the end of each day. • All ideas received will be aggregated. • On September 26th , participants will prioritize ideas generated, and create the manifesto.