Chiaravalle Montessori School              DESIGN PROCESS      Preparing the environment.            Growing your future.
OVERVIEW                                                                               GROWING YOUR FUTURE                ...
PROCESS                                                                                GROWING YOUR FUTURE                ...
PROCESS                                                                                GROWING YOUR FUTURE                ...
PROCESS                                                                             GROWING YOUR FUTURE                   ...
SCHEDULE                                                                                            GROWING YOUR FUTURE   ...
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Chiaravalle Project Overview


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Calendar and Process for Chiaravalle Montessori School

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Chiaravalle Project Overview

  1. 1. Chiaravalle Montessori School DESIGN PROCESS Preparing the environment. Growing your future.
  2. 2. OVERVIEW GROWING YOUR FUTURE DISCOVERY, VISIONING, & DESIGN PROCESSAn integrated team: The Third Teacher+ and Cannon DesignThe Third Teacher+ is a a multi-disciplinary consultancy within Cannon Design exploring the futureof learning through the lens of human-centered design. We use a robust process to co-create aholistic vision, design drivers, and language to guide the design of learning ecologies– includingspaces, mindsets, and curricular strategies. From this strong foundation, The Third Teacher+collaborates with the educational studio at Cannon Design to create dynamic architectural andplanning solutions.Our beginnings: Inquiry and a bookThe Third Teacher+ consultancy began with a collaborative exploration of howdesign shapes teaching and learning. The Third Teacher book, powered by acollaboration between Cannon Design, Bruce Mau Design, and VS furniture,was called The Third Teacher. It was a product of over two years of intenseresearch, hands on workshops, and interviews with thought leaders from Raffito Sir Ken Robinson. Its name is rooted in the Reggio Emelia concept of theenvironment as a child’s “third teacher.”Our journey ahead: A holistic and human-centered pathWe look forward to exploring the ways in which we can express and empower the Montessoriphilosophy and Chiaravalle culture throughout your new spaces. A dynamic and inclusive designprocess is at the core of creating an environment that is prepared, nuturing, and aligned with yourlearning, cultural, and strategic goals. Join us as we begin this exciting journey with ChiaravalleMontessori School.Learn more and follow our team here:The Third Teacher+ / t: @thethirdteacher / f: The Third TeacherCannon Design “Education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.” MARIA MONTESSORI OCTOBER 2012 |
  3. 3. PROCESS GROWING YOUR FUTURE DISCOVERY, VISIONING, & DESIGN PROCESSOur architectural design process is built on a strong foundation of community and humancentered design.DISCOVERYThe Cannon Design and The Third Teacher+ plus team process begins by discovering all we canabout the learning community. We visit the school to observe and talk with a diverse array ofmembers of a community. Back at the studio, we conduct additional research, launch surveys towiden the conversation and synthesize all we have found into emerging themes that structure theremainder of our process.Our process of discovery is rooted in the tradition of ethnography. What are your hopes, what areyour questions, what is it like to be in your shoes? Ethnography is the qualitative study of a peopleand the culture they share. Secondary research will support our understanding of the traditions andpedagogy of Montessori education. We will observe the current learning environment, study yourspaces, and familiarize our team with your daily routines. Additionally, we will conduct interviewswith a full range of stakeholders to understand their views on the learning and teaching experienceat your school. With this thorough understanding of the human, experiential and educationalaspects of the Chiaravalle Montessori community, we can translate insights into an environmentthat will best support these values. OCTOBER 2012 |
  4. 4. PROCESS GROWING YOUR FUTURE DISCOVERY, VISIONING, & DESIGN PROCESSOBSERVATION & SHADOW DAYS: We are including at least three full observation and shadowdays in which we will focus on the patterns, pedagogy, mindsets, culture, and space usage of eachof Chiaravalle’s age levels.BOARD DISCOVERY & VISION MEETING To anchor the process in the strategic vision of yourschool, we will conduct a working meeting with board members to weave together your research,initiatives, and strategic insight into our discovery phase.INTERVIEWS & COFFEE HOURS: We will conduct a range of community, staff, leadership, andeducator interviews on key values, goals, and possible planning areas. Two Coffee Hours withparents will provide deep dialogue about the whole child and Montessori families as well as serveto clarify any questions regarding the design process.SURVEY: To capture and quantify other aspirations and educational priorities, we will create surveysfor your community to complement and enhance our in person and desk research.Additionally, this phase will also consist of DESK RESEARCH, TECHNICAL REVIEWS, and A DEEPDIVE INTO EXISTING CHIARAVALLE MATERIALS.ACTIVATIONBuilt on the foundation of listening and discovery, we are committed to an active engagementperiod that is informed by the needs of each specific community. We want to give you theChiaravalle family the chance to roll up their sleeves together to design the experience and spatialimplications of the discovered themes and shared vision. We believe it is important to balanceschool-centric discovery and research with community-wide vision and activation. Activities willinclude:STUDENT DESIGN LABS: Imagining the future of Learning for Chiaravalle MontessoriThe engagement process allows for the opportunity to raise up the voices of your young learnersand to stretch their view of what is possible for their community. We will create an intimate anddynamic lab experience for each level to capture their imaginations.EDUCATOR & STAFF WORKING MEETING: Honing Emerging Themes and Capturing the LearningEcologyAfter the discovery phase and student workshops, we will have uncovered emerging themes,vision, and design drivers. The educator workshop will allow us to explore and refine those keypillars of design as well as provide an opportunity to dig deeper into the educational program areas.COMMUNITY DESIGN WORKSHOP: Developing a Learning and Community EcologyThe creation of a campus is an expression of a complex and elegant learning ecology. Will createa design and programming challenge that allows Chiaravalle Montessori’s teachers, students,leaders, families, and other key stakeholders and community cheerleaders to envision what this OCTOBER 2012 |
  5. 5. PROCESS GROWING YOUR FUTURE DISCOVERY, VISIONING, & DESIGN PROCESSmeans. This day will be rooted in a presentation of emerging themes from our focused discoveryprocess.STRATEGIZE & LAUNCHThe final deliverables of the Discovery and Activation phases amount to visual and dynamicdocuments that articulate the vision, design drivers, and possible scenarios. Coupled with ourthorough assessment of site, programmatic needs, partnerships, and other drivers, we will producea design that captures the vision and action items for the Chiaravalle community to take bold stepsinto the future. This strong foundation informs our launch into a dynamic, full-service AE processthat will contain key moments of checking in with the community. OCTOBER 2012 |
  6. 6. SCHEDULE GROWING YOUR FUTURE DISCOVERY, VISIONING, & DESIGN PROCESSStage Date Time Activity NotesPre Monday, Staff and faculty overview August 27 2012 ,Pre Thursday, Start of project announced September 13, 2012Discovery Thursday, 9:00- Discovery planning & Guided tour September 27 2012 , 12:00pmDiscovery Tu-Wed, 8:00 - Shadow & Observation: October 2-3, 2012 Afternoon Early Childhood and ElementaryTechnical Monday, Technical Survey of Building October 8, 2012Discovery Tuesday, 4:00- Board Discovery & Vison Meeting October 9, 2012 5:30pmPre Tuesday, 6:00- Town Hall Meeting Presentation October 9, 2012 8:00pmDiscovery Friday, 8:00-9:00 Parent Coffee Hour: *board October 12, 2012 early childhood All levels representatives 9:00-10:00 elem//middleDiscovery Friday, 11:00 - Shadow & Observation: October 12, 2012 Afernoon Middle SchoolDiscovery Mid-October Launch Survey Conduct supplemental interviewsActivation Thursday, 9:00-10:30 Student Workshops *board October 25, 2012 Lower Elementary Lower Elementary representatives 11:00-11:30 Early Childhood Early Childhood Upper Elementary / Middle 1:00-3:00 Upper/MiddleTechnical Friday, October 26, if needed Technical Survey of Building 2012Activation Thursday, November 7:00- Educator and Staff Workshop 15, 2012 9:00amActivation Thursday, November 4:00- Community Workshop *board 29, 2012 7:00pm representativesStrategy December 2012/ Scenarios Presentation and January 2013 FeedbackStrategy January 2013, TBD Community ReportLaunch Winter 2013 Launch architectural design process OCTOBER 2012 |