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LSP : Copenhagen & Malmo-COBE -Paper Island & Kroyers Platz


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Presentations from Leaders Study Program, Copenhagen & Malmo 2017

Published in: Design
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LSP : Copenhagen & Malmo-COBE -Paper Island & Kroyers Platz

  2. 2. Krøyers Plads has been an architectural battlefield for more than a decade. Five proposals had already been rejected when the final design was developed. Therefore the final de- sign is based on a hyper-democratic and contextual approach.
  3. 3. The new buildings are inscribed into the existing built-up structure along the harbour front.
  4. 4. The urban structure and street scape is continued into Krøyers Plads.
  5. 5. The street ends up in a new public plaza: “Krøyers Plads”.
  6. 6. Krøyers Plads 6 years ago.
  7. 7. Krøyers Plads today.
  8. 8. The new houses are a continuation of the existing warehouses of the area all situated perpendicular to the water’s edge.
  9. 9. The buidlings are pushed back from the waterfront to give space for a generous prome- nade and a new public plaza next to the site.
  10. 10. The cornices of the new buildings correspond with the heights of the sorrounding ware- houses.
  11. 11. The ground floor contains public functions creating an urban life by inviting the neigh- bourhood in.
  12. 12. With a prime location in the Copenhagen harbour, opposite the Royal Playhouse and the historical Nyhavn, the project consists of 3 five-story housing units with 105 apartments in total.
  13. 13. The buildings on Krøyers Plads are inscribed into the existing series of gables in varying heights along the water front.
  14. 14. Krøyers Plads seen from the quay.
  15. 15. Instead of inventing a new tyoplogy, Krøyers Plads is a reinvention of a type that is al- ready there - the old industrial warehouse.
  16. 16. Krøyers Plads seen along Strandgade.
  17. 17. Ground floor plan
  18. 18. First floor plan
  19. 19. The concept of total adaption becomes visible from the top flat. Krøyers Plads has surren- dred to the modest roofscape city with beautiful old towers.
  20. 20. The facade takes its inspiration from the red and rough brick materiality of the surround- ing area, creating a dialogue between new and old.
  21. 21. The connections through the buildings are detailed as reflecting mirror installations.
  22. 22. Plan for one of the rooftop apartments.
  23. 23. Inside one of the rooftop apartments.
  24. 24. PAPER ISLAND
  25. 25. Chritiansholm is located in the inner harbour of Copenhagen among some of the most im- portant cultural institutions in the city, such as the Opera House and the Royal Danish Playhouse
  26. 26. Historical map that shows Copenhagen in year 1761 Christiansholm
  27. 27. CA. 1865 CA. 1920 CA. 1920 2016 CA. 1900CA. 1830 The architecture of the island has always consisted of large industrial buildings.
  28. 28. The island has always been occupied by large industrial halls with incredible spatial ca- pacity and qualities.
  29. 29. The halls have been storage for crucial functions for the city througout history. Such as canons for protection, coal for heat, salt for street maintance and paper storage for the Danish press. From its last function it got the name ‘The Paper Island’.
  30. 30. 5 years ago the island was private property, and the puplic was not allowed here. The halls was used for paper storage for the Danish press.
  31. 31. Today the halls have temporarily been converted to street food market and galleries. The Paper Island is today one of the biggest tourist attractions in Copenhagen.
  32. 32. In recent years, the halls have proved to be a fantastic frame for culture for Copenhagen’s residents and guests
  33. 33. The new development should not change these fantastic potentials - so we propose the new halls of Copenhagen!
  34. 34. Today, the halls are full of activity and has become an urban destination in Copenhagen. In the future, the new halls will create the frame for new activities as part of the future de- velopment of the island.
  35. 35. New potentials, Street Food 2.0
  36. 36. New potentials, thermal baths
  37. 37. Christiansholm is located in the historic context and warehouses of Christianshavn and the Royal Dockyards.
  38. 38. At Christiansholm the surrounding historic warehouses meet the island’s new halls. This together, creates the new cultural crown jewel of Copenhagen
  39. 39. Fitting into the inner harbour architecture
  40. 40. Christiansholm before
  41. 41. Christiansholm after
  42. 42. Siteplan
  43. 43. The development is caracterised by a blue exterior and a green interior
  44. 44. Blue on the outside
  45. 45. Green on the inside
  46. 46. A green puplic plaza
  47. 47. Green private gardens
  48. 48. The new promenade
  49. 49. A new icon in the harbour
  50. 50. Facade
  51. 51. Section
  52. 52. The development is characterised by a high diversity of living - with views to the water for everyone
  53. 53. And with great variation in types of dwellings
  54. 54. The public promenade creates a high diversity of edge conditions