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Final summative assessment media 21 spring 2012 revised


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Final summative assessment media 21 spring 2012 revised

  1. 1. Name:____________________________________________________ May 201210th Literature/CompositionEnd of Semester Summative ReflectionsDirections for Writing, Thinking, and Reflecting:In one or more paragraphs per question, please respond to each question thoughtfully and withdepth. Please type and SAVE your responses, print 2 copies of your responses, and staple theprintout to the cover sheet). Please proofread before you print! 1. Discuss what you learned in terms of content about your research topic. What were your key insights and understandings (be specific)? What questions might you still have? 2. What challenges did you encounter in this research project in terms of finding information, collaborating with your group or if solo, managing yourself, use of technology, and/or time management? How did you deal with these challenges? 3. What did you find most difficult about the research project and why? What did you find most rewarding or positive about your research project and why? 4. How did the study of your books (both All Quiet on the Western Front and the war book you chose) and your cohort Fishbowl discussions influence (or not influence) your choice of an issue/topic to research for the digital research paper? 5. Which learning experience(s) will cause this issue to have a lasting impact on you— reading your two books, reading non-fiction articles, the cohort discussions, creating the final project, or some combination of the learning activities? If studying the issue has not had an impact on you, why? 6. Reflecting on your work the last eight weeks, what do you think you did well? What are you most proud of that you did in this project? 7. What was most challenging for you in this project? How did you handle these challenges? 8. What research and/or information literacy skills do you think you improved this semester? Ms. Hamilton will provide you a menu of skills; choose at least 5 skills you demonstrated growth and/or mastery and explain how/why you did so. Please cite specific research skills by number (example: 1.1.3 Develop and refine a range of questions to frame the search for new understanding). 9. How, if at all, did the process of composing a digital text [VoiceThread or Prezi], a traditional research paper, or a multi-genre composition enhance your learning process in this unit of learning and inquiry? 10. Describe your information dashboard (Symbaloo or Netvibes). How did you use it? How might you use it differently in the future? Would you use either of these tools for other classes next year? What does your Netvibes or Symbaloo say about you as a learner? 11. What specific skills in digital literacy, analytical reading and writing, and research do you believe you are best prepared to use in American Literature and Composition next year? 1