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Gale Virtual Reference Library


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Used with written permission from Gale Cengage

Published in: Education
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Gale Virtual Reference Library

  1. 1. Gale Virtual Reference Library UNLIMITED • SIMULTANEOUS • NO CHECKOUT • eREFERENCE Gale Virtual Reference Library is your Support 21st century learning single source for eReference aimed High School Student: “…the book covers catch my at the needs of students, researchers, eye... It gives me hope—makes me feel like I am going professionals and general readers. Now to find what I am looking for.” you can offer more than 7,000 authoritative, full-text titles—from Gale and a host of premier With its depth of features and content, Gale Virtual publishing partners­ within 18 subject areas — Reference Library is a digital cross-curricular resource researchers study most. that supports information literacy and the development of 21st century skills and reinforcing the critical A vibrant engaging user experience difference between authoritative resources and consumer-published content on the web. User-focused navigation encourages researchers to stay longer, search deeper and find what they need Outstanding Content faster. Features and functionalities include: High School Librarian: “I like the sidebar navigation n Eye-catching book covers to engage users because it helps students make the choice of what n View your eBooks on your iPad (subject) category they should be in.” n An interactive online book experience with Gale Virtual Reference Library offers coverage of two-page view and page flipper virtually every academic, scholarly and professional n Cross-search and browse within your collection discipline, delivering titles for all kinds of research: and across series n Children will enjoy full-color pages with exciting n Search within volumes of multi-volume sets pictures, from Dorling Kindersley and others n User interface available in 34 languages n Timely Greenhaven titles for K-12 and beyond n ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology in n Scholars will access the best publications from 19 languages Sage, Macmillan, and Scribner n 24/7 unlimited and simultaneous circulation of n ducators will learn from ISTE and ASCD E your eReference collection professional development titles n On-demand machine-aided content translations n Chose from our extensive World Culture, into 14 languages Health and Literature references Users can cross-search your GVRL eReference n Readers of all levels will value the ease-of-use collection via Gale PowerSearch as well as other and consistent approach to research Gale holdings including InfoTrac and specific InContext resources. Gale Virtual Reference Library Homepage Help
  2. 2. Bringing Reference to Life Online Two-Page View Advanced Search s Search by title, subject, keyword, image caption, publisher, author, full-text, publication name, ISBN and starting page. Wide-ranging Research Publishing Partners Academic Librarian: “(GVRL) has the look and Gale Virtual Reference Library offers you Trial functionality people will respond to—students will thousands of full-text proprietary titles from the New love it…gives a whole new perspective to eBooks Gale and more than 80 strategic publishing partners. eReference titles are available from: and reference.” Gale Virtual n ABC-CLIO Gale offers students, researchers and professionals Reference Library a wide variety of full-text interdisciplinary content n ASCD Today! on virtually any subject area to tackle their n Berkshire Publishing Group assignments, papers, projects and presentations. n CQ Press This depth of choice from one resource encourages users to investigate all eReference titles in your n Dorling Kindersley collection, to target the exact content they need. n Elsevier Inc. n Encyclopaedia Brittannica n Facts On File Gale Virtual Reference Library Scan this code with your Gale Review n Smart Phone to signup for n Greenhaven Press a free GVRL product trial. n Greenwood Publishing “In a time of ‘Go digital or n Grey House Publishing go home,’ Gale Virtual Reference n IGI Global Library (GVRL) is the perfect n John Wiley Sons Inc. product for accomplishing just this n Kogan Page in the reference environment. n Marshall Cavendish n Omnigraphics This versatile product allows an n Peterson’s unlimited number of patrons to n ReferencePoint Press Rourke Publishing search reference works by keyword n n SAGE Publications in seconds, anyplace, anytime” n Salem Press ­— Library Journal – February 2012 n And more©2012. Gale, Cengage Learning, is a registered trademark used herein under license.12L-RF0641 PM 02/12