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Oud Oil Production


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Oud Oil Production

  2. 2. Internal Use Only INFORMATION Address: 120-121 Moo 9 T.Wang Krajae A.Muang Trat Province Area: 10 Rai Distillation unit: 119 stills Capacity: 150 kilograms/year Product: Oud Oil
  3. 3. Internal Use Only OUD OIL PRODUCTION PROCESS (1) 1.Long log 2.Subdivi de 3.Chop
  4. 4. Internal Use Only 4.Drying 5.Grindin g 6.Fermenta tion 7.Distillati on OUD OIL PRODUCTION PROCESS (2)
  5. 5. Internal Use Only 9.Oud Oil 10.Sawdust 11.Spa water PRODUCTS
  6. 6. Internal Use Only08/07/57 tanunchon file/qc_set_up_AFD Produce Incense stick Watering Checking for BOD,COD,DO.PH WASTE MANAGEMENT Storage at Sawdust Storage at Sawdust storage area
  7. 7. Internal Use Only08/07/57 QUALITY CONTROL (1) (CRUDE OIL PURE OIL) Laboratory process QC Specification Oud Oil Separate water from oil Filtration Weighting Reduce dissolved water in oil No water separate from oil No dirtiness or residue in oil Record result Dissolved water in oil is between 0.02-0.06%
  8. 8. Internal Use Only08/07/57 QUALITY CONTROL (2) (CRUDE OIL PURE OIL) Laboratory process QC Specification Smell adjustment Oil quality inspection Weighting No variation from prototype Record result Pure Oud Oil
  9. 9. Internal Use Only Premium Super Gold Silver High price Low price High quality Low quality General properties Physical properties Chemical properties Oil properties Oil Grading Quality and pricing OIL GRADING
  10. 10. Internal Use Only CERTIFICATION (1) Product Specification Certificate of Analysis
  11. 11. Internal Use Only CERTIFICATION (2)
  12. 12. Internal Use Only Promote! safety culture Establish Safety, health and working environment committee SAFETY CONTROL