Virtual Tour of The Unquiet Library Fall 2012


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Virtual Tour of The Unquiet Library Fall 2012

  1. What is The Unquiet Library? A Virtual Tour for Faculty, Students, and Parents of Creekview High, Fall 2012 Buffy Hamilton, School Librarian Jan Reed, School Librarian
  2. Welcome to The Unquiet Library!Visitors can sign in at the entrance tothe library or enjoy one of our jigsawpuzzles at the puzzle table. Theentrance also opens up immediatelyto lounge seating and 30+ desktopcomputers.
  3. As you enter the library, the right side is home toa space that we use for class visits where studentscan work in small groups at tables and/or thelounge furniture. This space is also used formorning and lunch visitors who drop in and need aspace to relax, work, or read. We also house ournew book arrivals and featured book theme of themonth in this area on the silver and octagonshaped book displays. Periodicals are also housedin this area.
  4. While you’re in the lounge/read/study/group work area,enjoy one of our many periodicals! We offer academic as well as fun, “guilty pleasure” reads for everyone! Back issues of periodicals may be checked out for a week.
  5. Our fiction section is located on the sameside of the library as ourlounge/read/study/group work area. Wehost a diverse and robust collection ofclassics, popular YA lit, and award winningbooks. We continue to welcome teacherand student suggestions as we grow ourfiction collection. Students may check outup to three books, and while the standardloan period is two weeks, we’re happy tocustomize that loan period to meet theneeds for an assignment or reader.
  6. Whether you have a question, need tocheck out a book, or just want to chatwith our friendly library staff, thecirculation desk is our version of Apple’s“Genius Bar”---come on over, andwhoever is available will be glad to helpyou. Our library HP 2430 black andwhite printer is also housed at the circdesk—pick up your print jobs here.
  7. Our instructional area offers plenty ofspace for mini-lessons, studentpresentations, and special events likeguest speakers and musical performances.We also use this area for students to workalone or in small groups. This space is ourprimary zone of direct instruction toclasses.
  8. Our instructional area is also home to ournonfiction and reference collection.Nonfiction and reference are intershelvedby Dewey number. Please ask for help ifyou need assistance locating a book in thisarea!
  9. As you leave the instructional area, you’llsee our crafts area. This is an area wherestudents can work on art or other similarprojects. We provide markers, crayons,construction paper, glue, scissors, andother materials for hands-on crafts.
  10. We also offer multiple cozy seatingareas like this one for reading,schoolwork, and relaxing throughoutthe library. We invite you to take timeout of your busy day to relax a fewminutes and enjoy a good book,magazine, or moments of calm duringyour day.
  11. Our computer or “Learning Lab” isanother space for instruction andstudent work. Whether it’s research,creating content, or utilizing productivityapplications and software, the learninglab is a another hub of thinking andcreativity in The Unquiet Library! The labentrance is located across from thecirculation desk and behind theinstructional area of the library.
  12. Our storage room houses audiovisualequipment, videos, audiobooks, and theprofessional collection for faculty. You canbrowse the items available in here via ourDestiny OPAC or ask a staff member forassistance if you’d like to browse thematerials in person.
  13. We will take care of your lamination needs;please bring your items paper clipped and puta sticky note with your name on it.Lamination is done once a day; please drop oflamination requests in the morning. We offera variety of die cuts for you to use; please askfor help if you haven’t used our die cutmachine before. We also offer youconstruction paper and butcher paper for yourclassroom needs.
  14. Instructional and Curricular Services/ProgrammingCollaborative instructional design Creation of formative and assessments Instruction for processes and skills related to information, digital, and new media literacies Professional development 1:1 or small groups to explore innovative strategies for teaching and learning Reader’s Advisory
  15. upcoming attractions
  16. 3D Printing To ePublishing Options Support Science, and Digital Math, and CompositionTechnology Studies Makerspace Culture Student Driven Fine Arts, Crafts, Tinkering and Music, and Product Making Multimedia
  17. Buffy HamiltonBuffy Hamilton is the librarian at Creekview High School in Canton,Georgia. A 20 year veteran educator, Hamiltons researchand practitioner interests include participatory learning and culture,ethnographic studies, digital composition, critical pedagogy, and socialscholarship. Hamilton is a 2011 Library Journal Mover and Shaker, a 2011winner of the (ALA) Office for Information Technology Policy (OITP) CuttingEdge Library Service Award, the 2010 Georgia Library Media Specialist ofthe Year, and a 2010 National School Boards Association TechnologyLeadership Network “20 to Watch”. She blogs at The Unquiet Librarian,winner of the 2011 Salem Press Best School Library Blog Award. Whenshe isn’t in the library, Hamilton enjoys running, reading poetry, playingwith her two long-hair dachshunds, shopping, enjoying great music, andphotography.
  18. Jan ReedJan Reed has been in education since 1979—first as a mathteacher and then later as a science teacher. This is her 21st yearas a media specialist. She is a Georgia native with one son who isa graduate of Woodstock High School; she is also a proudgrandmother with one grandson! Her favorite authors includeKen Follett, Michael Crichton, Sue Grafton, Janet Evanovich, andCarl Hiaasen. When she isn’t reading, Ms. Reed enjoys hikingand cooking. Reed’s areas of specialty include cataloging,reader’s advisory, and collection development as well asreference. Reed currently splits her library workday betweenSequoyah High School and Creekview High School.