Summative Reflections by Adrienne A


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Summative Reflections by Adrienne A

  1. 1. Adrienne AlphaMrs. LesterHonors 10th Lit/Comp3 May 2012Summative Learning Reflections1. Throughout the project process, I feel I have become more knowledgeable about PTSD.PTSD varies in how it is diagnosed and the treatments used. It depends on the person, whattraumatic event they went through, and how they want to be treated. The symptoms also varysuch as flashbacks, panic attacks and also in the levels of severity that these symptoms occur in.A question I still have is what new therapies and treatments are being developed andresearched now, because we weren’t able to go that far into our research.2. The challenges I personally faced were finding information sources that weren’trepetitive and that had the information we needed for our questions. A lot of the articles wefound were too old to use, or were not the right information we were looking for. To deal withthis, we had to dig deeper and find more sources. Also, with time I felt that we were given a lotof different things to do at once and that we were confused about what exactly had to be done.We also had websites we NEEDED that would not work at school so we had to do a good bit ofwork at home. Dealing with this we have just been working at home, in a rush, to geteverything done in time.3. The most difficult part of this project to me was keeping up with all the differentwebsites we had to use, and the different ways of embedding, uploading, etc. It was a lot tokeep up with and our symbaloo wasn’t very useful to us. The most rewarding part of the project
  2. 2. was that during the enitre process, we were studying WW1 in my Honors World History classand it tied into our project. It gave us a little bit of extra information to find for our multi-genreproject.4. The study of the books we read all together weren’t not as useful as I hoped they wouldbe. All Quiet on the Western Front introduced us to our research topic, PTSD, but didnt reallygive any information about it. Also, my personal book choice, Purple Heart, didn’t have anyinfluence into our research project either. On the other hand, listening to other people talkabout their personal books in out class fishbowl discussions helped introduce and get a littledeeper into PTSD, and influenced us into choosing it as our research topic.5. Honestly, studying this issue had little impact on me, because I am personally notinterested in the topic. None of my family members or friends have served in war, and Ipersonally don’t know anybody with PTSD. However, I found it interesting that people still getPTSD from non-war related traumatic events, such as abuse, rape, etc. Studying this issuedefinitely opened my mind to the disease and made me more aware of what can happen to thepsychological mind of human beings.6. Throughout the past eight weeks we have had many different elements to our multi-genre final product. Personally I am most proud of the multi-media products we created. Takingdifferent elements such as text, video, and images to create a powerful product portrayingwhat we have researched and discovered, I feel was our biggest strength in the project.7. Our biggest challenges in this project was being time efficient. With all the differentmini-assignment thrown in throughout the entire project. Meeting deadlines, after deadlinewhile trying to do an entire project through me off a couple of times. The calendar seemed like
  3. 3. a useful tool at first, but getting further into the project it wasn’t accurate anymore and Istopped referring to it. However, we got everything done in time, thankfully.8. My research and information skills throughout this year have advanced immensely. Ihave learned how to dig through articles efficiently, and to you creditable databases/sources. Ihave learned to use the CRAAP test, and how to make sure the information I find is reliable. Ihave learned how to use easier tools such as easybib to be more time efficient. The tools wehave learned about really helped out a lot in the long run. 2.1.1 Continue an inquiry-basedresearch process by applying skills (analysis, synthesis, evaluation, organization) to informationand knowledge in order to construct new understandings, draw conclusions, and create newknowledge, 2.3.1 Connect understanding to the real world 2.3.2 Consider diverse and globalperspectives in drawing conclusions.9. Doing a multi-genre project has been a little difficult at times, but Im glad we picked it.Being able to do a traditional text and adding multi-media products to go along with it has beendifficult, but worth it in the long run. It made it easier for our information to be portrayed in somany different ways, that it appeals to everyone. I dont like doing traditional papers, but withall the information we found, this one wasnt too bad.10. My symbaloo dashboard was very dull, to say the least. I honestly feel like it was a wasteof time and effort, because I do not like having to keep up with so many different accounts andwebsites, and adding tiles to the symbaloo took away time that i could have been putting intomy actual project. I feel as if it should have been optional because it was more of a tool thatpeople could use if they wanted to, but I dont think it reflects my learning abilities in any way.11. I feel as if in the future, if I do digital projects, or any research project for that matter,
  4. 4. that I will be very knowledgable and off to a great start having all these skills already mastered.However, I have not written a traditional paper in quite a while, so I feel like if that were tocome up It would a little bit more difficult for me to get done. On the other hand, the 21stcentury has turned into an internet dependent era, and I feel as if most research projects in thefuture are going to be similar to this one.