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WordPress 101 | A Sneak Peek Into The Software The Powers The Open Web


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Today, WordPress has become synonymous with web publishing around the world - with more than 26% of all the websites in the world, using the popular, open source content management system. From some of the biggest websites in the world, to small business owners and even individuals, the platform strikes a chord with one and all. The session, delivered at BarCamp Kerala 2016, aims to introduce viewers to the world of WordPress.

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WordPress 101 | A Sneak Peek Into The Software The Powers The Open Web

  1. 1. Hari Shanker R Happiness Engineer @HariShanker WordPress 101 A Sneak-Peek Into The Software That Powers The Open Web
  2. 2. What is this thing all about?
  3. 3. Easy & Powerful Software that ANYONE can use to create blogs websites ANYTHING ON THE WEB! ;) Built using PHP/MySQL & JavaScript. Proudly powered by Coffee!
  4. 4. It all started with a blog post…
  5. 5. Read This Post Here:
  6. 6. And… this guy just became a teenager!
  7. 7. +26% of the web Powers 1 in 4 websites +78m Total WordPress Sites 5 billion Page Views +300k Developers +40k Plugins +14m 58% CMS Share
  8. 8. How WordPress Works
  9. 9. Too much jargon? Well, it’s not that complicated…
  10. 10. You can create a website like this:
  11. 11. From a dashboard like this
  12. 12. That sounds easy, right? WOW!
  13. 13. Er… Sorry to disappoint you…
  14. 14. It’s A LOT EASIER than you think! ;) You don’t need to be a coder, to create a great website using WordPress!
  15. 15. Add contents using posts/pages
  16. 16. Change Appearance Using Themes
  17. 17. Add Features Using Plugins
  18. 18. How much does it cost?
  19. 19. “WordPress is both FREE and PRICELESS at the same time!” - Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic & Co-Founder of WordPress Download it for free from
  20. 20. Free to download!
 Runs on your own servers (You need to purchase domain and web hosting) Open-source Complete control over the code and experience Custom Plugins & Themes “With great power comes great responsibility” Types of WordPress Free (with paid upgrades)
 Self-service + easy setup SaaS: Automattic runs the infrastructure Beginner friendly: highly scalable and secure Limited customization / no plugins. An Automattic Product
  21. 21. How Can I Use WordPress? I mean, this looks geeky and all. Will it be of any use to me?
  22. 22. WordPress is for everyone!
  23. 23. You’re a college student? • You can learn create your own cool personal website. and looks great in your resume = better chances of getting a job! (Hey you don’t need to be a programmer to create a website using WordPress!) • Start your own blog on a niche topic - adds to your resume in supporting your job application. You can also make a side-income from blogging. • Use WordPress in your academics - you can create an easy mini/main project using WordPress (no more paying for pre-built projects!) • Acquiring skills in WordPress can guarantee you a job. Mastering a software that supports 26% of the web = guaranteed job! You can even start making millions from a successful freelancing career • Easy to learn (easier than you think!). Will help you kickstart your programming career.
  24. 24. You’re a professional? • Creating your personal website needs 0 programming knowledge and a ‘5 minute install’. and looks great in your resume = better chances of getting a job! Pro-tip: It makes you look supercool!. • If you’re a programmer/lawyer/doctor/journalist/<enter-your- profession-here>, a blog (preferably on your own domain) will help showcase your knowledge and increase career prospects. • Struggling in the IT industry? Learn WordPress development! Start a successful freelancing career and quit your boring day job. • Or better, join one of those millions of WordPress- development companies. You can even work from home!
  25. 25. Running a Startup? As a Tool To Power Your Startup Provide WordPress Services
  26. 26. WordPress as a Tool
  27. 27. WordPress for your corporate website That’s what even Fortune 500 companies do.
  28. 28. WordPress For Your ECommerce Website Learn from 39% of winning eCommerce stores that use WooCommerce A WordPress plugin for eCommerce, from Automattic.
  29. 29. Create Your Custom Web Application “All we did was we took a WordPress Blog and we skimmed it to say Groupon and then every day we would do a new post with the points embedded. […] It was enough to prove the concept and show that it was something that people really liked.” - Andrew Mason, Founder of $5 bn Groupon (NearBuy, in India)
  30. 30. Create Your Own Media Website Most major media websites - from Time magazine to even Facebook use WordPress in its many forms! Why can’t you? :)
  31. 31. WordPress as a SaaS Application Built within barely a month using WordPress’s powerful plugin and content management features. Sold later to CrazyEgg for millions of $$$
  32. 32. There’s a plugin for everything…
  33. 33. WordPress as a Social Network With BuddyPress Download for free at
  34. 34. …Or Use The Open Source P2 Theme & O2 FrameWork And say good bye to emails for your company’s internal communication needs. Yes, for free!
  35. 35. Build Your Customer Support Forum Using bbPress Download for free at
  36. 36. Providing WordPress Services
  37. 37. WordPress Development, today is a multi million dollar business.
  38. 38. Over 200,000 developers owe their livelihood to WordPress. * * Including yours truly. ;)
  39. 39. The average WordPress developer in the US earns $150/hour.
  40. 40. US Companies Pay $15,000/ 10 Lakhs To Build A WordPress powered Website
  41. 41. • Creating WordPress-powered websites for clients. • Creating advanced custom WordPress Themes/plugins • Building online stores/web applications using WordPress - for clients/Advanced WordPress development. • Running WordPress-powered blogs on dedicated topics with advertising revenue model. • WordPress consulting/support services. Key WordPress Revenue Generation Options
  42. 42. Some WordPress plugins & The Revenue They Generate
  43. 43. WordPress is for everyone. Not just the geeks. Start using it now!
  44. 44. • • • • • • Want to Learn WordPress?
  45. 45. Stuck? Get Help From The Community! <3
  46. 46. The Community Is Everywhere Even here in Cochin! Join us now!
  47. 47. We are a company with WordPress in its heart and soul. We are passionate about making the web a better place. Wanna join us? We’re always hiring!
  48. 48. Thank you! Get the slides at @HariShanker Questions?