Media 21 Presentation Zen Assignment


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Guidelines for our presentations on our Issues in Africa unit.

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Media 21 Presentation Zen Assignment

  1. 1. Issues in Africa Presentation Requirements Ms. Lester and Ms. Hamilton, December 2009 10th Literature/Composition Assignment Description Each student will create a presentation that highlights key learnings and ideas from his/her readings and research of the last eight weeks. Students will create presentations that are dynamic and visually engaging. Resources, instructions , and examples are available at General Guidelines Aim for no bullets. Aim for just one word or phrase on a slide. Aim for one powerful image on a slide. That image could be accompanied by minimal text or no text at all. Unless you are using the photo images as a background or image in the PPT, avoid clip art. Do not use "cartoon" clipart from Office. Search for images using the resource box to the left. Search for images conceptually rather than literally. For interest, what images would photographers tag to represent "lonely"or "cold"? We also told them to create their own images. If you needed to include a quote, students were to look for the nugget within the quote. Shorten it as much as possible and discover its essence. Slides are cheap. In fact, they are free. Use as many as you need. Run through some quickly. Stay on some a while. Consider the pace required by the slide or the thought. DO include a "Works Cited" or "Credits" slide as your very last slide. Be creative in grabbing and maintaining attention. Think outside the box. Do include the source of a quote in the lower corner (either side is fine) of the slide. DO include the source of your image in the lower corner of your slide (whichever slide is best). Please document with this text: "This image is used under a CC license from [insert URL back to image]. The slides are for the audience; they are not for you to read from! Your title slide may have a striking image and include your name, class period, topic. I can show you how to do this effectively. You will create a SlideShare account and upload your final presentation; you will add your presentation to your class period group. Ms. Hamilton will assist with this task. 1
  2. 2. Organizing the Presentation The presentation should not exceed six minutes. Frame the presentation to address these three major ideas: The Issue (based on facts from your research and as portrayed in the text you read) What is the outlook for the future for this issue? What are your key learnings from this project? W hat will you take with you from this project? We recommend you devote 2 minutes of material to each section; you may use as many slides as needed, but budget 2 minutes per “section” to stay within the 6 minute requirement. Updated Calendar Date Activity Monday, 11/30/09 Introduce the presentation requirements and resources Tuesday, 12/1/09 Sketch out storyboard/outline of presentations Wednesday, 12/2/09 Conclude storyboard; begin searching for copyright friendly images Thursday, 12/3/09 Continue working on presentation Friday, 12/4/09 Continue working on presentation Monday, 12/7/09 Continue working on presentation Tuesday, 12/8/09 Continue working on presentation Wednesday, 12/9/09 Continue working on presentation Thursday, 12/10/09 Continue working on presentation Friday, 12/11/09 Begin presentations (7-8 per period) Monday, 12/13/09 Continue presentations (7-8 per period) Tuesday, 12/14/09 Continue presentations (7-8 per period) FINAL EXAM Day Celebrations! Video Reflections and Interviews w/ Ms. Hamilton VoiceThread Reflections w/ Ms. Hamilton 2