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The Urban Vision's Placemaking Program


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Case study of our Placemaking Program

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The Urban Vision's Placemaking Program

  1. 1. Placemaking Initiative
  2. 2. Placemaking is turning a neighborhood, town or city from a place you can’t wait to get through to one you never want to leave. |Transforming Spaces Into Places. | Shaping Destinations. | We flock to great public spaces on vacations but have forgotten how to create them in our own communities. People have been designed out of many of our urban areas. Inactive Pedestrian free environment are unattractive
  3. 3. We flock to great public spaces on vacations but have forgotten how to create them in our own communities. People have been designed out of many of our urban areas. Inactive Pedestrian free environment are unattractive
  4. 4. • It foster and institutes a community’s identity & spirit of place. Example: London Eye Or NY’s Statue of Liberty • It can add cultural stimulation into daily activities like commuting to work , running errands or walking / playing in the community. Why Placemaking? Biodiversity lane- Butterflies , Dombivili
  5. 5. Placemaking in everyday life… – Provides memory points – Fosters Community pride – Inspires social interaction and dialogue – Creates Landmarks around Community Clock Tower , Kandivali Mumbai
  6. 6. Placemaking is a winning Strategy: – Crafts a special liveable places, the intangible element people seek that places we love have; – Increasing footfalls to a place ( Art Tour?) ; – Creating a unique identity – Creates buzz around the brand – building community goodwill. Thane , Mumbai
  7. 7. Case Study : Placemaking- Art
  8. 8. Creating Iconic & Unique Destinations using Art #Art to touch #Art that teaches #Art for fun/ Play.. Using Art to create a series of destinations where residents /visitors and engaged with a wide range of experiences. Create special experiences related to culture , fun , ecology, Learning Create experiences and excitement between the destinations A new experience few mins away
  9. 9. Green Globe –Interactive Installation, Mumbai
  10. 10. Eco Twirls – Interactive Installations, Mumbai
  11. 11. Interactive Floor Art, Mumbai
  12. 12. Crane Light Installations , Mumbai
  13. 13. Joy Seating , Mumbai
  14. 14. Biodiversity lane- Butterflies , Dombivili
  15. 15. Case Study : Neibourhood Level Revival
  16. 16. “To design a street according to its probable use is a reasonable but uncommon practice.” - City of St. Louis Plan (1917) Livable Streets The Urban Vision
  17. 17. Create a Series of Destinations Each Point of Interest is 10 Min walk away from each Other Design : Creating a series of destinations
  18. 18. The Power of Ten Layering of uses and amenities to create synergy (Triangulation) Place 10+ things to do in a Place
  19. 19. • Clustered activity points of interest • 10+ destinations – including food and markets, local retail, art, play, education, health/recreation The Power of Ten
  20. 20. The Main Corridor link: Tree covered Paths Rain Pods Small Shrubs Seating Scented Herb Planters Flowering Planters Wild Grass Raised Mound Tree Beds Rolling Mounds Tall Shrubs Art & Cultural Markers Canopy Hanging Planer Destination & experiences on the corridor via Minor or major pods
  21. 21. Staggered Floor Paving Patterns Extrudes It Seating + Planters
  22. 22. CaseStudy: Tactical Urbanism Interventions to activate and enliven empty spaces or in- transit / construction spaces while they wait to fulfil their longer term purpose.
  23. 23. BEFORE AFTER Mumbai Dreams Street Art Gallery , Borivali
  24. 24. Wish Plaza , Borivali , Mumbai
  25. 25. Wish Plaza , Borivali , Mumbai
  26. 26. Wish Plaza , Borivali , Mumbai
  27. 27. BEFORE AFTER Street Art , Samtanagar,Mumbai
  28. 28. BEFORE AFTER Street Art , Samtanagar,Mumbai
  29. 29. 3d Illusion Art , Powai, Mumbai
  30. 30. Plaza of Joy , Powai, Mumbai
  31. 31. CaseStudy: Civic Engagement Placemaking : Funny Tactical Art Interventions in a Community as part of engagement strategy
  32. 32. CaseStudy: Place Activation
  33. 33. Activating Public spaces • “Placemaking” is a descriptive word picture of an exciting community that attracts people to come together and enjoy each other in various events and “cool” spaces. • Not just design but management / programming events & Community Engagement & enabling social networks & partnership Placemaking
  34. 34. In our new century, great cities will be defined as much by great stories as they will be by great architecture 'Cities: The Destination Identity' report, The Communication Group plc
  35. 35. Develop a cultural entity & create regular programs to create destinations
  36. 36. Strategic Civic Engagement & Advocacy Plans •Stakeholder Management Plan ( Power mapping , Strategic Communication Plan & Program Development) •Community Visioning Exercises •Tactical Urbanism as Advocacy •Communication Plan & Campaigns •Digital Engagement Strategies : Place Website & Mobile Phone based community engagement Place Visioning ,Design & Development •Development of Placemaking Maps & Vision Plans •Street scape design specifications & Pedestrian Master Plans •Human Centric Park / Civic Space Design •Implementation plans •Public Art Installations •Tactical Urbanism Place Activation strategies & Program Development •“Place" Governance and Organizational Development •Develop Programs to capitalize on local artists •Programming – daily activity generators and cultural, civic events A multi-disciplinary , collaborative methodology that connects communities, designers, policy makers, planners , social entrepreneurs and artists in catalysing lively , entertaining & exciting public places. Our scale of engagement ranges from small block developments to large townships. The Urban Vision
  37. 37. About :The Urban Vision is a social venture which was instituted to inspire next generation urbanization. The organization focuses on solutions driven research; advocates & consults on best practices in policy and design; facilitates public dialogue on policy choices. Contact: E: W: Ph: +91 9029039313