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Berlin LSP: Placemaking & Art


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Presentations from Leaders Study Program, Berlin 2016

Published in: Design
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Berlin LSP: Placemaking & Art

  1. 1. place making. ARCHITECTURE vs. ART?
  2. 2. Tilman Kriesel, Dipl. – Ing. Architect (ETH Zürich) – Projects
  3. 3. KUNSTSAMMLER e.V. Tilman Kriesel – Independent art advisor
  4. 4. GERMAN SUSTAINABLE BUILDING COUNCIL: DGNB Social-cultural and funcLonal quality 0,9% of 100% Points for gold standard SOC3.2 Integrated Public Art “Art in buildings creates a direct link between the public, the building, and the uses it accommodates. Art can capture the public’s aWenLon and help it idenLfy with a building. Art can also strengthen local idenLty and foster public approval. Art in buildings may be integral to the fabric of the building or located elsewhere on the site and there is no restricLon to specific types of art.” => NOT PART OF THE UPDATED VERSION 2015 ANYMORE!?
  5. 5. Architecture is more than engineering – a master builder
  6. 6. Catholic dome of cologne, Germany: art is architecture
  7. 7. Catholic dome of cologne: Windows made by Gerhard Richter
  8. 8. Philharmonic Sidney, Australia: The idenLty of Australia
  9. 9. Philharmonie Hamburg, Germany: The signature of Hamburg
  10. 10. Architecture is art!
  11. 11. Wrapped Reichstag in Berlin: by Christo and Jeanne Claude
  12. 12. Museum of contemporary art in Bilbao, Spain – „The Bilbao effect“
  13. 13. Memorial of the murdered Jewish, Berlin – by Peter Eisenmann
  14. 14. Art is more than an ‚add-on‘…
  15. 15. Drei Scheiben Haus, Düsseldorf: Photo by Candida Höfer
  16. 16. Bundesinnenmisterium, Berlin
  17. 17. Berlin Airport – no opening but the art installaLon is ready
  18. 18. ‚Fünf Höfe‘ München: Herzog de Meuron: Olafur Eliasson
  19. 19. What can art do for architecture? The value of art is not decoraLon!
  20. 20. Stadthöfe project, Germany: A project needs to connected with the city
  21. 21. five secLons need to have an aWracLon
  22. 22. The connecLon between the courtyards – by Ulla von Brandenburg
  23. 23. Dark corners are highlighted by Julian Opie
  24. 24. The light system is connected to the project history – by ChrisLan Jankowski
  25. 25. Art could solve problems: A good architecture is always the best investment! An art installaLon could make a significant difference… Art should be part of the early planning process!
  26. 26. Springer QuarLer: A newly build area will connect two sides of the city
  27. 27. Springer QuarLer: an ordinary architecture by experienced architects
  28. 28. Angela Bulloch – Light signal at the façade
  29. 29. Jenny Holzer – spread the word
  30. 30. Beispiele Projekte TKA Frank Stella – at the Springer quarLer passage
  31. 31. What is qualified art? -  It has inspiring effects -  It has no funcLon -  It has a presence -  It has an idenLty -  It is conceptual -  It has a meaning -  It will last long What is the right architecture? -  It is useful -  It has a funcLon -  It is part of a large scale -  It has an idenLty -  It takes responsibility -  It is flexible -  It will last long What is the best engineering? -  It is efficient -  It is funcLonal -  It is cheap -  It follows the rules -  It is pragmaLc -  It is save -  It will last long Architecture = Art + Engineering What can art do for you….
  32. 32. Architecture Biennale, Venice 2016 – Making Heimat (The open pavilion)
  33. 33. Art? Engineering? Architecture? => It’s all part of Germanys Heimat