Issues in Africa 2010 Research Project Overview


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Issues in Africa 2010 Research Project Overview

  1. 1. the big picture reading, researching, and reflecting: our journey of becoming connected learners buffy hamilton | susan lester media 21 students, fall 2010 cc licensed flickr photo by liza31337:
  2. 2. where are we going?
  3. 3. what directions will our learning take?
  4. 4. how will we work together?
  5. 5. how will we share what we are learning with the world?
  6. 6. let’s look at our blueprint for connecting, collaborating, and creating learning
  7. 7. the three major components written literature learning research circles and portfolio paper and reader reflections response journals Image 1 cc licensed flickr photo by acordova: ; Image 2 cc licensed flickr photo by firma: ; Image 3 cc licensed flickr photo by moriza:
  8. 8. why do literature circles and research together? research integrated connected learning reading
  9. 9. the research paper process • your blog • traditional sources organize • your research • social media project website • social • multigenre bookmarking elements • noodletools research and • google docs evaluate reflect and synthesize
  10. 10. information sources • podcasts • youtube/video • periodicals • twitter • video • blogs • reference articles • mashups • book chapters • podcasts social databases media web primary resources sources • online magazines • skype • online newspapers • eInterviews • authoritative websites • primary source documents • ebooks via databases and websites
  11. 11. evaluating information resources rubrics student developed teacher developed principles of information evaluation f2f mini-lessons web-embedded mini-lessons active reflection and assessment of sources your blog and website noodletools helplets
  12. 12. information sharing and management social • evernote bookmarking rss • your wikispaces page (rss widget) aggregation • iGoogle citations and • noodletools notes • evernote
  13. 13. literature circle conversations individual group discussions reader based on response reading relationship to research journals journals understandings of book does the book support group or refute your findings? incorporated into reflections multigenre elements
  14. 14. reader response journals choice conversation spark 1 choice conversation spark 2 discuss and cite passage of choice; how does it inform your understanding of the issue of the book? cc licensed flickr photo by Martino!:
  15. 15. literature circle learning process individual reading journals group discussions weekly response to group discussions on class/group wiki collaborative learning
  16. 16. literature circles and our research reading of novel/memoir informs your research your research informs your reading of your novel/memoir
  17. 17. your research journey website • research reflections process • components of written paper • identification of resources resources • evaluation of resources • multigenre elements reflecting understandings of research and reading learning artifacts • learning reflections
  18. 18. culminating learning and sharing activity: presentation to community
  19. 19. presentation zen beyond our presentation local zen community: mini-lessons the web stand and deliver
  20. 20. Checklist • 4 reader response/inquiry circle/reading journals (see calendar for due dates) to be posted on YOUR Wordpress blog • 4 sets of meeting notes posted to class wiki at wikispaces • 4 research blog journals/entries to be posted on YOUR Wordpress blog (see calendar for due dates)
  21. 21. Checklist • Wikispaces portfolio • 3 multigenre artifacts with notes • Research paper • VoiceThread Self Assessment • Presentation zen final presentation
  22. 22. Reading Journals/Blog Entries • Paragraph 1: reading spark of your choice • Paragraph 2: reading spark of your choice • Paragraph 3: Choose a passage that stands out to you from the group assigned reading. Include the passage (put it in quotation marks and include page numbers) and explain why this passage stands out to you; also discuss how this passage informs your understanding in some way about the issue that is central to your group’s book.
  23. 23. Research Reflections/Blog Posts • Paragraph 1: choose any of the writing prompts for reflection (see list) • Paragraph 2: discuss a research skill they used (we’ll collaborate as a class to create an ongoing list) • Paragraph 3: “resource” or “Find” of the week in which you discuss the information you learned and how you evaluated the authority/credibility/value of the source
  24. 24. Multigenre Artifacts Your multigenre artifact should reflect some significant piece of knowledge or insight gained through your research. Ask yourself these questions before committing to a genre/artifact: 1. Why am I choosing this particular genre? 2. What do I want to show, express, or convey through this genre?
  25. 25. Wikispaces Learning Portfolio Checklist • RSS feed (s) for any sources you may use • RSS feed for your public Evernote notebook of sources, Evernote • RSS feed for your blog (set to last 10 items) • 3 mulitgenre learning artifacts • Other resources/widgets you feel are relevant • Embedded VoiceThread self assessment • Embedded PPT Presentation zen slidedeck • Discussion area for your portfolio
  26. 26. VoiceThread Self Assessment • You will choose at least 3 performance standards and/or information literacy skills you feel you have mastered and create a VoiceThread showcasing learning artifacts that demonstrate this mastery; you will provide narration to share your story of learning. • Details and VoiceThread contract forthcoming
  27. 27. Organization/Checklists • You will get handouts in writing for each project component. These will also be cross-posted to our class Google Site • We will help you schedule all due dates into your Google Calendar
  28. 28. Presentation Zen • Visual style of presenting information and key learnings • We will begin working on this final part of the presentation near the end of October
  29. 29. questions? cc licensed flickr photo by Nomaan!:
  30. 30. resources • all resources, including our research and assignment pathfinder, may be found at researchproject • about the Media 21 project: