Prostitution - reasons to refrain from legalizing it


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Prostitution - reasons to refrain from legalizing it

  1. 1. Prostitution TheTemplateWizard R easons to refrain from
  2. 2. Prostitution is certainly a curse on humanity. It can seem glamorous and sexy when it is depicted with flashy images of attractive bodies. And prostitutes contribute to make it seem sexier; that’s both their job and curse…
  3. 3. … But, the other side of the picture is grimmer than an amateur can ever imagine of!
  4. 4. Prostitution: A Few Facts The CIA in one of its estimates states, that young women and girls from around the world are being smuggled into the United States of America at the rate of 50,000 a year. Women and girls are lured to rich countries with promises of jobs and thus a better life, where they are forced into prostitution. Pimps worldwide, target girls that are vulnerable, naïve, emotionally thirsty, homeless and rebellious (and most of them are so by nature). This alarming for the society, where females constitute half the population!
  5. 5. Reasons to refrain from legalizing prostitution
  6. 6. Dehumanizing to women and children Prostitution is inherently very harmful and in all manners dehumanizing to women and children. It is both physical as well as mental violence against women and children.
  7. 7. Prostitution: A Modern Slave Trade
  8. 8. Prostitution fuels the growth of human-trafficking and tantamount modern slave trade. Prostitution increases the demand for prostitution. It’s a kind of vicious circle where prostitution strengthens prostitution. It strengthens the motivation of men to pay women for sex in a much wider and more permissible and socially acceptable settings.
  9. 9. Exploitation of the prostitutes by their pimps
  10. 10. Once coerced or purchased, prostitutes are kept in bondage by the pimp by verbal as well as physical abuse. Pimps abuse prostitutes in many ways: Pimps first of all isolate all the prostitutes to make them totally dependent upon them. They depend on them completely for their survival. Pimps use force to keep prostitutes in bondage. It is reported that 85% of prostitutes are raped by their pimps.
  11. 11. It increases child prostitution The figures related to child prostitution are alarming. Today, the average age of entry into prostitution is found to be between 13-14 years. Most of these young girls are coerced into prostitution against their will. And to augment the situation, the age of entry into prostitution is decreasing very rapidly.
  12. 12. Prostitution is certainly a curse on humanity. And, if we view prostitution as violence against women and children, then it makes no sense to legalize or decriminalize it. Decriminalizing or legalizing prostitution would legitimate practices that are human rights violations, and in any other context would be illegal. Studies show that decriminalizing or legalizing prostitution increase rather than decrease rates of human sex trafficking.
  13. 13. References John R. Miller, A Modern Slave Trade  National Catholic Reporter Online 
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