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Extremely high end proffesional ethical hacking presentation


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Extremely high end proffesional ethical hacking presentation

  3. 3. Hacking is the practice of modifying the features of asystem, in order to accomplish a goal outside of thecreators original purpose. The person who isconsistently engaging in hacking activities, and hasaccepted hacking as a lifestyle and philosophy of theirchoice, is called a hacker.
  4. 4. TYPES OF HACKERS1. Black Hat Hackers2. White Hat Hackers3. Grey Hat Hackers4. Script kiddies
  5. 5. 1. Black Hat hackers always do illegal work. TheyWork for black money . They hack into to BankWebsites , credit card websites and stoleMoney from accounts in bank websites.2. They are professionals in their fields.3. They use their knowledge for illegal purposes.
  6. 6. 1 . White hat hackers are like Ethical Hackers .They use their skills for good purposes.2. They work for organizations for stop the illegalactivities through black hat hackers.
  7. 7. 1. Grey Hat hackers have both qualities like black hat hackers and white hat hackers .2. They use their knowledge for bad purposes and good purposes too.
  8. 8. 1. Script kiddies hacks into computer or websites using the tools available on the internet .2. They don’t have knowledge of programming .
  9. 9. WHAT IS ETHICAL HACKINGIndependent computer securityProfessionals breaking into thecomputer systems.Neither damage the target systemsnor steal information.Evaluate target systems security andreport back to owners about thevulnerabilities found
  10. 10. INTRODUCTION TO ETHICAL HACKING  Ethical hackers  Employed by companies to perform penetration tests  Penetration test  Legal attempt to break into a company’s network to find its weakest link  Tester only reports findings, does not solve problems
  11. 11. THE ROLE OF SECURITY AND PENETRATION TESTS Hackers  Access computer system or network without authorization  Breaks the law; can go to prison Crackers  Break into systems to steal or destroy data  U.S. Department of Justice calls both hackers Ethical hacker  Performs most of the same activities but with owner’s permission
  12. 12. BENEFITS OF ETHICAL HACKING 1. Certified Ethical Hacker 2. Perform hacking operation into network with owner’s permission 3. Penetrate the websites and networks with Authorization
  13. 13. STEPS TO PERFORM ETHICALHACKING•Information gathering•Scanning•Analyze System•Prepare for attack•Access the system•Maintaining Access
  14. 14. SOME BLACK HAT HACKERS1. Kevin Poulsen2. Kevin d Mitnick3. Adrain Lamo4. George Hotz5. Jonathan james
  15. 15. SOME WHITE HAT HACKERS1. Tim berner Lee2. Bill Gates3. Linus Tovaldes4. Steve Jobs5. Steve Wozniak