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Cultural / Civic Entrepreneurs Forum : Flashmob


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The Cultural / Civic Entrepreneurs Forum is aimed at highlighting initiatives that have the potential to stimulate and enliven the public and community spaces of the city. Great places are not just an outcome of design but management , programming & Community Engagement & enabling social networks & partnerships. The forum  presented cultural change agents who organize and adding to the cultural & social capital of the city. It was jointly hosted by  The Urban Vision & Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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Cultural / Civic Entrepreneurs Forum : Flashmob

  1. 1. Modest Beginnings
  2. 2. City of Constraints
  3. 3. Participation
  4. 4. Community Space by Night
  5. 5. Securing Public Space
  6. 6. Officials hop on board
  7. 7. Plan. Plan. Plan.
  8. 8. And when things go against the plan, wing it.
  9. 9. Viewed in 221 nations
  10. 10. A Culture of Expression
  11. 11. Culture of Expression
  12. 12. Contact: Twitter: @shonankothari