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Berlin LSP : Urban Tech Republic


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Presentations from Leaders Study Program, Berlin 2016

Published in: Design
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Berlin LSP : Urban Tech Republic

  1. 1. The Future of Berlin TXL.
  2. 2. Tegel Airport might be closing, but its appeal will long outlive the last take-off and landing. The site will then be developed as a research and industrial estate: an experimental laboratory for the city of the future. Entrepreneurs, students, investors, industrialists and scientists will all come together here to plan and develop tomorrow’s cities. Berlin TXL will become a hub for designing, manufacturing and exporting urban technologies. The ideas and designs created here will be in demand not only in Berlin, but also in cities around the world. The long-term plan- ning phase is complete and the master plan has been given the official green light. Berlin has modified the zoning to accommodate the new blueprints, and the development plans are already being processed. An Urban Tech Republic (UTR) is about to emerge in the centre of Berlin. There’s hardly a city in the world better suited than this creative metropolis. And within the city itself, there’s no better site than Berlin TXL.
  3. 3. 02 03 We’ve dreamt the dream of flyinG; now it’s time for a new dream. Berlin TXL. The future, ASAP. Introduction 04 Tomorrow’s cities Urban Technologies 06 Berlin TXL 08 Bringing science, business and industry together 10 Fields 12 Energy 14 Mobility 16 Water 18 Recycling 20 Materials and ICT 22 Economic potential Global Market 24 Expertise from Berlin TXL BerliN 26 The place to be 28 University and career starters 30 Founders and start-ups Berlin TXL 32 Location, location, location 34 Coordinates 36 Testing grounds 40 Base camp 44 Creative space 54 Master plan and planning process At a Glance 60 Facts and figures History and Glamour 62 Top address Legal 64 Contact Contents
  4. 4. 04 05Introduction Tomorrow’s cities Will people live on Mars? Maybe. But we might be living in space stations here on Earth. Berlin TXL. A future project for the UN. Our planet’s future lies in cities. Every week, 1.5 million people move to con- urbations. And in the next four decades we’ll have built more cities than in the past 4,000 years. Then 70% of the world’s population will inhabit 3% of the planet’s surface area. Successful urban planning faces real challenges. We’ll need new solutions for managing mo- bility, energy and resources. And we’ll also need new materials and intelligent systems to develop and manage these solutions. In short, we need urban tech- nologies. The sort of technologies that will make tomorrow’s cities inhabitable. 
  5. 5. 06 07Urban Technologies Berlin TXL We don’t know what tomorrow’s cities will look like, but we know where they will be built. Berlin TXL. The new urban DNA. Tegel Airport is about to transform into a science and industrial park for future urban technologies. New mobility concepts will be explored here. Tomorrow’s energy sources will be tested here. Innovative ideas for water management and new infra- structure solutions will be created here. Recycling will be revolutionised. Intelligent information technologies will be developed. And new materials will be invented. But real things will also be manufactured here. In Berlin TXL, the Urban Tech Republic.
  6. 6. 08 09Urban Technologies Bringing science, business and industry together Berlin TXL will be home to a new species: The specialist from another world. Berlin TXL. The concept behind the UTR. Isn’t it great when somebody has a really good idea? It’s even better when they meet somebody who knows how to make it happen. And best of all is when somebody nearby realises how to improve on that first idea. Berlin TXL is the birthplace for new ideas, bringing together students, entrepre- neurs, industrialists and scientists so that they can learn from each other. Together they can create something new. This sort of cooperation is the cornerstone of the Urban Tech Republic (UTR). What’s more, the process is guided by the prin- ciples of democracy. To get things done properly, there really is no better place than this capital city – a space where you can test your ideas right away. It’s the perfect launch pad to the cities of the future all around the world.
  7. 7. 10 11Urban Technologies Fields Energy Mobility Water Recycling Materials ICT Berlin TXL will not only bring together specialists. It will also link different fields of research. Together, they can work more effectively to benefit us all. The infrastructure of tomorrow’s city rests on four key pillars: energy, mobility, water and recycling. These are supported by innovative materials and intelligent information and communications technologies (ICT). New products need new materials, and new systems need new technologies. So that ideas are put into action. Down to the smallest detail. Right from the start. Each field is a world of its own. Combined, they form a universe of opportunities. Berlin TXL. Exploring new fields in the UTR.
  8. 8. 12 13Urban Technologies Energy Will our energy come from another star tomorrow? No, it will still come from the sun. Berlin TXL. Another step towards less CO2. Our world needs new energy – positive energy: renewables. Let’s face it, burning coal to make electricity is more than outdated. But nuclear power can’t be the solution either. To change the status quo will take more than good intentions. Technological expertise is the driving force behind the energy revolution. Berlin TXL will be a location like no other for developing and testing tomorrow’s energy concepts. This is where companies, uni- versities and start-ups will discover new energy sources and ways to meet our demand for energy. We all know we can tap more renewable energy sources than just the sun. With federal research agencies and the seat of government, Berlin is one of the best locations for the forthcoming energy transition. This isn’t all just hot air. This is where it’s happening.
  9. 9. 14 15Urban Technologies Mobility Will spaceships land in Tegel sometime? No, but they might be taking off from here. Berlin TXL. Finding alternatives to SUVs. Is a spaceship something we could one day use for public transport? Why don’t we take a look and see. Until we know more, road traffic regu- lations will continue to apply at Berlin TXL. But new mobility concepts will be developed and tried out – and with good reason. In 2011, the United States alone wasted approximately 7.2 billion litres of fuel in traffic jams. It’s high time we got things moving. Berlin is also the capital of e-mobility. Europe’s largest mass-transit market is right on the doorstep. All in all, ideal conditions for developing tomorrow’s mobility concepts.
  10. 10. 16 17Urban Technologies Water Humans are 70% water. Time to do something for those who have none. Berlin TXL. For better H2O. They say water is the oil of the 21st century. And Berlin has more than enough. The quality is excel- lent, too. Yet 1.1 billion people in the world have insufficient access to clean drinking water. We need to answer some serious questions. How do you recycle water efficiently? What sort of infrastructure do water pipelines need? Can you turn salt water into fresh water – affordably? It’s a good thing if you don’t have to answer questions like these on your own. Berlin is home to Germany’s largest water supplier. They know a thing or two about water. Incidentally, have you drunk enough water today?
  11. 11. 18 19Urban Technologies Recycling We all know plastics are made from oil, but how about turning plastics into fuel? Berlin TXL. New ways to recycle PVC. Rubbish sometimes brings out an inventive streak, espe- cially if you have too much of it. But how do you dispose of it properly? That’s a question being asked all over the world these days. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise when you consider how scarce resources have become –and the costs involved in proper waste disposal. Berlin TXL is also a lab and testing ground for new recycling methods. The results are better when people collaborate. For ex- ample, when leading research institutes get together with Germany’s largest waste disposal company. And both can be found where there’s the most waste: in the capital.
  12. 12. 20 21Urban Technologies Materials and ICT How smart will tomorrow’s city be? Give it a few years and maybe it could answer for itself. Berlin TXL. Tomorrow’s ICT. The world’s most innovative information and communication technologies (ICT) will come from Berlin TXL. From energy management apps and smart grids to systems that improve the flow of traf- fic. At the end of the day, it’s all about intelligent control systems that can be applied in any field. These systems don’t just make things more efficient and sustainable. They also make things more comfortable for all of us. But what materials will tomorrow’s technologies require? Berlin TXL will have its own special section for developing and ex- ploring uses for new materials. Mater- ials that are extremely lightweight, extremely resilient, highly conductive and smart – depending on what you want to do with them. ICT and novel materials are like software and hard- ware. The advantage is you can use them for everything, which is perfect for the city of the future. So it won’t just be smart; it’ll also be well made.
  13. 13. 22 23Urban Technologies Economic potential 2025: A €4.4 Future technologies are the market of the future. Starting any time now. trillion market. It’s good if you know today what’ll be important tomorrow – such as urban technologies. They’re a growing market for a future that will be defined by a rise in globalisation, a lack of resources and extreme urbanisation. So it’s obvious we need new solutions and new technologies for tomor- row’s cities. Urban technologies will be an esti- mated €4.4 trillion market by 2025. A lot is going to happen. We can already look forward to a better future with better opportunities. And if you’ve invested wisely, you can also look forward to some good returns.
  14. 14. Urban technologies aren’t just in demand in Germany. The whole world needs them. And you can be sure that if something’s of interest to Berlin, Shanghai will most definitely want to know about it, too. And Singa- pore. And Mumbai. And Dubai. The expertise and cutting-edge technologies coming out of Berlin TXL can also be relevant for other cities. Of course, it also works the other way round. Why not import innova- tive technology from India? Ultimately, in a networked world, exchanging ideas is crucial. Now is the time to claim your stake on the global market. And Berlin TXL is the perfect place to start. 24 25Global Market Expertise from Berlin TXL Berlin TXL has good connections to one destination in particular: the global market. Berlin TXL. As global as the WWW.
  15. 15. 26 27Berlin The place to be Would aliens land in the USA? Not if they knew about Berlin. Berlin TXL. The place to B. Wild, loud, imaginative, diverse, intense, inspir- ing, exciting – that’s  Berlin. Everyone wants to be here. This international metropolis is packed with creativity and is a magnet for new talent. And no wonder: there’s always something going on here. The city is constantly changing, and there’s something new popping up wherever and when- ever you take a look. Ideas, networks, companies; in backyards and factories, on the Web and in cafés. With 38 universities and colleges, 70 re- search institutes and 22 technology parks, you won’t find as many qualified and motivated young people anywhere else in Germany. And nowhere else are so many new companies founded. Now is the time to become part of the new Berlin.
  16. 16. 28 29Berlin University and career starters An airport is where business people come and go. No change, then, for Berlin TXL. Berlin TXL. From start-up to DAX. Berlin is a city that reinvents itself on a daily basis. The city isn’t just attracting more visitors by the day. It’s also increasingly interesting for entrepreneurs. Forty thousand new enterprises were launched here in 2012. And counting. At Berlin TXL start-ups have plenty of extra room. Up to 800 companies can sit down with university researchers and industrial firms; students can work side by side with engineers – this is where virtual concepts meet the real world. Together, they all create something completely new. Berlin is the capital of start-ups, and will continue to be so. So, instead of ‘poor and sexy’, how about: ‘Berlin is successful and sexy’?
  17. 17. Berlin is a paradise for students. And for recruiters. Berlin TXL. Destination for MSCs. Berlin is a university capital and a magnet for stu- dents, who are all made to feel very welcome here. Investments in research and development are at 3.7% of total expenditure, far above the national average. And with more than 140,000 students in the city, Berlin has a highly qualified workforce. At Berlin TXL, 5,000 students will liven up the new campus – exchanging ideas and connecting. To discover new things. And to be discovered. 30 31Berlin Founders and start-ups
  18. 18. 32 33Berlin TXL Location, location, location Berlin is at the heart of Europe. And TXL at the heart of Berlin. Industrial areas are normally situated outside of town. Hard to get to; hard to get back from – assuming you manage to find them in the first place. Berlin TXL is different. It is a huge, modern industrial estate right in the middle of the city. Already complete with an infrastructure fit for an airport. And the architecture is cool and iconic. It was built as a global hub, used by 20 million travellers every year. And right by the ring road. The city centre and federal government are only 15 minutes away. With a specialised workforce the size you would expect from a city like this. The new BER international airport is only 25 minutes away. Berlin TXL is an international address that is easy to reach. Everyone knows where it is, and things will stay that way. 15minutesto the seat of government.
  19. 19. 96 2 1 1 spree Berlin TXL 3miles 6miles 34 35Berlin TXL Coordinates HavelLegend Universities, colleges and institutes Government buildings and ministries Places to be Transport TXL City ring road 1 minute TXL Main railway station 10 minutes TXL City centre and government 15 minutes TXL BER airport 25 minutes Gdansk Szczecin Munich Nuremberg Leipzig Warsaw Frankfurt/Oder Prague Dresden Hannover Magdeburg Representative of the EU Brandenburg Gate Victory Column Südkreuz railway station Foreign Office Berlin Town Hall TV Tower FM of Justice Friedrichstraße Bundestag Chancellery Main railway station Humboldt UniversityFM of the Interior FM of Economics and Technology Kollwitzplatz Rosenthaler Platz FM of Defence Potsdamer Platz FM for the Environment, Nature FM for Economic Cooperation and Development FM of Finance Berlin House of Representatives FM of Labour and Social Affairs FM of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection Beuth University of Applied Sciences Kurt-Schumacher-Platz underground station Fraunhofer Institute Production Systems BER airport TEMPELHOF CharlottenburG NORD Fraunhofer Institute Open Communication Systems Jungfernheide underground and S-Bahn station Charlotten- burG REINICKENDORF Fraunhofer Institute Telecommunications University of the Fine Arts Kurfürstendamm Technical University School of Economics and Law Freie Universität ICC | Trade fairgrounds SCHÖNEBERG 96 Prenzlauer Berg KreuzBERG PANKOW FM of Health FM of Education and Research FM of Transport, Building and Urban Development Hackescher Markt Museum Island Mitte BER Berlin10 10 10 10 115 113 100 111 Berlin TXL 111 115 100 100 Hamburg Rostock
  20. 20. 36 37Berlin TXL Testing grounds The first personal computer was built in a garage. What could you develop in a hangar? 495 hatotal area of Berlin TXL.
  21. 21. 38 39Berlin TXL Testing grounds Where’s the best place to start a pilot project? An airport, of course. Berlin TXL. Ideas over 2 MI2 . There are plenty of good ideas out there. The trick is how to make them come to life. Firstly, they need to be tested. And what could be better than a site as large as an airport? Ten hectares of the Berlin TXL grounds will be used solely for testing. It makes sense when you consider that 800 companies, institutes and research facilities will come and work here, together with 5,000 stu- dents. The whole airport will be one huge testing ground. With plenty of room for your ideas, too.
  22. 22. 40 41Berlin TXL Base camp Where it all begins: Terminal D. Berlin TXL. Idea to VC. The Urban Tech Republic’s base camp is now open for business. Ideas can be brought to the table, the first exchanges can take place and pilot projects can begin. Whether start-ups, students, investors, industrialists, or scientists, their first meeting point will be in Terminal D. They can come as individuals or as companies, for a day or longer. They will have offices to work in and workshops to test their ideas. Now is the time to join Berlin TXL and make your mark. It’s time for boarding.
  23. 23. 42 43Berlin TXL Base camp Entrance area View from the main building Outdoor space Info Centre Co-working space
  24. 24. 44 45Berlin TXL Creative space Creativity thrives in open spaces. And Berlin TXL has more than enough space to go round. 150,000m2 of development space. Berlin is a city of creative people and start-ups – all in search of somewhere inspiring that they can make their own. However, as established ideas gain domin- ance, this sort of space is becoming increasingly scarce. But at Berlin TXL, there is plenty of room for ideas and experiments. A lot is raw and unfinished. Traces of previous use are still evident and give the site its distinct identity. It’s the sort of place where you can still shape the future. Things will go ahead quickly once the airport closes. Around 150,000 m2 of building space is ready to be filled in the short term. Complete with features such as gates with conveyor belts and passenger walkways, hangars with crane trolleys and lots of room, workshops with platforms and direct access to the airfield. Property is also available for purchase, with units ranging from 3,000 m2 to 200,000 m2 – for work, research, development, and even for living. Airline offices and lounges will also be available for rent. So take your seat. After all, who wants an old factory floor when you can have an airport?
  25. 25. 46 47Berlin TXL Creative space
  26. 26. Terminal D Base camp Large Hangar Building N1/N1A Hexagon Terminal A/A2 Small Hangar Building N2 Main building Terminal B Administration Building V Engineering Workshops Building E2 48 49Berlin TXL Creative space | Extract The former Terminal D will be turned into the UTR base camp – where it all begins 5,896 m2 Office space 1,639 m2 Common space 393 m2 Education 1,042 m2 Storage space 256 m2 Workshop space 543 m2 Adjoining space 227 m2 Technical rooms 255 m2 Circulation area 1,541 m2 Base trapezoid 164 m Parallel trapezoid 84 m Side length 85.5 m NE/SW legs 119.82 ×21.58 m N/S legs 83.30 ×15.94 m Urban Tech Republic base camp, new business centre, incubator units, conference centre, work- shops. Individual and group workspaces, offices and up to 30 desks, con- ference halls, info centre, café. Total area Building Dimensions Possible uses Possible partitioning Ring of boarding gates and walkways | 3 floors 45,273 m2 Office space 3,716 m2 Common space 9,048 m2 Storage space 5,318 m2 Sanitary facilities 853 m2 Adjoining space 128 m2 Terrace 6,153 m2 Sales area 2,180 m2 Workshop space 111 m2 Technical rooms 7,131 m2 Circulation area 10,635 m2 Office lofts, workshops and services, events, trade shows, academies and training, research. Units from approx. 400 m2 . Berlin TXL entry and terminal building with retail outlets 25,567 m2 Office space 3,504 m2 Common space 4,630 m2 Storage space 2,558 m2 Sanitary facilities 848 m2 Adjoining space 448 m2 Terrace 746 m2 Sales area 908 m2 Technical rooms 5,062 m2 Circulation area 6,863 m2 Main hall ceiling height 6.60 m East wing departure hall ceiling height 7.60 m Office space ceiling height 3.20 m NE/SW approx. 80 m ×17.5 m W/E approx. 60 m ×37.5 m Main airport building, central mall with shops and restaurants, airline lounges, congress centre and office space. Leases possible for subsections. Large aeroplane hangar with workshops and offices; previously run by Lufthansa 14,167 m2 Office space 801 m2 Common space 96 m2 Storage space 1,286 m2 Sanitary facilities 322 m2 Adjoining space 16 m2 Workshop space/hangar 8,808 m2 Technical rooms 1,088 m2 Circulation area 1,750 m2 Available hall height 21.57 m N1 hangar 106.86 m × 100.77 m N1A block 104.30 m ×14.30 m Suspension crane 105 m × 30 m Max. load 7.5 tons Versatile hall and office space (no supporting pillars) with overhead heating – available for development, workshops, manufacturing, storage and events. Annexed administration block with workshops. Upon request. Aeroplane hangar with workshops; previously run by Air Berlin 3,601 m2 Office space/container n/a Workshop space/hangar 3,601m2 Size 52.86 m ×73.12 m Hall height 15.99 m with standard-sized containers, office space Versatile hall and office space (no supporting pillars) – available for development, workshops, manufacturing, storage and events. No heating. Upon request. Office building with assembly rooms and canteen, 6 + 3 floors 9,049 m2 Garages 88 m2 Office space 3,497 m2 Common space 857 m2 Storage space 783 m2 Sanitary facilities 253 m2 Adjoining space 150 m2 Terrace 384 m2 Technical rooms 961 m2 Circulation area 2,076 m2 Size 60.74 m × 19.94 m Ceiling height 3.00 m Administrative unit, office, call centre, training centre, computer centre, canteen, warehouse, archive. Space available from 14 m2 (office contact spacing) to 8,000 m2 . Halls and workshop premises with office space 6,652 m2 Office space 1,330 m2 Common space 113 m2 Hall space 1,846 m2 Storage space 702 m2 Sanitary facilities 220 m2 Adjoining space 6 m2 Workshop space 1,466 m2 Technical rooms 446 m2 Circulation area 517 m2 Size 29.65 m × 33.75 m Ceiling height workshops 3.60 m Room height car workshop 5.50 m Room height car hall 4.00 m Door height limit 3.60 m Office ceiling height 3.00 m Versatile hall or workshop space (no supporting pillars) with overhead heating – available for development, manufacturing, storage and admin- istrative units. Two trolley cranes, one truck and two auto-lifting plat- forms. Annexed office and adminis- tration block with common rooms. Can be partitioned at support beams. 
  27. 27. freight Hall Building H Car Rental Building W Workshop Building E3 Airport Control Centre Building Z3 Catering Building I Petrol Station Building U Tower Building K 50 51Berlin TXL Creative space | Extract Halls and workshop premises with administrative units/offices 10,606 m2 Office space 1,823 m2 Common space 175 m2 Hall space 4,342 m2 Storage space 718 m2 Sanitary facilities 247 m2 Technical rooms 381 m2 Circulation area 2,920 m2 Size 134 m × 51.50 m Lower-support-beam height 4.51 m Lower-ceiling height 7.20 m Lower-overhead-hall-heating height 4.00 m Office ceiling height 3.00 m Hall and workshop space (no supporting pillars) with overhead heating – available for development, manufacturing, storage and admin- istrative units. Truck loading ramps open to land; gates open to the former apron. Annexed office and administration block. Can be partitioned at support beams (7.5 m contact spacing). Total area Building Dimensions Possible uses Possible partitioning Halls and workshop premises with offices 2,395 m2 Office space 525 m2 Common space 242 m2 Hall space 813 m2 Storage space 254 m2 Sanitary facilities 48 m2 Adjoining space 17 m2 Terrace 106 m2 Technical rooms 173 m2 Circulation area 217 m2 Three building structures Door height 4.00 m Lower-support-beam height 4.51 m Lower-ceiling height 7.20 m Lower-overh.-hall-heating height 4.00 m Office ceiling height 3.00 m Hall and workshop space (no sup- porting pillars) with overhead heating – available for development, manu- facturing, storage and administrative units. Truck loading ramps open to land; gates open to former apron. Annexed office and administration block with common rooms. Can be partitioned at support beams (7.5 m contact spacing). Building in the western airfield area with administrative units/offices and warehouses/production facilities 4,658 m2 Office space 487 m2 Common space 255 m2 Storage space 1,324 m2 Sanitary facilities 108 m2 Adjoining space 711 m2 Technical rooms 824 m2 Circulation area 949 m2 Size 44.30 m × 41.25 m Lower-first-support height 3.23 m Lower-eaves-support height 3.00 m Canteen with administrative units and common rooms – can currently cater for approx. 8,000 meals per day, some warm, and also for spe- cial dietary requirements, e.g. halal or kosher meals – with approx. 45 people working simultaneously or in shifts. Hall by the main access road (former car rental centre) 1,086 m2 Office space 479 m2 Storage space 6 m2 Sanitary facilities 46 m2 Adjoining space 25 m2 Technical rooms 35 m2 Circulation area/hall 495 m2 Size 65.8 m × 17.5 m Lower-first-support height 4.60 m Lower-eaves-support height 2.90 m Vielseitig nutzbare Hallen- bzw. Hall space for universal use with direct connection to the base camp (Terminal D) and multistorey car park: kindergarten, sports centre, exhibitions, trade shows, events, office studios, reception, ware- house, archive. Separate units or counters possible. Office building 4,125 m2 Office space 2,314 m2 Common space 138 m2 Storage space 555 m2 Sanitary facilities 249 m2 Adjoining space 55 m2 Technical rooms 75 m2 Circulation area 739 m2 Height ground floor 2.59 m Height 1st floor 2.94 m Height 2nd floor 2.94 m North wing 11.60 m × 50.60 m South wing 11.60 m × 57.80 m Bridge ground fl. 14.60m × 14.40 m Offices/open-plan office, warehouse, central space. Office units. Petrol station with car wash 287 m2 Office space 11 m2 Common space 15 m2 Storage space 28 m2 Sanitary facilities 12 m2 Sales area 35 m2 Workshop space 177 m2 Technical rooms 9 m2 Cube 21.80 ×14.30 m H=5.50 m Roof 8.48 × 6.80 m H=5.12 m Outdoor rental space 3,203 m2 Maintenance hall ceiling h. 3.96 m Car wash tunnel ceiling h. 4.10 m Sales area ceiling height 2.76 m Petrol station, café, workshop, studio, gallery. TXL airport tower 993 m2 Office space 441 m2 Common space 21 m2 Storage space 6 m2 Sanitary facilities 40 m2 Adjoining space 11 m2 Technical rooms 233 m2 Circulation area 241 m2 Size 25 m × 22 m Apron height 47.53 m Ceiling height 3.00 m Event and conference venue.
  28. 28. 52 53Berlin TXL Creative space Tower Workshops Hangar Terminal
  29. 29. 54 55Berlin TXL Master plan and planning process So how did ALL THIS start? What will happen to Berlin TXL once the airport closes? It’s a question that has been on everyone’s lips since 2008. It took several rounds of workshops for six international teams of architects and urban and landscape planners to develop the initial plans and ideas. In various meetings, these plans were then put to additional experts and the public in Berlin, who added their own ideas. In 2011 the Berlin Senate announced the results of the planning process together with the matching zoning plan. A further series of workshops with the planning team finalised the master plan in 2012. And in 2013 the Berlin Senate came to a final agreement. At the same time, development proceedings started. These ensure that the construction plans for the site’s future use can begin once the airport is returned to its owners, Germany (BImA) and Berlin. U E2 v D W B K A/A2 E3 H I N1 N2 Z3 111
  30. 30. 56 57Berlin TXL Master plan and planning process Boulevard Terminal B Entrance Docking area College
  31. 31. 58 59Berlin TXL Master plan and planning process Urban TecH Republic Total area 495 ha Building space 203 ha Green/Landscaped area 262 ha Roads 30 ha Districts Plots from 3,000–200,000 m2 Campus 38 ha Commercial AREA 61 ha Industrial Park West 39 ha Turnover €2 billion p.a. Tax revenue in total €340 million p.a. Tax revenue for Berlin €180 million p.a. Berlin TXL potential Residents 5,500 Residential units 2,300 Employees 15,000 Students 5,000 Companies 800 Industrial Park East 42 ha Cité Pasteur 26 ha K.-S.-Quartier 16 ha TXL North I and II 29 ha Kurt-Schumacher- Quartier Industrial Park East Industrial Park West 171.303 139.175 192.036200.292 29.814 47.054 105.510 31.099 49.474 28.723 25.888 14.3405.937 13.218 16.942 16.944 15.461 11.765 21.963 16.502 17.809 39.907 27.517 12.591 Cité Pasteur Campus 9.899 0 100 200 300 400 m Open landscape u u Reserved for underground line People Mover EXPRESS CYCLEWAY u K.-S-Platz underground station ScharnweberstraSSe underground station 21.535 3.829 1.764 34.194 7.063 Commercial AREA u TXL North I TXL North II 4.4 km east–west axis 1.9 km north–south axis 111 111
  32. 32. 60 61At a Glance Facts and figures People Economy Gross annual income Foreign trade Main export countries Environ- ment Traffic BerlinFacts. unit 2003 2007 2012 Inhabitants 1,000 3,388 3,416 3,375 New arrivals Number 116,141 126,947 164,577 Students Number 143,540 134,504 160,220 First-year students Number 22,670 22,339 31,745 Doctorates Number 1,984 1,910 2,171 Employed 1,000 1,662 1,683 1,660 Unemployed Number 306,556 260,236 215,353 Unemployment rate % 18.1 15.5 12.3 Average rent (residential) euros/m2 4.24 4.75 5.54 unit 2004 2007 2010 Municipal waste disposal 1,000 t 1,475 1,485 1,426 Water consumption per resident/day litres 124 112 113 Municipal water supply million m3 215 202 207 Municipal waste water disposal million m3 82 82 82 unit 2003 2007 2012 Public streets km 5,329 5,361 5,421 Tram lines km 188 189 300 Underground railway lines km 144 144 146 Suburban railway lines km 329 332 330 Bus routes km 1,271 1,703 1,701 Passengers, local public transport million 628 676 1,483 AEROPLANE take-offs/landings 1,000 187 227 228 Passengers million 13 20 25.2 Vehicles 1,000 1,438 1,422 1,327 unit 2009 2010 2012 Gross DOMESTIC product billion euros 96 99 103 unit 2003 2007 2012 New company registrations Number 37,374 44,290 48,072 Companies closed Number 29,654 32,782 36,600 unit 2009 2010 2012 Manufacturing industry/Services euros 37,402 38,082 39,531 Processing industries euros 39,739 41,097 43,410 Energy* and water supplies euros 51,791 53,654 51,721 Construction euros 32,512 32,941 33,264 Transport and warehousing euros 33,813 34,321 34,807 Information/communication euros 49,778 49,780 49,332 Freelance, scientific/ euros 46,116 46,657 47,408 technical services unit 2003 2007 2012 Total exports million euros 9,137 12,330 13,676 unit 2003 2007 2011 United States million euros 700 1,445 1,270 Russian Federation million euros 375 735 825 France million euros 1,038 838 780 Italy million euros 683 723 545 Poland million euros 307 644 590 Spain million euros 508 602 357
  33. 33. 62 63History and Glamour Top address The best foundation for the future is a glorious past. Berlin TXL. From Madonna to JFK. On 26 June 1963, John F. Kennedy landed at Berlin Tegel. Shortly afterwards, he announced that he, too, was a Berliner. Today, that wouldn’t be so exceptional. They say people leave one suitcase behind in Berlin – for when they next return. Chances are their luggage first saw the capital at Berlin TXL. And it’s not just politicians, business leaders and rock stars who come here. Berlin TXL has been the gateway to the world for 20 million people each year. So if you plan your future here, you’re planning it in a place with a glorious past.
  34. 34. LEGAL Contact Contact Tegel Projekt GmbH Bernhard Hildebrand Lietzenburger Strasse 107 10707 Berlin Germany Tel. +49 30 577 04 700 Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben (BImA) Direktion Berlin, Sparte PM Mrs Conradt-Rakei Fasanenstrasse 87 10632 Berlin Germany Tel. +49 30 31 81 24 07 Consultation and project management Koopmann.kommunikation Concept and text Sebastian Rating Layout Silke Stadtkus Photographs Gerhard Kassner Printed by druckpunkt Photo credits p 2/3: West 8 urban design & landscape architecture b.v. p 10/11: p 40-43: GRAFT Gesellschaft von Architekten mbH p 54/55: Andreas Schiebel p 56/57: gmp Architekten/aac p 62/63: picture alliance/dpa p12/13, 20/21 46, 47, 48, 50, 51: Bernhard Hildebrand Sources p 60/61: Statistical Office Berlin-Brandenburg (2012): Die kleine Berlin-Statistik 2012. Potsdam; Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment ( All information in this brochure is correct as of September 2013. However, no guarantee can be made for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the content. Reproduction and use of the text and images, in whole or part, requires the written consent of Tegel Projekt GmbH. The ‘Berlin TXL’ slogan/logo are registered trademarks and protected by copyright. Published by Tegel Projekt GmbH on behalf of Land Berlin. November 2014 Berlin TXL. Also available in PDF.
  35. 35.