March 2010 Monthly Report, The Unquiet Library


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March 2010 Monthly Report, The Unquiet Library

  1. 1. CREEKVIEW THE UNQUIET LIBRARY HIGH SCHOOL MARCH 2010 MONTHLY REPORT Buffy Hamilton, School Librarian Roxanne Johnson, School Librarian Tammy Beasley, Library Clerk 1
  2. 2. Evernote is really simple and easy to use. I am so glad Mrs. Hamilton gave us the opportunity to use this tool. I Program Highlights am really anxious to keep clipping and working with Evernote! Lindy S., 10th grade student The Unquiet Library celebrated the American Library Association’s Teen Tech Week with Wii Our project is but one of many gaming for students! Many thanks to Dr. examples of Buffy’s collaborative efforts with teachers here at Eddy, our principal, for letting us borrow his Creekview. Not only has she Wii system as well as Ms. Schmitt and Ms. transformed student learning, she has Dicks for letting us borrow game accessories also transformed the teaching and games. strategies of many of our teachers. In the four years in this building, I have Students and teachers enjoyed the arrival of a seen teachers who thought a Google new book shipment consisting solely of their search was the only way for students requests! We received approximately 100 to do research expand their requirements, with Buffy’s new books are enjoying heavy circulation. encouragement and tutelage, to our Ms. Lester’s students were introduced to school’s databases and web 2.0 tools. Evernote for notetaking and bookmarking favorite information sources. Susan Lester, English teacher Ms. Lester’s students learned how to create The Netvibes information portal is Netvibes pages as information dashboards impacting my research experience in and cultivating personal learning that it helps me stay very organized. When I need to find something or environments. need some quick facts, I can quickly Ms. Kennedy’s 4th period 11th American hop onto my netvibes page and find Literature/Composition and Mr. Sapere’s the information that I need. What I senior 12 British Literature/Composition found very convenient is that I have feeds to all of the other important students learned how to build Google sites for sites that I am using for my research learning portfolios. project such as by evernote and blog Ms. McManus’s French students learned how and so everything for me is one click away which has definitely saved me to create multimedia multigenre artifacts as much more time and energy. Netvibes part of their exploration of Paris and how to is an essential tool that is helping and embed their learning artifacts in a Google enhancing my research experience Sites learning portfolio. because of its easy features and the widgets that are available. Nicole T., 10th grade student 2
  3. 3. Data Snapshots The Unquiet Library Statistics, March 2010 Number of Class Sessions Served 216 Number of Student Visitors 3150 (Morning, Lunch, Afternoon Hours) Total Circulation 659 9th Grade Circulation 237 10th Grade Circulation 165 11th Grade Circulation 178 12th Grade Circulation 79 Total GALE Databases Sessions 3199 Gale Virtual Reference Library 1695 GALE Discovering Collection 534 Gale Opposing Viewpoints 315 Gale Literature Resource Center 336 Gale Global Issues in Context 229 Gale History Resource Center, 46 World Gale History Resource Center, U.S. 43 The Unquiet Library Blog 10,091 3
  4. 4. Collaborative Lessons Learning Activities/Instructional Research Pathfinder Collaborative Instructional Partner(s) American Author Study, 11th American Literature/Composition Ms. Kennedy Research on Spanish Speaking Countries, Spanish I Mr. Tippins Paris Travel Guide Ms. McManus The Battles of Saratoga and Trenton, JROTC Mr. Holly and Mr. White I-Search Paper, 12th British Literature/Composition Mr. Sapere Veterans’ Research Project, 10th Literature/Composition Ms. Lester Doing the Right Thing Biographical Research, 10th Ms. Jackson Literature/Composition Elizabethan and Renaissance Period Research, 9th Ms. Kennedy Literature/Composition Genetic Disorders, Biology Ms. Hendrix 4