January 2010 Monthly Report The Unquiet Library


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January 2010 Monthly Report The Unquiet Library

  1. 1. CREEKVIEW THE UNQUIET LIBRARY HIGH SCHOOL JANUARY 2010 MONTHLY REPORT Buffy Hamilton, School Librarian Roxanne Johnson, School Librarian Tammy Beasley, Library Clerk 1
  2. 2. Program Highlights “I was pleasantly Mr. Foster’s 9th grade students learned how to use surprised to see how Google Sites for posting their weekly reflections on current events studies. many course The Unquiet Library was added to the list of library venues in the Library Thing catalog to make it easier for standards I could patrons to search our catalog with the new Library Thing mobile app (see address through my http://theunquietlibrary.wordpress.com/2010/01/07/d archetype research ownload-free-librarything-local-books-app-and-find- the-unquiet-library/ ) project.” Our staff started the brainstorming and draft work on a program we hope to implement in 2010-11 called “21 Things for 21st Century Teens”, a program that will be designed to help students learn more about tech skills Drew Lawson, and social media savvy. Please see http://theunquietlibrarian.wordpress.com/2010/01/13 10th English teacher /21-things-for-21st-century-teens-what-would-you- include/ for more information. The Unquiet Library blog receives over 10,000 hits in one month! 2
  3. 3. Data Snapshots The Unquiet Library Statistics, January 2010 Number of Class Sessions Served 135 Number of Student Visitors 2739 (Morning, Lunch, Afternoon Hours) Total Circulation 547 9th Grade Circulation 161 10th Grade Circulation 148 11th Grade Circulation 145 12th Grade Circulation 93 Total GALE Databases Sessions 4358 Gale Virtual Reference Library 1558 GALE Discovering Collection 691 Gale Opposing Viewpoints 394 Gale Literature Resource Center 260 Gale Global Issues in Context 1336 Gale History Resource Center, 91 World Gale History Resource Center, U.S. 27 The Unquiet Library Blog 10,202 3
  4. 4. Collaborative Lessons Learning Activities/Instructional Research Pathfinder Collaborative Instructional Partner(s) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Project, U.S. History in Ms. Markham Film, http://theunquietlibrary.libguides.com/butchcassidy- sundancekid Archetypes and Modern Culture, 10th Literature/Composition Mr. Lawson http://www.theunquietlibrary.libguides.com/archetypes Airport Security, Current Issues/Events Mr. Foster http://www.theunquietlibrary.libguides.com/airport-security Modern Day Genocide, 10th Literature/Composition Ms. Bennett http://theunquietlibrary.libguides.com/genocide Amendments Cases Scenarios Applied Research, Criminal Mr. Hubbard Justice http://theunquietlibrary.libguides.com/searchandseizure Dinosaurs, Earth Systems Ms. Panik http://theunquietlibrary.libguides.com/dinosaurs Elizabethan /Renaissance Times Research, 9th Ms. Jackson Literature/Composition http://theunquietlibrary.libguides.com/jackson- elizabethan2010 Haiti Earthquake, Current Issues Mr. Foster http://theunquietlibrary.libguides.com/haiti-earthquake Elizabethan/Renaissance Times Research, 9th Ms. Maxwell Literature/Composition http://theunquietlibrary.libguides.com/elizabethan-maxwell 4