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Vol. 01 Iss. 03

  1. 1. THE UNITY OF INDIA www.theunityofindia.blogspot.inVol.1 Iss.3 Mumbai, Sunday, Aug 26th to Sept 1st, 2012 Pages :8 Price 5.00 Reg. No. MAHENG13211/13/1/2012-TCBJP WILL CONTINUE TO PRESS FORPMS RESIGNATION IN PARLIAMENT NEW DELHI: that we allow the government to use Parliament to end this debate without Rubbishing the no loss any accountability. We want the debate to go on further," Leader of argument of the govern- Opposition in Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley told reporters here. "There are occa- ment in the coal block sions when obstruction in Parliament brings greater benefit to the country," he allocations, BJP today said. Jaitley dismissed Chidambarams assertion yesterday that there cannot made it clear that it is in be a loss in the coal block allocations as no mining was done in many cases. no mood to allow "Kapil Sibal had propounded the zero loss theory in the 2G spectrum Parliament to function till case... It was a bitter experience for him. He had to eat his words... Finance its demand for Prime Minister P Chidambaram has not learnt lessons from Sibals bitter experience Minister Manmohan and has tried to take it further," he said. BJP insisted that once the coal blocks Singhs resignation is were allocated, the valuations of these 142 blocks in the market sky-rocket- met. "A nation wide ed. "Once the coal blocks are alloted to private parties, the right to mine lies debate is on on this issue with the allotees and not with the Government of India. Even without actual though it is not taking mining the government has lost control over these mines," Jaitley said. He place in Parliament. Our maintained that there was a "huge opportunity cost" which the government strategy does not permit has lost and termed Chidambarams no loss theory as "preposterous".Judges should not rule nation, Kejriwal to go ahead with protestsays chief justice of India despite police warning New Delhi: Asserting where are we going? It New Delhi: Delhi Police on Saturday know aboutthat the judges should is not a criticism. Is it sought a fresh undertaking from one of the gherao of resi-not govern the country or capable of being prominent members of erstwhile Team dences ofevolve policies, chief jus- enforced? When you Anna to allow their dharna on the coal allo- Singh andtice of India S H Kapadia expand the right, the cation issue while warning them against G a d k a r itoday wondered what judge must explore the gheraoing the residences of Prime Minister through mediawould happen if the exec- e n f o r c e a b i l i t y. Manmohan Singh and BJP chief Nitin and these local-utive refuses to comply "Questions which Gadkari. In an indirect rejection of applica- ities are placed under prohibitorywith judiciarys directives. judges must ask if it is tion for staging a dharna at Jantar Mantar orders."Violation of its provisions willHe asked judges if they would capable of being enforced. on Sunday, Additional Commissioner (New attract legal action and will be against theinvoke contempt proceedings Judges must apply enforceability Delhi) KC Dwivedi said police need a fresh conditions of the undertaking to be fur-against government officials for test. Today if a judge proposes a undertaking from "such office bearer" who nished by the organiser. It is, therefore,not complying with their decisions policy matter, government says can exercise control over everyone partici- incumbent upon you to advise your organ-and disapproved a recent we are not going to follow, are you pating in the protest.The letter by Dwivedi isation to desist from indulging in anySupreme Court judgement which going by way of contempt or dated August 23 was made public on unlawful act which may disturb law andsaid "right to sleep" was also a implement it?" he asked.The CJI Saturday on the Facebook page of India order," he said.Citing seven violations dur-fundamental right."Judges should said judges must abide by the Against Corruption.Erstwhile Team Anna ing their previous protest at Jantar Mantarnot govern this country. We need principles of Constitution while had announced gherao of the residences for which Kumar gave an undertaking,to go by strict principle. Whenever dealing with Centre-State rela- of the Prime Minister and Gadkari and Dwivedi said their past experiences showsyou lay down a law, it should not tions, federal policy etc in the sought permission for a dharna at Jantar that they cannot rely on his assurances asinterfere with governance. We are wake of the recent scandals but Mantar on Sunday through a letter by IAC he was not able to direct the actions ofnot accountable to people. clarified he was not mentioning activist Neeraj Kumar.In the letter to leaders and participants as per the condi-Objectivity, certainty enshrined in the "coalgate" scandal. Kumar, Dwivedi said, they had come to tions of the undertaking. Odisha: 8 suffer from dengue, chikungunyathe basic principles of theConstitution has to be givenweightage," he said, delivering alecture on Jurisprudence of Odisha: Eight persons havesuffered from to the microbiology department of the medical col-Constitutional Structure in New dengue and chikungunya in Odishas Ganjam lege for test of dengue. The blood samples haveDelhi at the India International district. While three persons, including two been collected from Gada Govindapur village,Centre.Kapadia said judges women, tested positive to dengue, five others, near Digapahandi, where several people sufferedshould go strictly by the three of them women, have been diagnosed with from fever. We are waiting the reports to conformConstitutional principles which chickungunya, official sources said today. While the disease, said a senior health officer.The districthas clearly demarcated the sepa- all the chickungunya cases were reported from administration has constituted a cell at the MKCGration of powers among the judici- Boxipalli, a fishermen dominated village near Medical College following detection of the dis-ary, the legislature and the execu- Gopalpur-on-Sea, two out of three dengue cases ease.The cell will monitor the patients to ensuretive."Right to life, we have said, reported from Berhampur town. Other on was proper treatment, said district Collector Krishanincludes environmental protec- from Hinjilicut.The patients suffering from the Kumar.The Collector, who visited the patientstion, right to live with dignity. Now dengue are undergoing treatment at MKCG undergoing treatment and conducted a reviewwe have included right to sleep, Medical College and Hospital in meeting with heath officials, said the Condition of Berhampur.Health officials have sent five more blood samples all the patients is stable.
  2. 2. 2 THE UNITY OF INDIA Sunday, Aug 26th to Sep 1st, 2012 HEALTH- BEAUTY Men now learn to do their own makeup How to deal T with your he next time should we men walk around cealer are therefore not for you see a with ugly, pigmented skin, women alone anymore. Says man wield a unsightly open pores and Gouri Kapur, beauty expert who ROOMMATE brush, whisk up a dark lips just because it has held such classes, "Men powder puff and twirl a was fine to do so in the being men will have flaws on mascara wand in past? With a little help, their faces. They might have style, dont be we could look fabulous scars due to sports injuries or fooled into thinking too." Ever since under eye circles due to stress Sharing a room is a bittersweet pill and some- that he is off to his celebrities like Shane or stitch marks after a fall, which times, its more bitter than sweet. We find out how day job at a salon Warne, Zac Efron, they may not want to flaunt. or getting Ozzy Osborne, They may not care about cover- ready to doll D a v i d ing their flaws every day, but it is up an army Beckham important when you have a big of film and Prateik meeting to attend or if your wed- stars. A wore make- ding is coming up." According to new tribe up and Gouri, there is a 50% increase of non- l o o k e d in the number of men coming metro- cool, many for classes now. "It is important sexual men today for men to wear cosmetics in men is have been order to look good," she says, emerging in the city: they love following suit. Now, they are adding, "On a wedding day, the makeup for what it is, and are attending makeup classes, bride looks bright and shiny going one step further — they either to learn to look good on a while the man looks dull and are taking grooming classes to day-to-day basis or for an boring, which is why many learn more. Ask them what hap- important occasion. Many bride- grooms are attending grooming pened to the rugged man of grooms-to-be are also taking classes. Others come to learn yesteryear and why they are crash courses in makeup. A jar to look their best for big events. strange your roommate can be? In recent years, venturing into a womans of sparkling bronzer, a tube of I show men how to use makeup the student community in Bangalore has been wit- domain and they say, "Why clear gloss and a pot of con- and look effortlessly flawless." nessing an influx of foreign nationals, NRIs, stu- dents from other states, many of whom are mak- O ne of the biggest character- Being a mother is no ing the city their home. Not everyone can afford aDon’t be a competitive mom istic of a doting mother is competitive race, it is a flat or a studio apartment, so a large number of for her to see her child responsibility and a them live in hostels and PGs. This marks the be the first in everything. profession that needs beginning of a hunt for the cleanest and cheapest This leads to many of them your love, care and room — but this comes with a sweet and maybe being excessively competi- special attention. Also, not so sweet gift — the roommate. Disha tive when raising their chil- theres no finish line! Mangsuli, a 20 year old arts student recalls, "My dren, constantly comparing - In case you are sur- roommate watched Murder 2 and locked herself him or her to others. rounded by competitive up in the room and wouldnt come out. We tried Unknowingly, this could lead to mothers around you, let our best to make her open the door. Finally, at 2 children facing excessive pres- them feel that they are am, the warden and her husband called her broth- sure when it performing their victorious. In that way, er and only then did she opened the door." Some daily tasks, let alone taking you rule out all possi- people may tolerate eccentric behaviour, but part in special activities. bilities of them forcing there are some who need to learn the etiquettes Here are a few ways to themselves upon you of being a good roomie. Abhay Sudheendran, an ensure you dont be that again. 18-year-old management student was shocked to competitive mother: - Be around mothers learn that his roommate was not in the habit of - Remember that mile- who are caring and flushing the toilet. "I remember walking into the stone development is rel- do not indulge in washroom and running right back out," he says. ative. Even Einstein couldnt speak until he petty competitions. And if the roommates unhygienic behaviour is not was four, so theres no actual yardstick to - Also, remember that it is not a test of your enough, some even find their privacy snatched measure anything! parenting skills, your child is growing up to away. Mahua Das, an 18-year-old medical stu- - Avoid turning parenting into a competition. face the world on his or her own capabilities. dent remembers with horror, "My roomie used to eavesdrop on me while I was video-chatting with INFUSE THE RUSTIC CHARM OF TER- my parents. She later used to ask me Why did you say that to your parents? I used to get freaked out." The best way to deal with a room- A r e concept but since it is terracotta means fired that has been shaped mate is by talking it out. Make sure you sort things you an extremely fragile earth.This ancient and fired, usually to a out before the relationship reaches a breaking one medium, few historical material remains of lower temperature than point. You should listen to your roommates point of those who pieces have survived. great value in gardens bricks, to achieve that of view too loves the Despite their wide- and patios even today. gorgeous red colour. It — it will help in reaching a consensus. earthy somewhat rustic spread usage, antiqui- It has a soft porous tex- is used to make tiles Psychology professor Dr Elizabeth Jasmine says feel of terracotta? ty, artistic merit and ture which mellows and pots. that while most of us are eccentric in one way or Terracotta is a type cultural significance, with the years. It also another, there are only some of us whose behav- of earthenware that terracotta objects have tends to have varia- iour agitates a majority. "Once you figure out that contains red burning not been systematical- tions, small cracks, youre not the only one who opposes your room- clay. Majolica is terra- ly collected. It is one of and other imperfec- mates behaviour, you should tell about him/her it cotta with an opaque the oldest elements of tions and is quite in a straightforward manner. You should have white glaze, usually fine gardens, and is different from other valid points backing you up so that he/she cannot decorated with made of a particular kinds of machine- back-track you in any way. Understand whether coloured overglazes, kind of clay which made pottery which the person is trying to change. If not, then behave and is stronger than bakes to a soft warm have a uniform, your way and see if your indifference teaches terracotta. Terracotta red, known to artists as leathery, texture. him/her anything," she says. These tips will help however is an age old terracotta. The word Terracotta is just clay you work it out with your roomie.
  3. 3. 3 THE UNITY OF INDIA Sunday, Aug 26th to Sep 1st, 2012 BUSINESS TATA NANO GUJARAT Gold futures price at LOAN AMOUNT ROW? all-time record high New Delhi : uoyed by a firm trend been able to agree on the agreed to release Rs 120 crore in the overseas markets, gold futures loan amount and annual in the first instalment. “We prices today climbed to disbursement, despite a haven’t received a formal claim all-time high of Rs series of meetings between from the company,” Dayani 31,029 per 10 grams as officials and Tata execu- said, adding that the amount speculators indulged in tives. According to a top could not be released until the enlarging positions.Rising official, a Gujarat govern- company formally sought it.As spot demand in domestic ment committee has part of the State Support markets for the wedding approved a provisional loan Agreement signed between the season also pushed of Rs 2,138.85 crore at two sides in 2008, the govern- gold futures to trade at record high, traders said. 0.10 per cent annual inter- ment had agreed to offer a loan At the Multi Commodity Exchange, gold for deliv- est, but the company’s at 0.10 per cent annual interest ery in December rose by Rs 352, or 1.23 per Gandhinagar : Four years demand is much higher. As based on the total value of cent, to new record of Rs 31,029 per 10 grams,after Tata Motors relocated its per Tata’s claim and a govern- investment and the loan was to with a business turnover of 209 lots. Similarly,Nano plant from Singur to ment resolution issued on be repaid in 20 years after the gold prices for delivery in October gained Rs 382,Sanand, the “sweet deal” it was January 1, 2009, the projected commencement of the project. or 1.30 per cent, to trade Rs 30,699 per 10reportedly offered by the investment in the Nano plant, Sources said the government grams, with a trade turnover of 3,149 lots.Gujarat government is turning including the cost of shifting and the company differed on Marketmen said sentiment at futures trade hereout to be sour, with the first from Singur, is Rs 3,466 crore. the land cost and payment bolstered after gold rose to 16-week high over-instalment of the promised soft State Industries Commissioner terms. The company was sup- seas as dollar weakened amid speculation cen-loan of over Rs 2,000 crore yet Kamal Kumar Dayani said the posed to pay Rs 400 crore to tral banks in the US and China may ease mone-to be disbursed to the company. issue was yet to be resolved the government for 1,100 acres tary policy to boost their economies, raising The two sides have not even though the government had it was allotted near Sanand. demand for the precious metal.Ratan Tata recall value : Stinginess! Coal allocation: Govt points to Mumbai: Tata Group Chairman facts to counter CAG claims and other group companies in December-end after a stint of over 21 years, which saw the group becoming Ratan Tata a true multinational with more than 65 that the Prime Minister insisted on in a lighter per cent of revenue coming from over- transparency, the government has vein today seas operations. Cyrus Mistry will claimed that the UPA started the leg- said share- succeed him as Chairman of the salt- islation on auction process in 2005 holders to-software conglomerate. "I have even as the states of Chhattisgarh, would prob- enjoyed the moments when I faced West Bengal, Rajasthan, Orissa and ably remem- you all these years. I think everybody Jharkhand opposed the move.The ber him, who comes to the end of their careers CAG in its final report earlier thisafter he stands down in December should be able to cherish it," Tata told week said private firms are likely toend, for his stinginess when it comes shareholders. "Be it good or bad, rake in Rs 1.86 lakh crore from allo-to dolling out bonuses. To a share- pleasant or unpleasant, I cherish all of New Delhi :The con Wednesday cation of 57 coal blocks without com-holders query at the 73rd AGM of it. Whatever it may be, I wish Tata said the charge that private compa- petitive bidding between 2005 andTata Chemicals about low bonuses Group continues to stick to their tradi- nies benefited to the tune of Rs 1.86 2009. Coal minister Sriprakashbeing doled out by the company, tions and spearhead with what is right crore as estimated by the CAG is Jaiswal in his statements to the pressthough the parent company being a as it has always done." Commenting untenable as the auditors observa- purported gains accruing to the com-USD 100 billion entity, Tata in a jocu- on his successor Mistry, Tata said the tions about “windfall gains” from the panies was unviable: “We do notlar vein said: "You can remember me new Chairman has all the values and allocation of coal blocks without auc- agree with CAGs calculations. Offor my stinginess and praise (Cyrus) ethics which are required for leading tion were highly debatable and sub- the 57 blocks mentioned, 20 fall intoMistry for his magnanimity." Tata will the over 100- ear-old diversified cor- jective. Insisting that a fair system in ‘no go’ areas and only one is opera-step down as Chairman of Tata Sons porate Group. the form of a Screening Committee tional out of the remaining 37. Then was followed in allocations of the where is the question of any gain?”Over Rs 750 cr lying in inactive blocks, the ministry has said that the decisions were taken after intense Jaiswal said gains would have accrued to the allottees if they had post office saving A/Cs: Govt scrutiny and extensive deliberations, the choice of either buying the fuel with no favours being extended to from Coal India (CIL) or producing any company. Buttressing the point coal from their blocks. New Delhi: The government 68.61 crore in 21.74 lakh accounts).today said around Rs 752 crore islying as unclaimed deposits in more "The depositor of such account can activate the account at any time by Sensex gains 85 points in early tradethan 2.49 crore inactive savings transaction. Notices are issued every Mumbai : The BSE benchmark National Stock Exchange index Niftyaccounts in post offices. "Rs year to the account holder of such Sensex rose by nearly 85 points in was up 24 points, or 0.44 per cent,752,44,57,414.03 is the amount lying accounts who are not maintaining early trade today after yesterdays at 5,436.85. Brokers said fresh buy-in all inactive (silent) accounts as on minimum balance. Special drives are losses on fresh buying by funds and ing by funds and retail investorsMarch 31, 2011 in launched to re-activate such retailers, tracking a better trend in amid a firming to steady trend in2,49,59,446accounts," Telecom accounts by issuing notices and giv- Asian markets. The 30-share Asian bourses after the US FederalMinister Kapil Sibal said in a written ing information through electronic barometer, which had lost 38.40 Reserve indicated it was leaningreply to Lok Sabha. West Bengal led media," Sibal said. Responding to points in the previous session, towards new economic stimulusthe tally of unclaimed deposits with another query, Sibal said 79,604 recovered by 84.75 points, or 0.47 efforts.over Rs 107 crore lying in 20.16 lakh complaints for non-delivery of per cent, to 17,931.61. All sectoral In Asian region, Hong Kongsaccounts, followed by Tamil Nadu Registered Letters, 41,794 for Speed indices were trading in the positive Hang Seng index rose by 0.87 per(Rs 105.87 crore in 62.72 lakh Post and 8,257 related to Parcels zone with gains of up to one per cent, while Japans nikkei index accounts) and Uttar Pradesh (Rs were received in the April-June, 2012 cent. Similarly, the wide-based shed 0.08 per cent in opening
  4. 4. 4 THE UNITY OF INDIA Sunday, Aug 26th to Sep 1st, 2012 SPORTSIND VS NZ: BAD LIGHT STOPS Unmukt Chand exudes confidence of doing wellPLAY ON DAY 3 IN FIRST TEST in U-19 World Cup final with the lead of 279 runs in the pocket. Indian spinners were too hot to handle for the Kiwis as TOWNSVILLE: Chasing a third title, India the duo of Ashwin and Pragyan Ojha took nine skipper Unmukt wickets between them. James Franklin (43*) was Chand on the only Kiwi batsman who looked at ease but he Saturday averred ran out of partners eventually. This is Ashwins that his side has best bowling figures in Test cricket. Ashwin took peaked at the his sixth wicket when he clean bowled Chris right time as it Martin for a first ball duck. Martin registered his braces up to take 34th duck in Test cricket and equalled Shane on the formidable Warnes record. Ashwin dished out a simple off- in the final of the spinner around off, Martin went forward but the Under-19 World Pragyan Ojha gave India the first breakthrough in New ball spun back in a shade to beat the bat and Cup on Sunday.Zealands second innings on the third day of the first Test. went on to disturb the stumps. Ashwin registered India are set to his third five-wicket haul when he had Trent Boult clash with the three-time champions and NEW DELHI: Pragyan Ojha took his first wick- caught by Gautam Gambhir at short leg. Ashwin hosts Australia in summit clash on Sunday.et in the second innings when he trapped Martin served a nice loopy off-spinner on off, Boult got Australia won the event in 1988, 2002 andGuptill plumb in front of the wicket. Ojha hurled a on the front foot for defense but it took the inside 2010, and is not only bidding to win its fourthloopy delivery around off and it straightened a edge. The ball brushed his pads and Gambhir at title but also to become only the second sidetouch after landing, Guptill offered no shot and short leg pouched the simplest of catches. after Pakistan to win back-to-back titles (2004used his pad to defend it. Umpire Ian Gould Ashwin took his fourth wicket when he took a and 2006).However, Chand will be aiming toraised his finger after a huge appeal, even though good return catch to dismiss Jeetan Patel. become the third India captain to put a hand tothat looked to be spinning away and missing the Ashwin bowled a flighted full delivery outside off, the trophy after Mohammad Kaif and Viratstumps. Following on, Guptill and Brendon Patel reached out for it and mistimed his drive Kohli lifted the cup in 2000 and 2008, respec-McCullum commenced New Zealands second aerially back to the bowler. Ashwin dived down in tively. "I am very optimistic about the final. Weinnings after lunch. Earlier, India enforced the fol- time to his left and snapped it inches over the turf. have played Australia in Australia and that toolow-on after R Ashwin took six wickets to bowl out The third umpire had a good look at the replays at the same venue.New Zealand for 159 runs in their first innings, and ruled it in favour of India.Spa is like my living room: Lance Armstrong plots Michael SchumacherNEW DELHI: Formula One has gone off into their strategy after loss of titlesmid-season break. Now its time to return to action lions took part in a system- over Armstrongs case and saidat the historical Spa-Francorchamps circuit for the atic doping conspiracy with Friday it wanted to seeBelgian Grand Prix next weekend.It will be a spe- his then US Postal Service USADAs full explanation for thecial racing weekend for the Mercedes GP team team. It said that, as sanctions before acting. Along with his celebrated haul of Tour titles,and seven-time world champion Michael Armstrong stands to lose the Olympic bronze Armstrong has dropped However, USADAs statementSchumacher as well. Belgian Grand Prix will mark medal he won in 2000 along with other race out of an arbitration made it clear they believe thethe 300th Grand Prix for Schumacher on a track titles, prize money and other awards. process, he "has received UCI is bound by the World Anti-where he made his debut way back in 1991. On a a lifetime period of ineligi- Doping Code to back up its find-technically demanding circuit where the first and USADA branded Armstrong bility and disqualification of all ings.third sectors include straights and the cars exceed a dope cheat on Friday, a day competitive results from August "Because Mr. Armstrong315 kph, the second features ten of the 19 cor- after the 40-year-old Texan said 1, 1998 through the present". could have had a hearingners. Spa also has the full throttle period from T1 he would not pursue a bid to Along with his celebrated haul before neutral arbitrators toto T5, including Eau Rouge, is the longest of the clear himself of charges that he of Tour titles, Armstrong stands contest USADAs evidence andseason and lasts over 23 seconds. "Spa is like my used performance enhancing to lose the Olympic bronze sanction and he voluntarilyliving room. For me, its clearly the number one drugs to win cyclings most medal he won in 2000 along chose not to do so, USADAsrace track in the world. Its uncanny how I always prestigious race from 1999 to with other race titles, prize sanction is final," the agencysseem to have special moments there -- my debut, 2005. The agency laid out five money and other awards. The statement said. Armstrong hadmy first win, a world championship victory and rule violations for which International Cycling Union, the long denied accusations of dop-many great races," Schumacher said ahead of the Armstrong has been sanc- sports governing body based in ing but said Thursday he wouldBelgian GP. The 43-year-old in 299 starts till date tioned, saying the cancer sur- Aigle, Switzerland, had been no longer even address thehas 91 wins and 155 podium finishes. vivor who became a hero to mil- fighting USADA for jurisdiction issue. SPOTLIGHT ON ROGER FEDERER AND NOVAK DJOKOVIC IN US OPENNEW YORK: Somehow, itseemed so easy for so manypeople to write off RogerFederer. He was past his 30th record total to 17 Grand Federer in 2005. "Hes continually surprised mebirthday, they would point out. Slam championships. with his achievements; he no longer surprises me.About 2 years went by without Ranked No. 1, once again. He has a lot more tennis in him. He looked as com-any additions to his Grand Slam And -- heading into fortable as Ive ever seen him on the tennis court introphy case, the thinking went. Mondays start of the US England. He maybe needs one or two things to fallFirst Rafael Nadal, then Novak Open -- the favourite to for him to knock down a few more (Grand SlamDjokovic, overtook Federer in reach the final, once again. titles) at this stage of his career, but hes certainlythe rankings and as the man to "Im out of the business of as capable of it as anybody Ive ever seen."beat at major tournament after predicting Federer any- Federers pursuit of a sixth US Open title at age 31major tournament. Well, look at more," said Andre Agassi, a will certainly be among the main angles to keepthe guy now. Wimbledon cham- two-time US Open champi- track of on the hard courts of Flushing Meadows.pion, once again, stretching his on and runner-up to Other stories to watch include:
  5. 5. 5 THE UNITY OF INDIA Sunday, Aug 26th to Sep 1st, 2012 NEWS‘BEFORE PATNAIK TOO, SENIOR Urdu dailiesOFFICERS SENT OFF ABRUPTLY’ praise ex-CP MUMBAI: Calling Arup Patnaiks transfer saving lives, Patnaik deserved awards, not MUMBAI: Arup Patnaik is connection with the multi-crore a "punishment" , the transfer," said the edi-apparently not the first senior Adarsh scam. Dange was Urdu press stated that torial. Inquilabs editori-official to have been shifted apparently entrusted with the he "deserved to be al pulled up home min-unceremoniously; there have task of securing the resigna- awarded for admirably ister R R Patil for "giv-been several bureaucrats who tions of Lalla, then a state handling the situation ing in to pressure fromwere reportedly never given any human rights commission mem- on August 11" . Urdu the Shiv Sena-MNS" .reason for being asked to pro- ber, and Tiwari, who was the dailies h ave slammed Writing in Sahafatceed on leave. information commissioner . the DF government, Daily, columnist Shirin Way back in 1995, when the Instead of obliging the CM, which it claimed, buck- Dalvi comparedsaffron combine had dislodged year ago, chief minister Tiwari had challenged the gov- led under pressure Patnai-ks role with thatthe Congress government, Prithviraj Chavan abruptly shift- ernors decision to suspend from the Opposition , of then police chiefsSharad Upasani was the chief ed out chief secretary J P him, while Lalla resigned report- especially the MNS. during anti-Salmansecretary . In his initial days, Dange without giving any rea- edly only after massive damage In its editorial titled Rushdie protest inson of soil Upasani did not have son to him for the move. Six was already caused to the gov- "Arup Patnaik to inaam 1989 and the violenceany dispute with chief minister months still left for his retire- ernment. ke mustahaq the (Arup in 1992. Dalvi saidManohar Joshi, said a source. ment, he was replaced by Former civic chief Patnaik deserved unlike the police headsBut soon, when it was felt that Ratnakar Gaikwad, now chief Swadheen Kshatriya also awards)", Urdu Times who allowed indiscrim-Upasani was "inconveniencing" information commissioner , he reportedly suffered a similar recalled how he went inate firing on the twothe Sena-BJP government, he added. Though no official rea- fate. Just when he had begun on stage at the August occasions, Patnaik ledwas asked to go on leave and son was cited, according to cracking the whip, he was 11 rally and asked pro- from the front andhe never resumed duty, said a reports, Chavan was not happy asked to step down, without any testers to go home. "If showed utmostsource, adding that subse- with Dange over the manner in explanation. Subodh Kumar he had ordered firing, restraint. "Patnaik paidquently Upasani retired. which he dealt with Subhash replaced him though only a year there would have been for maintaining peace," According to the source, a Lalla and Ramanand Tiwari in was left for his retirement. heavy casualties. For said Dalvi.‘Patil may be robbed Mumbai bar owners, patrons Disabled girl’s MBBS dreams get HC boostof home in reshuffle’ see return of partying times MUMBAI: Now that Vasant MUMBAI:Questioning the blanket ban in medical admissions on MUMBAI: A day Dhoble-led social service branch students with disability after the exit of Mumbai has been brought under the crime of the upper limbs, the police chief Arup branch, bar owners as well as Bombay high court on Patnaik, speculation patrons who have been apprehen- Friday paved the way was rife in Nationalist sive about the surprise raids con- for a 17-year-old girls Congress Party circles ducted by the assistant commission- admission to the over the fate of home er of police, seem to be a relieved MBBS course.The girl minister R R Patil. lot. Apparently being "harassed" for suffers from a disability Murmurs were strong not complying with supposedly out- on her left hand. In an on Friday that the dated rules, many citizens had cut interim order, a divi-warhorses portfolio may be changed or that he down on their pub visits, which start- Dhobles effort to keep "antisocial sion bench of Chiefmay be entrusted with organizational responsi- ed taking a toll on the establish- elements" away, they said they were Justice Mohit Shahbilities."In view of the strict observations of ments revenue.But hoping that the still smarting from the effects of his and Justice NitinNCP president Sharad Pawar over the dismal raids will now slow down, patrons drives that kept regular patrons at Jamdar directed theperformance of the home department , many are apparently re-planning their bay. "First heavy taxes, and then, Director of Medicalamong us were expecting that Patil will be party schedules. Corporate execu- the raids decreased footfalls . It will Education andgiven another portfolio or that he will be given tive Rashmi Rai, who has been put- take the industry a great effort to Research to consideran organizational assignment," a senior NCP ting a party on hold for long, has restore its clientele ," he said. At the her as eligible and fitleader said. "The change may happen in the decided to have a get-together at a same time, ex-Ahar chief is all for the medical coursenext cabinet reshuffle."After Pune blasts on pub.Even bar owners are also praise for Dhoble: "He ensured that in the "physically hand-August 1, Pawar had come down heavily on the relieved. Even as they praised bars ran legally." icapped category".home department . CM, Sonia discuss tense ties with NCP He criticized the "lack of coordination" andthe intelligence branchs failure.The pressureon Patil rose as leader of the Opposition VinodTawde and MNS president Raj Thackeray MUMBAI: Chief minis- ple of tension between thedemanded his resignation for the "deteriorating ter Prithviraj Chavan met allies. The Congress camp islaw and order in the state". Sources said, in Congress party president upset over the anti-party slantcase Pawar decides to shift Patil out of the Sonia Gandhi in New Delhi of the protest that precededhome department, the top contender to take his on Friday. the riots, whose organizersplace would be state assembly speaker Dilip The appointment of included a leader close to theWalse-Patil .Officially though, the party reiterat- political heads on state NCP.ed its support for Patil. On the sidelines of the corporations controlled by The NCP camp is unhap-party convention in Pune, state unit chief the Congress in the state py over the handling of ArupMadhukar Pichad said, "R R Patil is a strong and nominations for the Patnaiks transfer from theleader... The question of his resignation does state party presidents post are believed to have police commissioners post.State Congress pres-not arise." Patil said his silence should not be been discussed at the meeting.Ties with its ally, ident Manikrao Thakre supported home ministertaken as weakness and, if required, he will take NCP in the state, which continue to be tense, also R R Patil again on Friday. Thakre said theon "overt and covert" opponents targeting him. came up for discussion. The handling of the demand for his resignation by the opposition was August 11 Azad Maidan riots caused a fresh rip- politically motivated.
  6. 6. 6 THE UNITY OF INDIA Sunday, Aug 26th to Sep 1st, 2012 NEWSMEDIA GLARE DELAYING Murder accused held in east DelhiANKITAS RETURN : COPS N EW DELHI: A sharpshooter, wanted in several cases of murder and robbery across NCR, has been arrested, police N EW DELHI: The ques- with Kanda. Later, Kanda tele- said. The gangster was also wanted in a shootout tions are all ready but phoned to clarify the caller was case where four people were killed at a wedding police will not get any not his wife but a woman in Ghaziabad last year. The attack was targetedanswers until Ankita, the woman named Ankita. Saras herself at gangster Sunder Bhati, who had a close shavenamed in Geetika Sharmas sui- assured them about this, the with death as over hundred rounds were fired.cide note, returns to the country. family claimed. Sources say The accused, Umesh Pandit is allegedly the rightPolice say she has agreed to join police were able to trace hand of gangster Anil Dujana.DCP crime, Sanjaythe investigation but is reluctant Ankita in Singapore after her Jain, said, "We had received a tip-off that a mem-to fly back from Singapore imme- brother provided them an ber of Naresh Bhati gang would come to Lalitadiately due to the media spotlight international number. "She Park in east Delhi. A trap was laid and theon the case. claimed she had gone to accused was held. Pandit was wanted in three After actor Nupur Mehta - who knew both Singapore with her daughter on July 27," a source cases of murder, robbery and attempt to murder.Geetika and Ankita - revealed that Ankita used to said.Police have also picked up a man named Tej A pistol has been seized from him."Bhishamclaim she was Gopal Kandas wife, and even stole Bansal for questioning and are on the lookout for Singh, addl DCP crime, said, "Pandit told policeGeetikas bag in Goa to verify a specific emigration a woman named Rajjo. Although not MDLR that in 2009, he along with his associates mur-date from her passport, police have been keen to employees, both were considered close to Kanda dered one Vinod Goel to settle a property disputedetermine the nature of the former dancers rela- and are suspected to have played a role in the and got arrested. After coming out of jail, Pandittionship with Sirsa MLA Kanda. Was Ankita jealous case. On Friday, the probe team reported success joined gangster Anil Dujana, a rival of Sunderof Geetika? Did Kanda pressure Geetika to drop on another front: data deleted from hard disks Bhati. In 2003, Sunder Bhati had murdered histhe theft case because he was close to Ankita? seized from Kandas MDLR office in Gurgaon has associate Naresh Bhati, former district PanchayatThese questions have become even more crucial been retrieved by the Rohini cyber cell and the chairman. To seek revenge, Nareshs brotherafter Geetikas parents told police about a mali- CFSL cell. "It has emerged from the probe till now Randeep and nephew Amit Kasana joined handscious call they received three years ago, shortly that nothing specific happened on the night of with Dujana.""They got to know that Bhati wouldafter the Goa episode. They claimed a woman August 4, and a long series of events led to be attending a marriage at Sahibabad. Randeepidentifying herself as Kandas wife Saras called Geetikas suicide in the early hours of August 5," Bhati, Pandit and Amit Kasana went there andthem and alleged Geetika was in a relationship said an investigator. fired at him indiscriminately," Singh added.Rain chokes traffic Narendra Modi interacts with youths, to Hi-Tec City answers selective questions A hmedabad: Gujarat chief minister has received huge response. The project, reeling under the extra in his Independence day speech which started two years back, gives oppor- workload in view of the banned sale and consumption of tunity to the bright youths who want to con- upcoming COP 11. Snarls Gutka in the state from September 11. tribute in the government mechanism."He on Friday were reported Ahead of the ban, the government further said that Gujarat has after the rain at other busy plans to organize a "Gutka Mukti played a role of game change city thoroughfares like the Abhiyan."Beginning from September by creating a situation for get- Madhapur-Kondapur 5, teachers day to September 11, ting solar power at cheaper stretch and the road from the day on which Swami rates and by changing the Secretariat to H Vivekananda delivered his negative mentality that was YDERABAD: Khairatabad. But commuters famous speech in Chicago prevailing earlier in adop- Traffic came to a on the Kukatpally-Hi-Tec City and the ban would be tion of the renewable ener- grinding halt on the stretch were the worst hit. enforced, the state will gy sources.He further saidKukatpally- Hi-Tec City Apart from potholes, the organize Gutkha Mukti Gujarat governmentstretch on Friday morning incomplete flyover near the Abhiyan, said Modi.He desires to create a bank ofand commuters were stuck JNTU MMTS junction, under was interacting with the 14 wisdom, under which thein a jam for more than three construction for more than professionals from eight different states experts of various fields can give their con-hours. An hour of rain in the four years now, too, had from the country. These professionals were tribution in solution of different issuesmorning resulted in the pot- commuters complaining on the study tour of Gujarat to understand through their expertise. Also no governmentholed road turning into a about the chaos it was caus- the success of Gujarats development can resolve the problems without greaternightmare for motorists with ing. The ongoing road- model, good governance and the chief min- participation from the people. Gujarat hasparts of the stretch complete- widening work for the metro isters vision behind it. Modi said "In made people partner in the States develop-ly submerged in rainwater. rail project also contributed Gujarat, chief ministers fellowship project ment through PPP model.While traffic jams on the road to the traffic chaos.are a daily affair, on Friday itwas particularly worse with The pits on the road only added to citizens woes as Madhya Pradesh to get 336 Public Service Centresseveral employees working BHOPAL: The state government is planning to open 336 public service centres across the many said that even on otherin Hi-Tec City reaching work state with a view to forwarding applications received for delivery of services notified under non-rainy days a car or anot before noon. Madhya Pradesh Public Service Delivery Guarantee Act to concerning designated officers couple of bikes get stuck in and providing an alternative system through private participation. Applications will be The chaos on the road one of them creating anstarted soon after the short moved online at Public Service Centres and receipt will be given to applicants immediate- extra bottleneck. ly. If designated officer does not provide service in time limit or refuses to do so, the cen-spell of rain with vehicles Commuters who use thegetting stuck from 8.30am tre operator will bring the matter to the notice of the First Appellate Authority. The centre route daily complained that operator will also be responsible for bringing the matter to the notice of the Secondonwards. The snarl lasted till although the situation was Appellate Authority if the first appeal is not redressed within time limit and making avail-about 11am. Cyberabad traf- far worse being stuck in traf- able a copy of passed order to applicant. Collectors will actively monitor the wholefic police officials refused to fic on that stretch for one- process. After deducting process fees from application fees, operator of Public Servicecomment on the gridlock and-a-half to two hours was Centre will deposit remaining amount in the account of District E-governance Society.saying that they have been a daily affair.
  7. 7. 7 THE UNITY OF INDIA Sunday, Aug 26th to Sep 1st, 2012 HEALTH- BEAUTY Top 5 facts about fat free foods EXERCISES FOR These days, we have access to a wide rage of common myths related to fat- free foods are: - Fat free means calorie free. - One can lose weight while unwanted calories. Why deciphering food labels is important. Food labels pro- vide us with information to STAYING MENTALLY FIT Staying fit mentally is as important as main- products eating what one wants. make smart choices. Reading taining our physical health. It is vital to exercise designed for - Low-fat or low calorie foods these helps one choose food our brain regularly just like we exercise the rest health con- can be consumed as much as appropriately. Food and Drug of our body. According to studies, physical activ- one wants. Administration ( FDA) calls for ity and brain exercise programs help reduce anx- - One can lose weight by labels on almost all packaged iety and depression in individuals. Moreover, consuming 100% fat foods that include nutritional such programs also play a key role in enhancing free products. information. This information - Carbohydrate appears usually on the back of intake can cause the packaged food under the weight gain; low fat title Nutritional Facts. versions of such car- The biggest loopholes in fat bohydrates can be taken in free/ low calorie products: any quantity. Margarine used in place of but- - Low calorie, low fat ver- ter is a mixture of PUFA (Poly sions can be replaced and can Unsaturated fatty acids). When be taken to avoid additional margarine is manufacturedscious or calorie conscious peo- calories. This will not have any there is a production of transple. side effects. fats, which are harmful for the Every store is overflowing Many food products adver- heart. Therefore, the quantity ofwith a variety of products tise themselves as low-fat or the products that contain mar-labeled as fat free, low calorie fat-free in a bid to attract more garine should be controlled.etc. Name a product and you buyers. In fact, there have been Some of the spreads containcan find its low fat version, right many cases of fake claims, plant stenols and sterols, whichfrom chocolates, butter, cheese where a company advertises its if taken in excess can increase the plasticity of the brain which is its ability toto soft drinks, ice creams, may- food products by promising a cholesterol levels. Consumption continue to develop and change throughout youronnaise, and cookies. But are quick weight loss solution. of fats should be best kept to life. Due to this unique physical process of brainall these fat free foods actually Make it a point to be a smart minimum and care should be plasticity, people can grow and develop theirhealthy? With expert inputs consumer by looking out for taken to make a wise approach mental capacities throughout their lifetime. Therefrom Shachi Sohal, H.O.D. added sugar, flour or starch while selecting the product. The are various ways by which you can stimulateDietetics Deptt at BLK Super thickeners mentioned in the ingredients should be carefully your brain to strengthen its functioning andSpecialty Hospital, we take a nutritional label info at the back noted as it should not contain remain fit mentally. Read on...look at the top 5 facts about fat of the cover. Check for the serv- saturated fat and trans fats. And Solving puzzles: Did you know that brainfree foods. ing size too. As the food product obviously, total calories should growth in humans is a continuous process? Even Common myths related to may have 0% fat printed in bold, be lower than the normal fats in old age, studies have shown that the brain canfat free/diet foods. Some of the but can be full of monstrous available. rewire itself and grow new neurons or brain cells. Ayurveda Panchakarma, the latest health trend Whatever, age-related memory loss occurs is due to the lack of adequate mental stimulation. Stimulating your brain with crossword puzzles or Sudoku helps to improve brain function and pre-F irst, it was yoga. Then, it was gyms. husband Neerav did one of the Panchakarma vent any form of cognitive decline. According to Spinning as a form of exercise then took processes a couple of weeks back. "You cant Cognitive Rx, such exercises particularly help to over as the new rage. Soon, power yoga, imagine the toxins that your body can have!" improve your left brain function which uses logic,artistic yoga and martial arts infiltrated the fad cir- quips Kinnary. While the processes are different, knows facts and is detail oriented. You can evencles. And now, its the time of the Ayurveda the result is the same — purification, she points add complexity to such exercises by choosingPanchakarma to bask in the limelight. Well- out. "The doctors rightly advise you about what puzzles with hidden themes. Strategy games:known faces of the citys social circuit seem to be process suits you better and what you are ready Games of strategy like card games or boardquite taken up by the five detoxification process- for. Its a seven-nine day process and it purifies games are regarded as great brain stimulators.es (Panchakarma). Weve heard of quite a few of your blood and body," she says. This is because they enable a person to think inthem giving it a shot — Neerav and Kinnary Kinnary says the primary result is that ones body logical patterns. With advancement of technolo-Panchamia, Ekta Shah Manjrekar, Channda Patil feels light and functions better. "You feel ener- gy, computer or gaming systems also offer ato name a few. That people are weight and fit- gised and all the laziness disappears. I feel very great opportunity to challenge ones cognitiveness conscious is a known fact. And when a fit- positive. Before the process, youre even put on functions. However, it is imperative to avoid play-ness regime seems to work, word spreads. a light diet." Even restaurateur Kunal Shetty ing the same games at all times. Strategy gamesPanchakarma is the detoxification of the body agrees. "Its very cleansing. Your energy levels should be subjected to frequent alterations inand mind, were told. Fashion designer Kinnary increase and you dont feel like eating junk," he terms of nature of the games and complexity.Panchamia says, "I had heard a lot about it from says. Cardiovascular fitness:friends. When your body is feeling clogged and Shubhika Narayan, a marketing manager with a An effective way to Notice :- Readers are recom-heavy, this helps it detoxify." Kinnary and her firm, also tried Panchakarma in April this year boost your mental fit- mended to make appropriate after her friends did it. "I saw a world of enquiries and seek appropriate ness is by indulging in advice before sending money, difference in them which is when I cardio trainings. Besides incurring any expenses, action realised that its time to get my act improving your mental on medical recommendation or together and focus on my health," she entering into any commitment in health, such form of relation to any advertisement says. Its also more mental than physi- exercises also prevents published in the publication. cal, she feels. "You tend to concentrate the fall of brain cells with THE UNITY OF INDIA doesn’t on what you eat and realise what youre age. Hence, cardio vouch for any claims madeand by putting your body through. It makes you the advertisers of products workouts are regarded services. The Editor, Owner, want to eat right and focus on your self. as a great way to pre- Printer & Publisher of THE Today, we all lead lifestyles wherein we vent age-related memo- UNITYliable for shall not be OF INDIA dont sleep enough and dont have that held any conse- ry loss like Alzheimers quences, in the event such push to work out. This gives you that disease. claims are not honored by the push to be healthy," she adds. advertisers.
  8. 8. 8 THE UNITY OF INDIA Sunday, Aug 26th to Sep 1st, 2012 FILMWHEN YASH CHOPRA MET SRIDEVI AFTER YEARS Shah Rukh booked for insulting national flag W hen Yash Chopra learnt that Sridevi was shooting at Yash Raj Studios, he personally dropped by on the sets of English Vinglish to see her. The fact that Sridevi has always been one of the favorite leading ladies of filmmaker Yash Chopra is not hidden. So when Yashji learnt that Sridevi was shooting at Yash Raj Studios itself for her upcoming movie English Vinglish, the veteran filmmaker personally dropped by on the sets of English Vinglish to see her. "The two shared their warm greetings and also chitchat- ted about the olden days refreshing the golden memories", says a unit-hand. Yashji and Sridevi have known each other since Chandni (1989) the film in which he directed her. "Yashji even congratulated Sridevi on her comeback film English Vinglish. Sridevi indeed was immensely touched by this ges- ture and was very happy to see him after a long time", adds the source. English Vinglish is set to release on October B 5, 2012. Though the film is based in America, ollywood except for the outdoor scenes, everything super- else has been shot at Yash Raj Studios. star Shah Rukh Khan has been booked by PuneAAMIR KHANto police for allegedly insulting the nation- al flag, police said today. Based on the complaint of Lok Janshakti PartyShoot in Jaipur national secretary Ravi Brahme that Shah Rukh Khan allegedly insulted the tricolour in a video upload on Youtube, the Chatushringi police lodged an FIRC ome October and Jaipurites will get to see against the actor on August 14. "Shah another celebrity shooting for an upcoming Rukh Khan has been booked under film in the Pink City. sections of Prevention of Insults to Aamir Khan will come to Jaipur to shoot for National Honour Act, 1971. The case was reg-writer-director-producer Rajkumar Hiranis next istered on August 14 and has been transferredventure Peekay. According to a source, "It will be to Mumbai police for further investigation. Thea month-long shoot which will kick off in October case documents consist some photos andend, bringing Aamir and Anushka Sharma to the videos too," a police officer said. Incidentally,city. Raju sir is interested in capturing the archi- Meanwhile, we have also learnt that mama- Brahme had recently lodged a complainttectural marvels of Nawalgarh, an old town in bhanja Aamir Khan and Imran Khan has teamed against Mumbai-based model Gehna VashishtJhunjhunu district, which is famous for its her- up for the film, a satire on political affaires of the for allegedly insulting the national flag by wear-itage structures and havelis. A few scenes will country. The film also features Sharman Joshi in ing it as a bikini. She was arrested on August 18also be shot at Sambhar Lake, near Jaipur." an important role. by Deccan Gymkhana police in Pune and released on bail, the next day. Meanwhile, Shah KAREENA, SAIF Guys find me Rukhs manager in Mumbai was unavailable for comment. intimidating: TOGETHER IN NEW YORK BIPASHA BASU B ipasha Basu is not the one to call it S eems like wherever the Nawab goes, hes always quits. She started the year with accompanied by his Begum. When Saif Ali Khan Players and Jodi Breakers and even went to New York to participate in the Independence though she essayed two different characters Day Parade on Sunday, Kareena Kapoor accompanied with ease, these flicks did not set the cash reg- him. Clad in a crisp white kurta pyjama, Saif led the 32nd isters ringing at the BO. But the dusky beauty is India Day Parade — neither disappointed nor ready to take a as the event, a break! "Its all part of the game," she says permanant fix- showing off her cool and bindaas atti- ture in the citys tude. In an earlier interview with Times of cultural calen- India, Bipasha had revealed how due to dar, is called personal reasons she had taken a self- — along with imposed break and missed out on a good cricketer Anil number of roles. And after the break she Kumble. The agrees that it has been tough finding a star couple foothold again in B-Town. She says, "Yes, is scheduled when I took that break I was in a relation- to return to ship. After the break, I realized that it was Mumbai in tough and newer entrants had made their a day or positions stronger in Bollywood. I was no so. longer excited about being a decorative piece in films."This weekly English newspaper Publisher, Printer & Owner by Suresh Sakharam Gore & printed by him at Somani Printing Press, 7, Udyog Bhavan, Sharma Ind. Estate, Walbhat Road, Goregaon (East), Mumbai-400063 & Publication at H-119, Chandani Agar, Wadala (E), Antop Hill, Mumbai-400037. emailuienp@gmail.com Editor Suresh Sakharam Gore *All right reserved & Subject to Mumbai (Bombay) Jurisdication only.