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Buffy Hamilton Senior Project Final Presentation


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Buffy Hamilton Senior Project Final Presentation

  1. 1. Take the Wheel: Crafting Your Your PLE with Netvibes and Symbaloo April 2012 Buffy Hamilton, Ed.S. CC image via
  2. 2. Today’s Resource Page
  3. 3. Personal Learning Environments and Information DashboardsPLEs refer to student-designed learning approaches thatencompass different types of content — videos, apps, games,social media tools, and more — chosen by a student to match hisor her personal learning style and pace. Despite the use of theword “environment” in the name, the notion of a collection or aphysical or online space is somewhat irrelevant to a PLE. The goalis for students to have more control over how they learn, and forteachers to set expectations that their students will be moreengaged in understanding and applying their learning strategies.From the Horizon Report 2011 K12
  4. 4. Personal Learning Environments and Information Dashboards
  5. 5. “Infotention for Crap Detection”
  6. 6. Netvibes
  7. 7. Why Netvibes?Free version offers flexibility andcustomizationGentle learning curvePublic page can be shared withanyonePrivate pages perfect for apersonal home page
  8. 8. Netvibes: Dashboard Everything