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Kindle device and e book procedures and protocols

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Kindle device and e book procedures and protocols

  1. 1. Creekview HS Media Center| Kindle Device and eBook Procedures and Protocols 1 Creekview High School, The Unquiet Library 2010-11 Kindle Procedures and Protocols Setting Up Kindles for Circulation _________1. Unpack Kindles (save boxes in case any need to be returned) and begin charging. Check for any defective devices and make sure it powers up properly. _________2. As Kindles are charging, number Kindles with a sticky note to serve as an identifier for inventorying the device and to put the Kindle in the queue for the registration process to your library Amazon Kindle account at the “Manage My Kindle” account. We recommend writing the sticky note number of the device on the box. *note: Linking the physical number of the Kindle to the name that the Kindle will ultimately hold in the Amazon system (e.g. “Kathy’s 52nd Kindle,” visible at the top of each device’s Home screen) is key to managing content on the individual Kindles once they are in the hands of students* _________3. To register the Kindle, you can get the serial number by turning on the Kindle by going to home>menu>settings; you can also cross check the serial number on the box; we recommend doing both. We recommend writing the serial number on the box. *Important: orderly exchange of Kindles is essential at the moment of registration.* __________4. Cataloging the Kindle in the OPAC (Destiny Library Manager): we have a set range of barcode numbers assigned to Kindles [83000 to 83999]. Each device will be a separate record because we do not have rights to edit MARC records at this time (November 2010). When cataloging the Kindle, use the EQ for the equipment material type; the naming scheme is “Kindle 1”, “Kindle 2”, and so forth. Information included in the MARC record: A. Title (Kindle 1) B. Author: Amazon Digital Services C. Edition: 3G and Wi-Fi, Latest Generation Fall 2010 D. Extent: Serial Number E. Other Details: Includes power supply and cover F. Size: 7.5 height; 4.8 width _________5. Create a file folder for each new Kindle; this folder will be used to track and house recordkeeping for all purchases loaded onto that Kindle.
  2. 2. Creekview HS Media Center| Kindle Device and eBook Procedures and Protocols 2 Procedures for Cataloging the Kindle eBooks _________1. Create a MARC record for the eBook using the eBook material type. _________2. The call number will be KIN three spaces for regular call number prefix and/or Dewey number. Example: KIN FIC HOP . _________3. Add a copy for each title purchased. Indicate KIN and Kindle 1 in the field “Copy number.” *The barcode range for Kindle eBooks will be 84000 to 84999* Additional Procedures We will create a resource list in Destiny for each Kindle device so that students have a list of all books on each Kindle that is easily accessible. We will also keep hard copies of these lists available at the circulation desk; in addition, we will maintain a LibGuides page with these lists as well a RSS feed of blog posts from The Unquiet Library blog just for posts on Kindle news.