How To Cite a Generic Website Using NoodleBib


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How to cite a website using NoodleTools/NoodleBib.

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How To Cite a Generic Website Using NoodleBib

  1. 1. C R EAT E D BY B U F F Y H A M I LTO N , M E D I A S P EC I A L I ST C R E E K V I E W H I G H S C H O O L S E P T E M B E R 2 0 0 9 How To Cite a Generic Website Using NoodleBib
  2. 2. getting started 2  Log into your NoodleTools/NoodleBib account at  Open your list; if you are creating a list, be sure to choose MLA Advanced.  Open up the website you will be citing live on the web.
  3. 3. tips 3  use the “help” text to the right of each field  click on the hyperlinks for “pop-up” helplets  use copy and paste live from the web whenever possible to avoid typographical errors
  4. 4. the source: a website 4
  5. 5. select the source 5 choose “website” from the dropdown menu
  6. 6. confirm your choice 6 typically, you do not change your choice here unless you see your information sources fits one of the alternate choices
  7. 7. tell us more about the source 7 select the content description that best fits your information source
  8. 8. author of the content 8 Typically the author the web page or document will be identified near the top of the web page or near the bottom. If a name is provided, type into the appropriate fields and be sure to select “add”; only change the “role” if needed. If no author is provided, then leave the “primary contributors” boxes blank. don’t forget to press “add”!
  9. 9. page title and website information 9 •provide the name of the entire web site (not the URL). •capitalize the first letter of each word page/article title •you may find the title in the browser's title bar or at the top of the Web page. •If citing a page that does not have a formal title, provide a description like Home page instead (and mark the checkbox below) •if citing the entire site or project, leave this field blank name of website or web project •Provide the name of the Web site's publisher or sponsor(s), typically located in the copyright statement at the bottom of the site's pages. For example, for American Memory, this would be Lib. of Congress. •For scholarly projects, this is typically the name of a school or university where the project is hosted and maintained. •If unknown, leave this field blank. publisher or sponsor of site
  10. 10. copyright, url, date of access 10 •the publication date, date of last update, or copyright date can typically be found at the bottom of the web page •DO provide a URL •If the URL is long, go with the URL unless you are given other instructions by your teacher •provide the most recent date of access
  11. 11. additional information 11 •it is extremely unusual to find these layers of information on a typical web page. •please consult with your teacher or librarian if you are not sure if the web page contains this information
  12. 12. annotation 12 only complete this field if directed to do so by your teacher
  13. 13. final steps 13  press the “check for errors” button; this action will check for MLA style errors only, not typos or spelling mistakes  make the suggested changes; if you are in doubt, consult with your teacher or a librarian  press “update the citation” button
  14. 14. admire your new citation 14
  15. 15. questions? 15  email Ms. Hamilton at or  email your instructor/teacher