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Checklist for Assessing Senior Project Commitment Slide

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Checklist for Assessing Senior Project Commitment Slide

  1. 1. Senior Project Slide Checklist1. Image attribution in the lower left hand corner in size 10 orsmaller font. The hyperlink should be BLUE and live. Image via Microsoft Clip Gallery CC image from [should see blue Original hyperlink to Flickr photograph by or Wikimedia {student name} Commons photo] Image Attribution2. One central image (either as the background image and notdistorted, grainy, or pixilated) or as a focal point on the slide3. Clear, concise statement following English DepartmentSenior Project Statement guidelines. Statement is in size 36 orlarger font in white or black in a plain font (Arial, Tahoma,Times New Roman, Calibri)—nothing super cursive-y. No WordArt or glowy effects!4. Student name and teacher name flush right in lower righthand corner