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DCOOP: Quaid Doongerwala & Shilpa Ranade


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DCOOP: Quaid Doongerwala & Shilpa Ranade: The Space of Community

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DCOOP: Quaid Doongerwala & Shilpa Ranade

  1. 1. the SLOW-RIDE Bridging the Gap
  2. 2. This project was a part of a design charette organized by Studio X (GSAPP, Columbia University) titled – ‘ The Space of Community’ Unsolicited Architecture.Mumbai.India Credits : DCOOP - Quaid Doongerwala & Shilpa Ranade Venhoeven CS - Ton Venhoeven SP Lab - Magu Bueno
  3. 5. the once sunlit and vibrant street turns into a dark and unattractive underworld lined with poor quality apartments, degenerated businesses and informal parking lots
  4. 12. How does one re-appropriate these spaces for neighborhood life and to turn the flyover into a positive constituent of urban space? How does one create community spaces in a super-dense neighbourhood?
  5. 13. Fly-over as a Gap
  6. 14. Stitching the neighbourhoods
  7. 15. Site Plan
  8. 21. 40km/hr 30km/hr 20km/hr 5km/hr 2km/hr VELOCITIES 1km/hr SLOW-RIDE
  9. 22. Library
  10. 23. Cinema
  11. 24. Mini-market
  12. 25. Love Nest
  13. 26. Tea Room
  14. 27. Study Room