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WordPress For Startups - By Hari Shanker - WordCamp Nashik


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WordPress is the perfect tool for startups! Free, open source, has several customization options and is backed by an active community – the perfect tool any startup needs!

Today’s startups face a mélange of issues – one of them is the need for a potent tool to support them. This is where WordPress comes into the picture: From creating enterprise grade websites for their corporate website, to riding the eCommerce wave by setting up a WooCommerce-powered online store, to even providing Web development services through WordPress, the possibilities are limitless!

This talk will go on to analyze specific details on how a startup can leverage the power of WordPress in various stages, to grow and become successful, along with a case-study.

The talk is conducted by Hari Shanker - A Happiness Engineer at Automattic.

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WordPress For Startups - By Hari Shanker - WordCamp Nashik

  1. 1. Hari Shanker R Happiness Engineer @HariShanker For Start-Ups
  2. 2. We are passionate about making the web a better place. We’re always hiring!
  3. 3. Because… “WordPress is both FREE and PRICELESS at the same time!” - Matt Mullenweg, Co-Founder of WordPress
  4. 4. +26% of the web Powers 1 in 4 websites +78m Total WordPress Sites 5 billion Page Views +300k Developers +40k Plugins +14m 58% CMS Share Because… WordPress powers the internet & is the most popular Content Management System!
  5. 5. and more… All the big brands use WordPress
  6. 6. And, the best of ‘em all! The WordPres Community Loves you! <3
  7. 7. WordPress in Startups As a Tool To Power Your Startup Provide WordPress Services
  8. 8. WordPress as a Tool
  9. 9. WordPress is so powerful & flexible that you can use it to create ANYTHING on the web, period.
  10. 10. Some Quick & Obvious Use-Cases * If there isn’t, it’s part of the WordPress core already OR you should consider writing a plugin for that! ;) A.K.A. There’s a plugin for anything and everything!*
  11. 11. The Corporate Website of Sony Music - built using WordPress. Build Your Corporate Website using WordPress
  12. 12. Create Your Online Store Using WooCommerce The most popular eCommerce Solution on the web. Powering 37% of all
  13. 13. WordPress as a Social Network With BuddyPress Download the BuddyPress plugin for free at
  14. 14. …Or Use Our P2 Theme & O2 FrameWork And say good bye to emails for your company’s internal communication needs. Yes, for free!
  15. 15. Build Your Customer Support Forum Using bbPress Download for free at
  16. 16. Create Your Own Media Website/Blog Learn from the most visited online media portals in the world!
  17. 17. 
 Building Advanced Web Applications with WordPress That looks easy-peasy, right?
  18. 18. Who, me? Your Temporary Solution / Permanent Engine
  19. 19. • Leverage the power of WordPress Plugins to set up your product ASAP • Custom Post Types For Advanced Content Management • JSON REST API - Singlehandedly making WordPress SaaS Friendly! • Easy Portability WordPress: Da Real MVP!
  20. 20. Case Study A SaaS Application Built Entirely Using WordPress in a month & later acquired by CrazyEgg.
  21. 21. Adds a bar on top of your website to display custom messages.
  22. 22. • Chose WordPress for its powerful Content Management Features • Used the S2Member Plugin For Managing Memberships • Brute force login protection for security & VaultPress for Backups • Created custom plugins & Custom Post Types to manage user data & for user experience. The Hello Bar Story
  23. 23. • Set up a Custom Server Stack Using LNMP (Linux nginx, MySQL & PHP-FHM) • Employed Extensive Caching (APC for Object Cache; Batcache & MemCached for public pages. • Set up Replicated Database. • SendGrid For SMTP Emails • Followed Best WordPress Development Practices Scaling Hello Bar
  24. 24. There’s More…
  25. 25. “All we did was we took a WordPress Blog and we skimmed it to say Groupon and then every day we would do a new post with the points embedded. […] It was enough to prove the concept and show that it was something that people really liked. “ - Andrew Mason, Founder of Groupon (Branded as NearBuy in India). Groupon Started on WordPress Bet you didn’t guess that! Did you?
  26. 26. Providing WordPress Services
  27. 27. WordPress Development, today is a multi million dollar business.
  28. 28. Over 200,000 developers owe their livelihood to WordPress. * * Including yours truly. ;)
  29. 29. • Creating custom, WordPress powered websites for clients. (A standard WP website can get your agency $15,000/ 10 Lakhs from a US client.) • Creating advanced custom WordPress Themes/plugins (At least $30/ custom theme/plugin) • Building online stores using WordPress - for clients/Advanced WordPress development. • Running WordPress-powered blogs on dedicated topics with advertising revenue model. • WordPress consulting services. • Web Hosting Service optimised for WordPress Key WordPress Revenue Generation Options
  30. 30. Some WordPress plugins & The Revenue They Generate
  31. 31. Case Study
  32. 32. 3 WordPress enthusiasts - Mark Forrester, Adii Pienaar and Magnus Jepson, started selling WordPress themes in 2008. In a few years time, they started generating revenue to the tune of $2 million/year. WooThemes became part of the Automattic family in 2015.
  33. 33. 2015 WooCommerce powers 30%+ of all online stores. Hits 7 Million downloads and the team grows to 55, spread across 19 countries. Acquired by for $30 Million. 2013 WooCommerce hits 1 million Downloads! WooThemes turns 5 and Sensei - a premier learning management plugin is launched 2011 They work together to build many more themes - the 100th Theme is launched! WooCommerce is born! 2008 Mark, Magnus and Adii start WooThemes officially. They start selling themes which became a roaring success The Story 2014 The First WooConf is conducted and is a hit! WooCommerce hits 4 Million Downloads! Woo Turns six! 2012 WooCommerce gets popular! More extensions on WooCommerce (including Subscriptions are launched). WooThemes also gets hacked. :( 2010 Their most successful theme - Canvas was launched. More people are hired, the mascot ‘Hiro’ is launched. The distributed company meets at Austria.
  34. 34. • Stay Hungry, Stay Bootstrapped. • Offer Services; but think of building a product too. • Open Source your code. • Consider a Distributed Model of work. • Focus on your employees - they are your BIGGEST strength. • Bring Customer Service to the top of your funnel! Takeaways From The Story
  35. 35. DO’s Bootstrap your own business Get clients excited about WordPress benefits Encourage customer feedback (using support forums/email) Provide excellent support. Get involved with the community Research your market Do-s & Don’t-s for WordPress Startups DON’T-s Never do it all alone! Your business is more important than your product There is no ‘Set it and forget it’! Don’t Be let down by your content. Forget to delegate. NEVER HACK THE WORDPRESS
  36. 36. On an entirely lighter note…
  37. 37. Choose your clients wisely!
  38. 38. Questions? Tweet to me: @HariShanker Jai WordPress!