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Cultural / Civic Entrepreneurs Forum:


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The Cultural / Civic Entrepreneurs Forum is aimed at highlighting initiatives that have the potential to stimulate and enliven the public and community spaces of the city. Great places are not just an outcome of design but management , programming & Community Engagement & enabling social networks & partnerships. The forum  presented cultural change agents who organize and adding to the cultural & social capital of the city. It was jointly hosted by  The Urban Vision &Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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Cultural / Civic Entrepreneurs Forum:

  1. 1. 09820353620/9945313269
  2. 2. About Us ScienceUtsav is a creative parallel education program promoting Edu-trainment for children of age group 05 to 14 years with interactive and innovative educational programs such as hands-on activities, science experiments, fun projects, science games, solving puzzles, science expeditions, and much more to make children observe things around them with a new outlook.
  3. 3. The Team Behind… Shashank has worked as project lead with a MNC company. He has done his schooling from Jawahar Navodaya Vidyala and Engineering from SJCE, Mysore. Harsha Atri KG has worked with as a software engineer with MNC companies in Mumbai. He holds an engineering degree from SJCE, Mysore. Supreeth Kittenkere has worked as a Researcher at NTU on Pre-eclamsia and Chorioncarcinoma He holds a research degree - M Res Pharmacology from Nottingham Trent University, UK.
  4. 4. The Team In front…
  5. 5. Vision! “We believe that every child is special and with the right moulding and training, is capable to grow into an exceptional human being! ”
  6. 6. Schools • • • • Franchise Curriculum based programs for schools Science workshops for schools Science exhibitions Programs with Science clubs • • • Summer camps Year long parallel education programs Weekend workshops Edutainment • • • Science themed birthday parties Corporate programs Science Theater/exhibition Pavilions
  7. 7. What we do? • To develop and nurture scientific temper among kids. Make them think and ask „why what how‟ to learn from their own Observation. • The whole idea behind this venture is to "ADD VALUE TO EDUCATION" by following holistic approach in the growth of today's children into better, talented and confident human beings. • Our programs are designed to develop the kids curiosity and inquisitiveness around the subjects which they learn / come across in day to day life in a fun filled manner i.e. Edutainment.
  8. 8. Stage Shows…
  9. 9. Learning in the lap of Nature…
  10. 10. Science workshops We understand that the kids study when it is a fun event to learn together. We have various programs that aid team based discussions encourage self learning.
  11. 11. Science Entertainment shows/camps
  12. 12. Curriculum Based Programs 1. Curriculum based year long programs – ‘Scientia’ Comprehend the textbooks with hands-on experiments and creative pedagogy. Provide state of the art lab facilities which students can make the best use of, within their school premises or in our premises. 2.Laboratory setup and maintenance
  13. 13. Glimpse of other programs by ScienceUtsavTM
  14. 14. Coloured Photons
  15. 15. Light revealed •Properties of light are explained with a fun experiment. •Participants get a chance to experience that light is composed of photons! •Unique and innovative smaller experiments that the participants also can conduct.
  16. 16. Excited Electrons
  17. 17. Fire Fame Various chemicals used to light multi colored fire!!
  18. 18. Chemical Mania
  19. 19. Awesome Astronomy
  20. 20. Media