Emily H. Issues in Africa


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Emily H. Issues in Africa

  1. 1. This image is used under a CC license from http://www.flickr.com/photos/teachandlearn/2853151073/sizes/l/in/photostream/ Emily Horn Mau-Mau in Kenya 10th Honors World Lit/Comp 4th period
  2. 2. This image is used under a CC license from http://www.flickr.com/photos/josephbrauer/3261502569/sizes/l/in/photostream/ Define the Issue (Dark times for Kenya)
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  4. 4. This image is used under a CC license from http://www.flickr.com/photos/zoriah/3477005800/sizes/o/in/photostream/
  5. 5. “Mzee Josiah and Mama Mercy did not move. The tightness squeezed up in Mugo’s throat. Everyone in the shed had fallen silent. The man repeated their names, this time more harshly. Still they did not move. The next instant, a club cracked against Mzee Josiah’s shoulders and sent him stumbling forward.” (Naidoo 60).
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  9. 9. event This image is used under a CC license from http://www.flickr.com/photos/gorekun/2951723232/sizes/l/in/photostream/ Senior Chief Waruhui assassinated
  10. 10. Event This image is used under a CC license from http://www.flickr.com/photos/riot/465489897/sizes/l/in/photostream/ Jomo Kenyatta, Burning the Spear
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  14. 14. This image is used under a CC license from http://www.flickr.com/photos/zoriah/3350953728/sizes/o/in/photostream/ Insight
  15. 15. Before I thought… This image is used under a CC license from http://www.flickr.com/photos/lincolnian/300262799/sizes/o/in/photostream/
  16. 16. This image is used under a CC license from http://www.flickr.com/photos/82887550@N00/2528443133/sizes/z/in/photostream/ Now I think
  17. 17. This image is used under a CC license from http://www.flickr.com/photos/soulmuser/4031077814/sizes/z/in/photostream/ Still fighting
  18. 18. Works Cited Boddy-Evans, Alistair. "Timeline: Mau Mau Rebellion." About.com. N.p., 2010. Web. 27 Oct. 2010. <http://africanhistory.about.com/od/kenya/a/ MauMauTimeline.htm>. This site gives a time line that tells when all the important events of the rebellion occurred. I basically used the CRAPP text to determine if it was a good site or not. I also made a point to research the author. This helped me to understand what the main events of the rebellion were. It gave me specific events to look at for the research paper. Boddy-Evans, Alistair. “Mau Mau Rebellion TImeline .” African History. About.com, 2010. Web. 22 Oct. 2010. <http://africanhistory.about.com/ od/ kenya/ a/ MauMauTimeline_2.htm>. This article gives me specific dates of major events for the Mau Mau. It has tons of information on dates for Kenya and Mau Mau. I gave this article the CRAAP test and it passed. I searched the website on google and it is legit. I have read other articles and the information is similar. This article helped me by giving me dates for events. I used several dates in my writings. This was the only site that was completely dedicated to dates. Bowcott, Owen. “Army Tortured Mau Mau rebels in 1950s.” Guardian. Guardian, 5 Feb. 2005. Web. 22 Oct. 2010. <http://www.guardian.co.uk/ uk/ 2005/ feb/ 05/ kenya.freedomofinformation>. This article is about the British torturing Mau Mau rebels. It basically sums up how violent and intense this was. I evaluated this information by usuing the CRAAP test, and it succeeded. I also searched the website on google, and all of it was positive. I have also seen similar information of other pages, so it must be correct. This source helped me out by explaining how scary and dangerous the British and Mau Mau were. They did horrible things to eachother when they captured one another. It made me realize how real this whole thing was. Elkins, Caroline. “What’s Tearing Kenya Apart? History, For one Thing.” The Washington Post 6 Jan. 2008: n. pag. The Washington Post. Web. 26 Oct. 2010. <http://www.washingtonpost.com/ wp- dyn/ content/ article/ 2008/ 01/ 04/ AR2008010404300.html>. This article is written about how the history of Kenya still affects them today. Even though it was more than 50 years ago, it still lives with them. I evaluated the newspaper with the CRAAP test, and it passed. The Washington Post is a reliable source that would not post false information. This also is believable information.This source helped me by giving me a present day effect. I wasn’t aware that even today, people in Kenya are suffering because of it. It will live with them forever. Foggo, Daniel. "Britain sued for millions by Mau Mau terrorists; Ex-servicemen angered as vicious fighters seek compensation." Sunday Telegraph 10 Nov. 2002: n. pag. Global Issues in Context. Web. 26 Oct. 2010. <http://find.galegroup.com/gic/ infomark.do?&contentSet=IAC-Documents&idigest=b527955b5caccdb4b4a2d40e86fe061a&type=retrieve&tabID=T004&prodId= GIC&docId=CJ94138163&source=gale&userGroupName=cant 48040&version=1.0>. This article tells about how the Mau Mau are suing Britain because of how they were treated when captured. GIC was suggested by the teachers so I assume that it can be trusted. Also I found information about this article on other sites which leads me to believe it is a true article. I had thought that Mau Mau rebellion had just died, but I was wrong. I now know that the Mau Mau are still fighting in a more civil way. Goodhart, Philip, Sir. “How We Teated Mau Mau detainees; Letter.” Letter. The Times 12 May 2004: 19. Global Issues in Context. Web. 22 Oct. 2010. <http://find.galegroup.com/ gic/ infomark.do?&contentSet=IAC- Documents&idigest=b527955b5caccdb4b4a2d40e86fe061a&type=retrieve&tabID=T006&prodId=GIC&docId=CJ116501069&source=gale&userGroupName=cant48040&version=1.0>. “Kenyatta, Jomo.” Africa: An Encyclopedia for Students. Ed. John Middleton. Vol. 2. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 2002. 184-185. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 26 Oct. 2010. <http://go.galegroup.com/ ps/ i.do?id=GALE|CX3400100208&v=2.1&u=cant48040&it=r&p=GVRL&sw=w>. The article explains the life and accomplishments of Jomo Kenyatta. He was the first president after independence. I evaluated the article by using the CRAAP test. I also read the article carefully and found key pieces of information. The article enhanced my view of Kenya’s government. It taught me how Kenyatta helped Kenya’s government and citizens. Naidoo, Beverley. Burn My Heart. New York: HarperCollins, 2007. Print. This was the novel informing me of the issue of Mau Mau in Kenya. It is a fictional story with truth to the depictions it gives of the Mau Mau. It gives a personal account of Mau Mau rituals and the Mau Mau mind set. It enhanced my knowledge of Mau Mau by giving a relatable storyline to a real world issue. "Mau Mau." Encyclopaedia Britannica Online Academic Edition. N.p., 2010. Web. 26 Oct. 2010. <http://www.britannica.com/EBchecked/topic/369878/Mau-Mau>. This site basically summarizes the Mau-Mau rebellion. I have found this information on other sites so I am positive that it is accurate. Plus this seems to be an educational site. Thanks to this site I now know about how the British banned the Mau-Mau. I also now know now that a former Mau-Mau representative who had been jailed became the prime minister of Kenya.
  19. 19. Works Cited “Mau Mau.” Africa: An Encyclopedia for Students. Ed. John Middleton. Vol. 3. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 2002. 67-69. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 22 Oct. 2010. <http://go.galegroup.com/ ps/ i.do?id=GALE|CX3400100272&v=2.1&u=cant48040&it=r&p=GVRL&sw=w>. The Mau Mau was a movement by Africans against British rule in KENYA in the 1950s. The black natives in Kenya rebelled against the British Government. I first used the Craap test to evaluate my article. Its content was tremendous. I also read the article carefully and thoroughly examined it. The article really taught me the history of the Mau Mau. It also showed me the Mau Maus’s rituals and leaders. “Mau Mau (Kenyan Political Movement).” Britannica. Encyclopedia Britannica Online, 22 Oct. 2010. Web. 22 Oct. 2010. <http://www.britannica.com/ EBchecked/ topic/ 369878/ Mau-Mau>. This article basically sumarrizes the Mau Mau and what they were about. It tells what they were doing and why there doing it. It gives plenty of information about the Mau Mau. I evaluated this information using the CRAAP test. It completely passed the test with no errors. This is a reliable source and website, and for what I have seen it has reliable information. Similar information have been on other websites that I have found. This article helped me out by basically explaining the Mau Mau. This was the first article I read, and it helped me out thoroughly. It explains everything about the Mau Mau. Michaels, Marguerite. "Oct. 20, 1952: The Bloody Mau Mau Revolt." Time 31 Mar. 2003: n. pag. Gale Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 22 Oct. 2010. <http://ic.galegroup.com/ic/ovic/MagazinesDetailsPage/ MagazinesDetailsWindow?displayGroupName=Magazines&prodId=OVIC&action=e&windowstat e=normal&catId=&documentId=GALE|A99128196&mode=view&userGroupName=cant48040&jsid=f9f73c35a3359d339253d22084af0de1>. This article tells about how the Mau Mau started revolts all over Africa. This is an article on Gale and I know that Gale is a reliable source. Plus the info seems to be accurate. I learned how the Mau Mau were not afraid to attack during the day. I also now understand how big of an impact the Mau Mau had on other parts of Africa, not just Kenya. Ray, Carina. “The Empire’s Ghost Returns.” New African 487 (2009): 18-22 . SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. 22 Oct. 2010. <http://sks.sirs.com/ cgi-bin/ hst-article- display?id=SSKSBASE-0- 8439&artno=0000295715&type=ART&shfilter=U&key=mau%20mau&title=The%20Empire%27s%20Ghost%20Returns&res=Y&ren=Y&gov=Y&lnk=Y&ic=Y>. Singh, Malkiat. “The Mau Mau Movement.” Africa Within . GHC, 1986. Web. 26 Oct. 2010. <http://www.africawithin.com/ tour/ kenya/ mau_mau.htm>. The basis of this article is mostly background information. It gives specific names of important Mau Mau people in Kenya. I gave this article the CRAAP test and it passed. This information came from GHC, which is a very trustworthy site. This article is legit, with no errors. This enhanced my learning by giving me more background information. It also gave me specific people involvled for the Mau Mau. It told me who was involved and what had happened. Steiger, Brad. “The Mau-Mau.” GVRL. GVRL, 2002. Web. 22 Oct. 2010. <http://go.galegroup.com/ ps/ retrieve.do?sgHitCountType=None&sort=RELEVANCE&inPS=true&prodId=GVRL&userGroupName=cant48040&tabID=T003&searchId=R3&resultListType=RESULT_LIS T&contentSegment=&searchType=BasicSearchForm&currentPosition=2&contentSet=GALE%7CCX3406>. This page is an article written about the Mau-Mau. It talks about their uprising and what had happened back then. I evaluated the information by giving it the CRAAP test, and it passed. I also found very similar information on other pages. And the author is verified, and not a fake.This article enhanced my knowledge by giving me a broader basis of the Mau-Mau. It gives a great description about them. Steiger, Brad, and Sherry Hanson Steiger, eds. "The Mau-Mau." Gale Virtual Reference Library. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Oct. 2010. <http://go.galegroup.com/ps/i.do?&id=GALE%7CCX3406300129&v=2.1&u=cant48040&it=r&p=GVRL&sw=w>. This source basically tells of how brutal the Mau Mau were. Other sources have had the same information. This database has proved time and time again that it is reliable. This source helped me to understand what the Mau Mau did in terms of how they forced people to take the oath. Also It helps me to understand what terrible things they did to there victims. “THE MAU-MAU.” The Gale Encyclopedia of the Unusual and Unexplained. Ed. Brad and Sherry Steiger and Hanson Steiger. Vol. 2. Detroit, 2003. 27-30. Gale Virtual Reference Library. Web. 22 Oct. 2010. <http://go.galegroup.com/ ps/ i.do?id=GALE|CX3406300129&v=2.1&u=cant48040&it=r&p=GVRL&sw=w>. This article showed me the goals and accomplishments of the Mau Mau. It also says no one really knows the true meaning of the Mau Mau except for the Gikuyu people. I evaluated the article by using the CRAAP test. I also read the article very carefully. Not only that, but I examined the article for its relevance too. The article really showed me how the Mau Mau were treated. It also enhanced my knowledge on their oaths and perspectives.